Why The Sopranos are still style icons in 2022


“He told me to look sharp and meet him at Modell’s in half an hour” — Christopher Moltisanti, The Sopranos, S03 EP03, The Fortunate Son.

It’s usually all about Tony. During the Great Sopranos Rewatch of 2020, new fans and those returning to the show after the sourdough starter didn’t quite take were, naturally, drawn to the troubled mob boss. A crumbling capo about the size of a Samsung Smart Fridge. A lover of ducks carrying the weight of the world – or at least the New Jersey sanitation industry – on sloped shoulders. James Gandolfini’s greatest creation was both a complex antihero and an unlikely style icon. Silky shirts and depressioncore bathrobes, as well as gold Rolexes, silky Range Rovers and gold Rolexes. He was, with his Tabasco camp collar in big slacks and glittering rose rings, the unaware pinup 2000s nostalgia dressing. A little Scorsese and a little Our Legacy.

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Seasons change, the horrors of the world are repeated. The SopranosThis is still a very good television program. Tony’s influence remains undeniable (the billowy camp collar trend seems as indestructible as FBI agent Dwight Harris’ desire to take down our big brave boy), but I’d like to focus on some of the other characters in the Bada Bingiverse and their strangely prescient outfits. The endless influence of Sopranos style.

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