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Winter Hats for Men: Best 17 Stylish and Warm Men’s Winter Hats


Your winter outfits should include hats!

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They’re not just a style choice—though I’ll be the first to admit they can really tie together a kickass wardrobe and cover up for a bad hairstyle—but they’re actually incredibly practical.

A good hat will protect you from the cold by keeping your body heat from escaping. This will keep you warm and reduce the chance of getting a cold in the winter months. A good hat will also protect your ears.

If you’ve ever been out into extreme winter cold with your ears uncovered, you know how painful it can be. The cold can cause damage to the soft tissue and cartilage. damage your earsYou can have a negative impact on your hearing.

A good winter hat is essential when it gets cold.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best winter hats for men, selecting from the toughest, softest, most comfortable, most practical, most versatile, and, of course, most budget-friendly options around.

Go over this list, read through the Buying Guide and FAQs section below, and I guarantee you’ll pick the best winter hat for your specific needs and style choices.  



What could be more luxurious that cashmere? The Mack Weldon Tech Cashmere Hat is cloud-soft on your skin, so you’ll never itch or feel stifled even after a long day bundled up. The blend of cashmere, nylon, and Merino wool is both incredibly comfortable and surprisingly durable, and it’s a hat you’ll want to wear year after year.

The recovery rib knit is resistant to fraying or ripping, and you’ll find its double-layered construction offers impressive thermoregulation to keep your head and ears warm in even the most vicious winter chill. Though it looks and feels like a luxury product, it’s as hard-wearing and reliable as any workman’s beanie—and at a price tag far more affordable than you’d expect from cashmere.


Carhartt workwear is a well-known brand among tradesmen. It is rugged and can be worn in the city or on the job. Their Knit Cuffed Beanie, which is one of the most durable and reliable winter hats for outdoorsmen, gets a special mention on this list.

The hat is made of 100% acrylic fabric and features a rib knit pattern that can withstand heavy wear without causing damage. It’s also beautifully warm, with a stretchable, one-size-fits-all comfort that is compatible with just about any head size. Once you see the price tag—one of the lowest on our list—you’ll agree that it’s definitely one of the best winter hats for men.


Timberland PRO is a working man’s brand, known for producing durable, comfortable gear that you can rely on, with no fluff or frills. Their Men’s Watch Cap is exactly what you’d expect: a simple and practical hat you’ll feel comfortable wearing all winter long.

Made in the traditional “beanie”The rib-knit stretch Acrylic is warm and has a water-resistant coating. This will keep your head from getting wet from rain, snow, or sweat. It’s slim enough to be worn beneath a hard hat or snowboarding helmet, but thick enough that it’ll keep you warm all on its own. If you want affordable and reliable, you’ll definitely want to consider this hat.


This Filson Wool Packer Hat is for men who love a stylish look. Cut in the classic fedora style, it’s a snug-fitting hat that will be delightfully warm thanks to the 100% 24-ounce virgin Mackinaw wool used to make it. The wool is waterproof and provides excellent insulation, keeping you dry and protected from the rain and snow. However, it’s also surprisingly breathable even when wet, making it one of the coolest winter hats you’ll ever wear—both in looks and temperature.

Sure, it’s on the pricier side compared to some of the budget options on our list, but if you want to step up your winter outfit game, this is a top pick for sure.


What makes the Huckberry Beanie so unique? Simple: it’s made using premium-quality fabrics—a blend of nylon, wool, Spandex, and acrylic fibers—that maximize performance, offer superior durability, and provide top-in-class insulation, all without being bulky or stifling. It’s crafted by a Japanese manufacturer renowned for their knitwear, and cut in the classic “fisherman’s beanie”Style that will remain timeless in fashion

You won’t pay an exorbitant price for this budget-friendly hat, and you’ll love how the minimalist style combines with any outfit. You can wear this winter hat year after year.


Helly Hansen, a brand that makes winter gear for snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing, is dedicated to providing the best winter gear. As well as winter work. Like all HH products, the Business Beanie 2 keeps you warm and comfortable even when it’s cold outside.

The double-layered, rib-knit cap looks and feels great, and it’s cut in a simple yet classic style that pairs with any winter outfit. It’s not quite a “budget”Product, but the value is definitely worth the price.


Only a few men can wear the aviator hat, but those who do are able to show some flair. Canada Goose’s aviator hat is the most impressive. It features 625 fill power duck down insulation, coyote fur and a water-resistant syntheticshell to keep out the rain, snow and cold like a BOSS. Wear it loose, pull up the flaps, or buckle the adjustable chin strap—however you like it, it’ll be supremely warm in even the bitterest chill.

Best of all, it’s a Canadian-made product using only quality materials, so you get the most bang for your buck.


