Will tattoos finally be accepted as art?

Will tattoos finally be accepted as art?

He continues: “The other day someone sent me an advertising leaflet from the British Post Office, which showed the father of a toddler with a visible full sleeve. There was a time where a relatively conservative organisation like the Post Office doing that would have created a backlash. Now it’s accepted as progressive.”

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Lodder insists that tattoos should be considered historical. “medium”Instead of a “phenomenon”The media tends to downplay the artform’s history, focusing instead on the recent buzz. He says that we must look deep into the history to truly understand the trajectory tattoos have taken. “Western tattooing has been a commodity-based art form for only about 140 years,”He explains that King George V was one of the key drivers for its commercialization in the UK. “desirable”Tattoo of a Dragon on the Arm tripAs a teenager, I went to Japan in 1881. He also adds, “we also have to remember there’s physical evidence of tattooing that dates all the way back to 3250 BC.”

Ancient roots

Lodder refers to Ötzi, a European Tyrolean Iceman whose frozen body had been preserved under an Alpine glacier at the Austrian-Italian border before being discovered by a confused German couple during their walking holiday through the Alps. Ötzi had 61 tattoos across his body, with the tattoos (which were primarily sets of horizontal and vertical lines) thought to have had a therapeutic purpose akin to acupuncture – since they tended to be clustered around Ötzi’s lower back and joints, areas where anthropologists say the Iceman was suffering from degenerative pains and aches.  

Other ancient corpses reveal even more intricate designs. The “Gebelein Man”A tattoo of an interlocking bull and sheep has been displayed in the British Museum for over 100 years. his arm. The naturally mummified corpse dates back approximately 5,000 years ago to Ancient Egypt’s Predynastic period. Permanent tattoos were applied using a carbon-based substance under the skin. [experts believe it was likely some type of soot]. Experts speculate that tattoos were also used by Ancient Egyptian women. They were carved into their skin to protect their babies from the gods during pregnancy. Amunet, a priestess to the goddess Hathor at Thebes in 1891, was found with extensive tattooing on the mummified corpse. abdominal region.

A heavily-tattooed female warrior Priestess, dubbed the “Princess of Ukok” was discovered by archaeologists in the Altai Mountains – which run through Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan – back in 1993. The discoveryThis 2,500-year-old corpse was especially significant because of the exquisite preservation of the skin and a body featuring sophisticated illustrations of mythical beasts including the antlers from a Capricorn.

She was 25 years old when she died. The princess was part of the Pazyryks, a Scythian-era tribe who saw body tattoos both as a way to show social status and to make it easier to locate loved ones in afterlife. Lodder claims that all of these discoveries have completely destroyed the notion that tattooing was somehow new. “trend” – if anything, it is one of the oldest artforms on record.

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