Why are Crocs so popular? How Crocs shoes made a comeback

Why are Crocs so popular? How Crocs shoes made a comeback

Recently, I attended a family celebration and my attention was immediately drawn to four pairs of feet.

My nephew, brother, sister-in law, niece, and nephew proudly wore their Crocs. This shoe was something I had long forgotten and even loathed. I couldn’t help but stare at their feet as I was reminded of my elementary school days, when I, too, was proud to show off my pair of red Crocs, adorned with the personalized charms that fit perfectly into the quintessential perforations throughout the design of the shoe. Those charms — I recently learned — are called JibbitzBy the way. My brother swears to Crocs comfort and even gave our mother a pair last Christmas. This got me thinking. “Am I missing something? What else don’t I know about the controversial shoe at the center of fashion debate?”

Crocs have taken back a place in the footwear industry. The shoes have become a multigenerational footwear staple for many and the brand has collaborated with a range of celebrities — including Post Malone, Justin Bieber and Luke Combs. Crocs are also Amazon’s No. According to Amazon, Crocs are also the No.1 best-selling shoe. Today. The brand has even collaborated with high-fashion giant Balenciaga — the two companies’ design visions merged to create the “Balenciaga HardCrocs.”

Crocs sales soared during the pandemic. In the first quarter 2021, Crocs sales saw an almost 65% increase. BBC reported. I can see why the pandemic provided solid ground for the shoes’ comeback, since many of us were not only online shopping while confined in our homes, but many of us also prioritized comfort over our typical style. It was Crocs’ time to shine.

Crocs saw the pandemic as a unique opportunity, but they seem to have maintained their upward trajectory, offering a variety styles for different ages, niches and even different professions. Crocs’ thriving business model is reflected in their a variety of styles for different ages, niches, seasons and even professions. “Crocs At Work”Line features shoes that are suitable for chefs, nurses, and even slip-resistant.

As I looked through their website, it seemed like the brand had a line for every occasion. I do mean EverywhereSometimes, even the obscure. Crocs had a past collaboration with Hidden Valley Ranch — which sold out, according to their website — and recently released their 7-Eleven x Crocs collection. This isn’t just a behind-the-scenes collaboration — the partnership clearly reflects on the end product.

A more mainstream note: Crocs’ Disney Hocus Pocus collectionThe answer is “reappearing for a limited time”According to their website, it strategically coincides with the upcoming sequel. “Hocus Pocus 2,”Just in time to celebrate Halloween

These shoes are everywhere, not only in Crocs stores but also online. You can find them at DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, Famous Footwear and Scheels.

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So, it appears, I’m the one who is behind the times. Crocs is making big moves in the footwear industry, both culturally and financially. Crocs recently ranked No. The company recently placed No. Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers for Women. Crocs are my shoe of choice, regardless of how much I get over my aversion to them. It seems it is going pretty well. According to a report by, the company has raked in $2.1 billion in revenue so far this year. Forbes. Perhaps I’ll dip my toes in the water and ask my brother for a pair this Christmas — we’ll see.

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