If you’re expecting the temperatures to plummet to truly arctic chills, then you need this Trapper Hat. The fact that it’s Chinese-made means it’s incredibly affordable, but don’t think for a minute that it sacrifices quality, comfort, or warmth just to be budget-friendly.

The hat is made in the Russian pilot hat design. It has a waterproof polyester shell with polyester fur insulation. This will keep out sub-zero winds. It has ear and forehead flaps and a removable (and washable!) mask to protect your nose and mouth. You can take it snowboarding, shoveling, or even sledding and your head will never feel the cold.


This hat is an absolute must-have! “all-season”Its lightweight fabric, slim design and comfortable feel make it an excellent choice. It’s thick enough that you’ll feel warm all winter long, but offers enough ventilation that you won’t overheat even when the sun is shining bright. It’s built for active use, staying in place even if you’re flying down the slopes on your skis or snowboard.

The rib-knit acrylic fabric is just right for true versatility. “one size fits all”This makes it ideal for guys with larger heads (like mine) Considering its wallet-friendly price and versatile design, it’s an absolute steal!


Some guys just prefer baseball caps, the Carhartt Rain Defender Canvas Earflap Cap lets you know that’s absolutely okay. It’s everything you love about a baseball cap—slim, lightweight, comfortable, and featuring that brim to keep rain and snow off your face—but with the practical, winter-friendly addition of earflaps you can pull down when the weather turns cold.

Unlike your standard baseball cap, however, it’s lined with 100g insulation that will maximize warmth and trap heat close to your scalp. The cotton canvas fabric has been treated to resist rain and sleet. It also features a FastDry sweatband that wicks moisture away from your head, keeping you cool and dry all day.


Are you looking for a winter cap that blends style and warmth? The Vgogfly Slouchy Skull Cap is a great way to dress up your outfits. It’s cut in the slouch cap style that has become incredibly popular in the last few years, giving you a laid-back vibe while still controlling unruly hair and keeping out the cold. Even though it looks casual, it’s a hard-wearing hat you can use for any winter activity: snowball fights, sledding, Christmas caroling, or just commuting to work.

The synthetic acrylic is durable but supremely soft, almost rivaling cashmere.), integrating a “delicately sewn”Artificial fleece fiber that provides excellent insulation and allows for good ventilation.


A balaclava is the best way to keep warm when you’re out on the slopes. It provides head and full-face protection against the cold wind and whipping winds. Under Armour is the brand for sportsmen, and the Adult ColdGear Infrared Balaclava is exactly the companion you’ll want for your winter sports.

The balaclava’s thermoconductive layer will absorb and retain heat, keeping you warm in colder temperatures. The super-soft brushed fleece provides comfort and protects your helmet straps from friction. Thanks to the side tacks, your ears will be fully covered, and the balaclava will fit snugly to ensure you’re always protected against the chill.


You’ve never encountered a beanie quite like this one from Outdoor Research! Most beanies are made of acrylic or wool-blend fabrics. The Transcendent Down Beanie uses a synthetic 20-denier Polyester shell and 650-fill-power goosedown to maximize warmth.

The minute you slip this hat on, you’ll realize it’s the warmest thing you’ve ever worn on your head, and it’s both wind and water-resistant. It can also be compressed down to fit into any backpack or pocket. However, the goose down is much warmer than any other fabric. It’s the perfect hat for hiking, snows ports, or working outdoor in brutally cold temperatures.


Smartwool Merino Beanie will make your life easier. Smartwool is known for its fabric. It is a blend Merino wool with nylon synthetic fibers (nylon). This fabric maximizes ruggedness without compromising breathability or comfort. This is the perfect lightweight hat for winter, spring, and fall.

It has 20+ UPF protection, which protects your head from UVB radiation. It can be worn under your ski helmet, or on a run. It will stay in place and keep you warm.


A beanie with a pom-top is a great choice! Black Diamond has the right product for you. This cozy hat gives you all the style you’re looking for to complement the “cute” winter outfit you’re planning, but feels as good as it looks and keeps you wonderfully warm. Made using 100% recycled polyester, it’s a “green”A product that is as good on the planet as it is on your wallet.




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The Patagonia Corduroy Ear Flap Cap is a truly one-of-a-kind creation: it’s cut in the classic baseball cap style, but features twin ear flaps, a chin strap, and a corduroy finish that makes it far classier than “any old ball cap”. It’s also a lot warmer!

The organic cotton corduroy gives it an elegant flair that you won’t find anywhere else, and the 100% recycled fleece used to line the ear flaps is supremely warm. It’s Fair Trade Certified sewn, B Corp Certified, and comfortable and guaranteed to be itch-free—definitely a hat you can love.


