With Travel Still Restricted, Simon is Bringing its Outlets to China via Livestreaming

With Travel Still Restricted, Simon is Bringing its Outlets to China via Livestreaming

It’s 10 a.m. on a bright fall day in upstate New York and the premium outlet mall Woodbury CommonIt is only now that he is waking up. Associates are unlocking doors and the day’s first shoppers are milling about, enjoying the sunshine. But amidst the calm, there’s a flurry of activity as one group makes its way across the paved pathways of the outdoor shopping center.

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Influencer duo XinShiDanDanThey are hosting a livestream, attracting spectators. Their primary audience isn’t the handful of curious consumers here in Woodbury though — it’s Hundreds of thousands of shoppers in China who are ending their day (it’s 10 p.m. there) by virtually visiting one of New York’s most famed retail attractions.  

Zoe Zhang, host of the livestream, shows viewers the Woodbury Common scene as it begins.

This livestream is one the first outputs from the new partnershipBetween mall owner Simon’s online marketplace Shop Premium Outlets(SPO). Alibaba’s cross-border ecommerce platform Tmall Global. It was by all measures a huge success — within the first minuteIncreased viewers 10XFrom 2,000To 20,000; at the end 1.37 MillionPeople in China were watching.

“The key thing about this is opening up all of these stores and that store inventory to the Chinese consumer virtually,”Greg Giraudi (President of SPO) in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “For customers who haven’t been able to travel here since COVID, we’re able to virtually bring them here and enable them to shop like they are in the store. They are actually buying that store inventory; that is the key, because that’s the whole goal of what we’re trying to do it with Shop Premium Outlets — open up that store inventory [to an online audience]. This partnership with Tmall Global is an extension of that, bringing in the Chinese customer.”

Chinese Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) a.k.a. influencers XinShiDanDan
China’s Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs, a.k.a. XinShiDanDan and Woodbury Common were part of the 11.11 celebrations on Nov. 4.

Until now, SPO was only available to U.S. shoppers — and even that was a logistical feat. Giraudi points this out: It is a daunting task to digitize off-price inventoryIt is because the off-price market has been slower to move online. Simon, however, has its SPO joint ventureWith Rue Gilt GroupeIt is now finding a way to do exactly that. Now it’s leveraging that platform to bring these same brands to Chinese consumers, who are still facing lockdowns and travel restrictionsThrough its partnership Tmall Global.

“Chinese consumers are a huge shopper base for these outlets, and Woodbury in particular is a tourist destination,”Tony Shan, Head of Tmall Global Americas, spoke to us in an interview. Retail TouchPoints. “But with the pandemic, traffic has been down, which is why we’re so excited to be able to bring these products to [Chinese consumers] at home.”

Giraudi stated that it would be impossible for SPO to reach these Chinese consumers without the Tmall partnership. “It’s not just the technology, it’s the process and the know-how of running [this kind of program],”He said. “The way the audience built over the livestream, that’s the result of years of expertise. And Tmall Global has a logistics solution, so they take care of all the import-export logistics, which is obviously key. A big part of it is the front end, the livestream, but then there’s a lot that goes on in the back end, that part that nobody sees — that’s the unsexy part, but it’s a very, very important part of what Tmall Global is able to do.”

Simon can do this because of its partnership with Tmall

  • Tap into Technology and expertiseThe cutting-edge world Chinese eCommerce
  • Offer the brands in your property portfolio Alternative to full-blown digitizationLivestreaming their outlet inventory;
  • Deliver fast, reliable fulfillmentTo Chinese customers

Going Live from Woodbury Common

Although some may think that livestreaming is easy, it requires special skills to produce a livestream on the scale of what SPO and Tmall pulled off on Nov. 4.

The stream began with a special introduction by Giraudi, who even tried to speak Chinese. Giraudi’s status as one of the top executives at SPO, combined with his endearing unease on camera, instantly sent a message to the audience that they were getting special “insider access”Woodbury Common

KOL Quentin Albert showcases a Coach purse for viewers.
KOL Quentin Albert shows a Michael Kors purse to viewers.

XinShiDanDan took over the bulk of the stream from Giraudi. Quentin Albert (and Benjamin Thomas) are well-known in China.12,000,000Fans DouyinThe Chinese TikTok. Both the American and French natives speak Chinese and have been winning fans in Asia for years through their charming wit and boyish charm.

They visited Woodbury during their Woodbury tour. Michael Kors, CoachAnd Stuart Weitzman stores, all of which feature primarily women’s fashion. While the livestreaming consultant Zoe Zhang was present, she displayed items and answered viewers questions. And LuxeThey were kept on-script by her. She managed the livestream (all shot on a phone) and was in front of the camera for most events. She also handled viewer questions and comments, narrating the action, and prompting XinShiDanDan to provide product details and promotional information as needed.

