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Zooey Deschanel on Twee Style and What She’d Gift Jessica Day for Mother’s Day

Zooey Deschanel on Twee Style and What She’d Gift Jessica Day for Mother’s Day

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“There was definitely stuff that I liked from Jessica Day’s wardrobe, but it’s not stuff I would wear now,”Zooey Deschanel speaks to ELLE.com by phone. With the overwhelming response of the “twee” aesthetic, the reigning queen of saccharine silhouettes and dainty accessories spoke about its return, but she’s reluctant to wear the crown. “I’m flattered and amused that people are pulling out some old looks of mine, and I think it’s awesome, but I just want people to be happy,”She speaks humblely “My style has evolved; it’s more sophisticated. I think the thing about what you wear is, does it make you feel pretty, or handsome, or attractive, or whatever you want to look like? Is it projecting what you want to project to the world? If it makes you feel good to wear it, you should wear it.”

Deschanel has grown. Deschanel represented an achievable version of the indie Itgirl of the late 2000s/2010s. She is also the mother of Charlie and Elsie. Her daughter, however, adheres to twee style guidelines. “She’s little, but she’s kinda fashionable. She’s only six, so I don’t want to brand—everything you’re buying for a six-year-old is going to have the twee aesthetic anyway.”

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we spoke to Deschanel about her favorite gifts from her kids, what she’d give her own mom, and what she thinks Jess would appreciate as a New Mom (sorry if that’s a spoiler, the show ended in 2018). Below are her recommendations.

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Zooey’s Mom: What Zooey Does

Best of Dermstore: The Essential Set

“I always like to give moms something that makes them feel special or connected to their family or pampered. I would like to give my mom skincare products.”

DIY Project

The Farmstand

“I think The Farmstand is a wonderful gift because it allows you to grow your own food without having to work hard. So many people have come up to me, whether they’re expert gardeners or people who have never grown [plants] before, and told me how much they love it and didn’t expect to at all. From what I’ve gathered, I know that it makes people feel special and connected to what they’re eating more. It’s kind of a fun project with very little time invested.”

Most Thoughtful

Single-Panel Blank Cards with Envelopes, Pastel (100-Count).

“I’m always happy when my kids make cards. They’re really little.”

Personalize it

Mama Love Cardigan

“Who doesn’t love a cashmere sweater? Lingua Franca makes custom ones. I got my mom a sweater with her grandchildren’s initials embroidered on it, and she really loved it. I thought it was really fun and special.”

Wishful Thinking

Good American Denim Military Bodycon Jumpsuit

“There’s so much stuff people don’t tell you about being a mom. You don’t fit back into your normal clothes right away, but you feel so much better when you have clothes that fit. I think it took me a year with both of my kids to fit back into my pre-baby clothes. Get them something nice and comfortable that makes them feel good about themselves. For moms, a jumpsuit or overalls are so comfortable if you’re running after kids. You can feel cute and put-together, but you don’t feel restricted. I like clothes that are practical.”


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Zooey’s Luxe Pick

Airwrap™ Styler

“Anything that makes it easier to do your own self-care is great for a new mom. The Dyson Airwrap is life-changing. I can do my hair so fast. And that’s the thing: it feels like you don’t have any time to do anything. So, anything that saves you time.”

The Perfect Hostess Gift

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

“An Instant Pot is another great thing that I’m obsessed with. I love making herb brown rice. You take herbs from The Farmstand, put them in a food processor, then put them into the Instant Pot; cook some onions and put them in with broth and short-grain brown rice. Then you have herb brown rice, because a lot of times brown rice can be a little not exciting.”

Great for New Moms

Organic Cotton Zipper Blanket

“For a mom that’s new, a good zip swaddle is a good gift. The nurses do it perfectly, and you get home and you’re like, ‘I can’t do this; this is hard.’”

Top of Jessica Day’s Wish List

The Hand Painted Sprinkle 100% Woven

“Crafting stuff! A cricket! She would love anything crafting. Knitting, crocheting, anything from a craft store.”


Original 4 oz Phin Filter

Merchant Logo Nguyen Coffee Supply

“As a mom, you are definitely underslept. I started getting into Vietnamese-style coffee, and a good gift would be a Vietnamese phin, some coffee that you like, and a mug. They’re really portable and make really good coffee.”

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