Filson Mackinaw Cap takes a standard cap and elevates it by adding insulation to the crown, a wider bill than the norm, and ear flaps. The result is a stylish and warm winter hat that’s perfect for anyone. “rough and rugged” guys.

This hat uses heavyweight 24-ounce virgin Mackinaw wool to maximize warmth and water-repellency, but you’ll love how breathable it is even when wet. It will never get soggy or feel clammy, and it’s one of the hardest-wearing, longest-lasting hats on our list. If you’re expecting a vicious winter, this is the hat that will see you through to spring in style.

You need a stylish, warm, and stylish hat to get you through winter. You’ve come to the right place!

Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the perfect winter hat to accompany your daily outfits, your choice of winter activities, and your personal preferences.

But first, we need to talk about just how important a hat is—or, more accurately, if a winter hat is actually important at all.

Why Do I Need a Winter Hat

How many times as a kid did your mother or father tell you to put on a hat because it’s cold outside? Typically, that’s accompanied by the explanation of, “Because you lose the most body heat from your head”.

But is this really true?

According to experts, “you lose heat from any part of your body that comes in contact with a cold environment.”

The way it works is your body is constantly trying to balance the heat produced and the heat lost to the environment.

There are several ways to lose heat on a cold day:

  • Convection refers to the transfer heat of gas moving past an object. For example, cold air (a type of gas) blowing across skin can cause you to lose body heat.
  • Conduction is the transfer of heat between two objects. Conduction is the transfer of heat from one object to another, such as heat lost while sleeping or sitting on bare ground.
  • The Chimney effect is when cold air enters your sleeves or pant legs, and pushes out any warm air produced by the body.
  • But the problem isn’t just external. Your body must also compensate for the cold in several ways. Blood vessels contract, blood flows more to your core organs and limbs, and you can shiver to generate heat.

    Hats solve both external and internal problems. It provides a layer of protection that prevents heat loss through both conduction and convection, which in turn keeps your head warm enough that your blood flow isn’t compromised and you don’t shiver.

    You aren’t necessarily losing more body heat through your head than any other part of your body—heat loss occurs equally on any skin bared to the cold—but it’s the part most likely to be affected by reduced circulation (which can lead to headaches). It’s also one of the easiest parts to cover up, which is why winter hats exist in the first place!

    Styles of Winter Hats

    There are many styles of winter hats, each with a specific purpose.

    Beanie –The beanie, the most iconic winter hat, is a true star in cold-weather gear. They’re typically made using polyester or acrylic, lightweight synthetic fabrics that trap in body heat, but can be made from wool or fleece as well.

    The knitted hats are a winter staple because of how inexpensive they are, and they come in an impressive range of styles, shapes, and sizes—from tight-fitted skullcap-style beanie to the trendy slouch cap beanie. They’re great for spring and autumn use, too, and they fit snugly enough to use for high-impact, fast-paced sports. They can be stuffed into a backpack or pocket, making them extremely portable.

    Bobble Hat – Bobble hats are essentially a beanie plus a bobble. This is a combination of a beanie and a bobble, which is a ball or wool of fur or wool that gives the bobble hat a little more style than the traditional beanie. They’re great for people with longer heads, though they’re compatible with just about any face shape.

    They’re less portable than standard beanies, and can’t be worn underneath a ski helmet or hard hat. However, they’re much more chic than your basic beanie, the perfect style-friendly winter wear to match with a scarf or fur-collared coat.

    Fedora –A fedora is a brimmed cap with a crease in the middle and a pinched top. The brim protects against rain, snow and sleet, making it a popular headgear for more than a century.

    It’s definitely a fashion-forward choice, typically paired with more formal or business-oriented outfits, and it’s not the kind of hat you’d wear to the ski slopes or a casual weekend lounging around the house. A summer fedora without extra insulation on its crown may not be warm enough to withstand the winter cold.

    Trapper/Aviator Hat –Both trapper hats and aviator caps are very similar in style. Both have fold-down ears flaps and extra insulation around your head and neck. They were originally called the ushanka, which was Russian headgear for the bitterest cold. They were originally made primarily from rabbit fur, muskrat hair, or sheepskin. However, trapper hats, aviator hats, and aviator caps often use faux fur, polyester fleece, and other synthetic, ultra-insulating material.

    For extreme cold, it doesn’t get much better than this (except the balaclava), thanks to the full head and neck protection. You can either wear the ear flaps pulled down or hanging low depending on how warm you need.

    Balaclava –Balaclavas can be described as a mask rather than a hat. It is definitely worth including in our list of the top winter hats for men. Essentially, it’s headgear made of cloth (cotton, wool, or synthetic fabric) that covers your entire head and neck, leaving only the eyes, mouth, and nose exposed.