The entire event was a two hour long dance party., and while it felt very natural and off-the-cuff, one would be mistaken if they thought it didn’t take a lot of work. And Luxe CEO Mark Yuan stated that successful hosts must be able to understand the details of the stream. hundreds of products so they can answer any question — there’s no telling what viewers will ask, especially when there are Over a MillionAll of them.

For this particular stream the whole event was choreographed in advance — what stores they would visit and when as well as what they would do in each store. Zhang, for example, kept the troupe’s journey from Michael Kors and Coach interesting by challenging Albert with French and Chinese tongue twisters. This was a hit with the audience.

Low-Loss Method to Order In-Store Inventory Online

For SPO, there is an important business goal behind all this on-screen fun — helping its outlet mall brands reach online audiences. Despite all the hard work involved in doing them right, Livestreaming can be a great way to get started.

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“Some of these brands may have inventory that’s not even digitized for online,” said Giraudi. “But we can come in and run a livestream and it doesn’t need to be digitized. There’s no production, you don’t need a high-quality PDP page, but you can still unlock the inventory in a very low-cost way by selling through a livestream event. If we were to wait for that outlet brand to finally digitize its products, it could be years or they could just decide to never do it, so initiatives like this are key.”

In fact, Simon outlet mall brands don’t even have to be integrated into the online SPO platform in order to participate in the Tmall livestreaming partnership. If they are already integrated into SPO they can offer the online inventory in livestreams alongside the product in store.

The livestream with XinShiDanDan was held during Alibaba’s 11.11 (a.k.a. Singles’ Day) celebrations, but it was only the beginning. SPO hosted a number of livestreams throughout November culminating in a major Black Friday event that attracted more than 2 Million viewers.

Lynn Dong (General Manager of Tmall Global) flew in to China for the Black Friday event. “Aside from bringing international brands to China, we also hope to convey different global lifestyles that are often associated with these products and their brand stories,”Dong shared comments with Retail TouchPoints. “Especially with our Gen Z customers who like to express themselves through the items they purchase, we hope they can discover new trends and stay in tune with everything that’s happening globally.”  

SPO’s Giraudi also hopes to Expand the partnership to other Simon Premium Outlets locations: “This being the flagship Premium Outlet, of course, it would start here [at Woodbury], but we’d like to take these viewers to different locations like Las Vegas or Desert Hills in California, give them a different experience and tap into different stores,”He said. “Other outlets are clamoring to do this.”

Getting the Goods to China

The first livestreams of Woodbury Common must be successful in generating happy customers. “unsexy” side of cross-border commerce — the last-mile logistics.

“It’s really hard,”Giraudi said it bluntly. “It takes Tmall Global, us and the stores — there are a lot of people on their side and our side coming together to make this operationally work in a way that provides a good experience to the consumers.”

Here’s how they are doing it: Livestreams are hosted, and orders come in through Alibaba’s Taobao Live app. SPO integrates with Taobao Live. Orders are then passed to SPO. The process of how orders are fulfilled varies depending on whether the brand is integrated into SPO or not, but either way, products are collected and then shipped to Tmall’s logistics warehouse in the U.S. Tmall then handles the process of exporting those products, importing them into China and delivering them to customers.

While orders don’t arrive in days, as they might with domestic sales, it’s all “about beating the expectations of competitors”Giraudi said that cross-border orders are possible. Tmall will normally deliver SPO orders to a Week to 10 daysThis is faster than any other international options available for Chinese customers.

What lies ahead

Giraudi himself took a turn in front of the camera to welcome Chinese shoppers.
Giraudi himself took a turn before the camera to welcome Chinese customers.

While reaching Chinese consumers is a great boost for Simon and the brands at its outlet malls, Giraudi’s first priority is building out the core, U.S.-focused SPO platform. “We’re continuing to focus most of our efforts on getting all of these brands integrated into our platform, because then we can start doing omnichannel initiatives where somebody can buy on our marketplace and fulfill out of the store, whether that’s pickup or ship from store,”He said. “At the end of the day, we want our customers to be able to purchase online and decide how they want that order fulfilled.”

Simon also helps expand its options for customers and brands in another way. through Simon SearchThis allows shoppers to search for in-stock inventory from participating brands at Simon Mall properties.

Giraudi was asked whether he sees a budding profession for himself after the Woodbury event. He laughed and said that he did. “no,” saying, “I think I’m more suited to the operational aspects.”Simon will undoubtedly be busy as he continues to develop the infrastructure necessary to bring its outlet brands to digital consumers.

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