    When the weather is mildly cold, a balaclava can be worn as a beanie or pulled down to cover the entire face. They are loved by skiers and snowboarders for their protection against the cold and wind. They can get very hot so they are not ideal for everyday wear.  

    Baseball Cap – Baseball caps can also be worn in winter. You may find that your standard ball cap doesn’t quite cut it against the worst cold, which is why some winter-specific caps include a layer of insulation on the crown, an extra-wide brim to keep the snow and sleet off your face, and (sometimes) ear flaps.

    Driving Cap – Driving caps are also known by newsboy caps and flat caps. You’ve seen a lot of them in movies and TV shows (like Peaky Blinders) that depict the UK and US during the late 1800s and early 1900s. They’re rounded caps with short, stiff brims, typically made from wool or felt. They’re not the warmest winter hat, but pairing them with a suit, vest, or overcoat is definitely a style choice for guys who want a more rugged, “throwback” vibe.

    Winter Hat Factors

    If you’re shopping for a winter hat, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to select the right headgear:


    Are you looking for something lightweight, but also very well insulated? You have many options: wool, fleece and polyester.

    Do you want something with incredible heating capabilities? Consider thicker, more substantial fur (both faux and real).

    A hat that matches a suit is a must. Felt fedoras are warm enough to keep out late-autumn and early-winter cold, and they’re a classy business-friendly option.

    Do you prefer a hat that is compatible with winter sports, outdoor work or other intense activities? Polyester and nylon can both be waterproofed or windproofed. Synthetic materials are more resistant to extreme outdoor use.


    You shouldn’t wear a fedora to go skiing, just like you shouldn’t wear a beanie into your corporate boardroom. You should choose a hat that suits your activity. You could take this example:

  • Beanies are great for any job that requires a helmet (welding, construction, snowsports, etc.).).
  • Balaclavas can be used to spend more than a few hours outdoors in cold weather.
  • Fedoras can be used for more formal affairs.
  • Driving caps and deerstalker caps are stylish options that you can wear around town.
  • Trapper hats are great to use for freezing temperatures or more active activities such as cross-country skiing or ice fishing.  
  • Insulation

    A winter hat should have insulation! After all, you’re wearing it to keep your head protected from the cold, so if it can’t prevent chill, it won’t do its ONE important job.

    The most insulation is provided by hats made of wool, fleece, or faux fur. However, acrylic and polyester fibers can be warm enough with sufficient layers, thicknesses, and should provide sufficient warmth. Felt (used in fedoras) can be warm enough to wear in cool weather but is not insulated against the cold.


    This is the flip side of the “keeping you warm” equation. If your hat traps too much heat and does not allow heat to escape, your head will sweat a lot. This can cause itching and discomfort. A hat with thermoregulation and ventilation is a good choice. Breathable fabrics, such as wool and polyester, are essential for activities like winter sports or working on a jobsite where you will be moving a lot and sweating a lot.


    A loose hat can be easily blown off your head by the wind (a passing gust, or the wind from skiing/snowboarding down the slope). On the other hand, a hat that fits too snugly can actually cause tension headaches, and offer less effective insulation because there isn’t enough room for hot air between your scalp and the hat.

    Beanies, trapper and trapper caps are popular. “one size fits all”But, for men with larger heads or smaller heads, it may be necessary to purchase hats that are specifically sized for them.  


    Price is always a factor to consider when choosing clothing—not just winter hats, but every accessory and garment.

    You don’t want to go too cheap, because a low price may mean a poor-quality product that breaks/wears out too quickly. However, a very costly hat may not be the best option as winter hats are easily damaged or lost due to snow, rain, or even sleet.

    Just find a hat that suits your needs, fits right, and looks good, based on research and reading the hat’s reviews. It will be worth the price if you are confident in its quality.


    How often should my winter hat be washed?

    You’re probably going to sweat a lot into your winter hat, and the hat may come in contact with grooming products (moisturizing lotion, hair gel/wax, etc.) regularly. Wearing a hat also increases the growth of bacteria on your scalp (because it’s a warm, moist environment), which can lead to higher dandruff production.

    This means that your hat will get DIRTY!

    A winter hat should be washed on average 3-5 times per season. However, the more you use them and the more you are active, the more often you should wash them.

    Do I need more insulation in my winter cap?

    You absolutely do—depending on your winter. For example, winter in Canada’s north is much colder than that in London or Dallas. A standard winter hat will suffice for regions that have mild winters, which are those with lots of rain and wind, but little snow. However, if temperatures drop below freezing (which they do in the northern parts of the UK, the US, and Canada), you’ll welcome a bit more insulation to keep your head toasty warm.

    Which style of winter hat has the highest warmth?

    Officially, the balaclava wins the title of “warmest winter hat”, though some could argue that it’s more of a mask than hat. Trapper hats, aviator hats, and aviator caps are close behind.

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