Where To Get All Outfits In GTA: Vice City

Where To Get All Outfits In GTA: Vice City

GTA: Vice CityThe series introduced many new mechanics, including the ability to invest in businesses. These are still being used today. Vice City introduced many firsts, including the ability for Tommy Vercetti to change his clothes.

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The game allows you to go into a clothing shop to purchase individual pieces of clothing, unlike other games in the series. Once you unlock them, the outfits of Vice City are scattered all over the map. Although you are told where to find the outfits, the locations are not marked on a map. This is where each outfit can be found in Vice City, and how to unlock them.

Street Outfit

GTA Vice City Tommy on his bike

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The series’ iconic Tommy Vercetti outfit is the default. A classic look that captures Vice City’s ’80s Miami-inspired setting, is a teal Hawaiian shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Once you’re done, you can still wear this outfit. “The Party”There are three locations where you can find missions in the game. These locations are Tommy’s room at Ocean View Hotel, in the southeastern portion of the map, Tommy’s office on Starfish Island at Vercetti EstateOnce you have the “Rub Out”Mission accomplished Downtown Vice City Condo at Hyman CondoOnce the property has been purchased.


Soiree Outfit

Tommy walks in front of the Ocean View hotel in the Vice City remaster, suited up and with a pistol

This blue suit will instantly make people think of Miami Vice. This elegant outfit shows Vice City that Tommy Vercetti is here to stay.

Vice City’s Soiree dress is first worn during “The Party”Mission where you must pick it up Rafael’s Clothing Store in Ocean Beach. Once the mission is completed the outfit can be re-equipped at the same spot. Look for a White and green building with Rafael’s written in a pink neonSign in Ocean Beach


Tommy Vercetti in his coveralls outfit

An outfit that shows us what Tommy might look like if he lived another life. It has blue coveralls that he wears over his street clothes, with a cap and gloves. He first wore this outfit during the Riot Mission, where he posed as a worker to start a riot for Avery Carrington’s real estate sales.

Once you have completed the following steps, Complete the missionThe outfit can be found at Tooled Up is located in Vice Point’s North Vice Point Mall, on Vice Point’s northern side of the first island. The store is located on the first floor.

Country Club Outfit

Tommy in his country club outfit

Vice City does not have a golf course, but it is an activity that is included in the game. “Four Iron”This is the first time this was worn. Tommy is ready to go for golf by wearing a red and purple vest with red plaid pants, one hand glove, and brown shoes.

Once “Four Iron”It is done The outfit is located at the entrance to the Leaf Links Golf Club.This can be found on a second island in central of the map.

Casual Outfit

Tommy's casual outfit

Sometimes it’s better to just relax and enjoy the moment. The only difference is that the top is now a plain, brown shirt.

Vice City’s casual outfit can be found in the GASH Store is located on the second floor at the North Vice Point Mall Once you’re done, “Treacherous Swine”Mission for Colonel Cortez

Havana Outfit

Tommy in the Havana inside a store in Little Havana

Vice City is home to Cuban gangsters who wear identical outfits to the one worn by Vercetti. Tommy uses this disguise to start a gang war in Vice City between the Cubans in Vice City and the Haitians in Vice City in order lower the real estate prices. He does this by driving by in a car and crashing the funeral for a Haitian gang leader.

Once the mission is complete, you can order the outfit at any time. Little Havana Streetwear & Tattoo Parlor is located in the northern section of Little Havana, just south of the Print Works shop.

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The black tracksuit (left) and the red tracksuit (red)

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The tracksuit is unique in that it comes in two versions, unlike other outfits. The black version has white stripes and the maroon with yellow stripes. Both make it easy for you to go for a casual run on the beach. After completing the task, you will not be able to unlock it. “Supply & Demand” mission.

Each tracksuit variant has its own unique location. The black-and-white version can be found at the Jocksport store located in Downtown Vice City, at the westernmost intersectionThe district. You can find the yellow and red versions in Brownstone Laundromat in Little Havana, north of Robina’s Cafe.

Mr. Vercetti Outfit

Tommy rides a dirt bike while shooting an SMG in his Mr. Vercetti outfit

This is probably the best suit in the game. It’s great for roleplaying Tommy, Vice City’s kingpin. The pinstripe-black suit with pink dress shirt will make you the king of the room.

You must first unlock this suit. Purchase the Pole Position Club at Ocean BeachWhich costs $30,000. To do that, however you need to first complete the “Shakedown” mission for Vercetti Estate. Once this is completed, the outfit can then be fitted at Collar and Cuffs located just down the street from Pole Position Club.

Cop Outfit

Tommy walks around the Washington Beach police station's cells in his cop outfit

This outfit perfectly captures the uniform of a Florida police officer and makes Tommy Vice City’s best. This outfit can also be used for practical purposes, allowing Tommy to explore Fort Baxter Military base and Washington Beach Police Station without being attacked.

This outfit was first introduced in the “Cop Land”Tommy and Lance are assigned a mission in which they have to pretend to be cops in order to blow up a mall cafe. You can wear the Vice City cop costume at any time Once the mission is complete, The address is Washington Beach Police StationJust south of the Malibu Club.

Bank Job Outfit

Tommy (middle) holds up the bank in his Bank Job outfit along with others

Although the hockey mask on this outfit may bring back Jason Vorhees, the outfit was not worn to kill a bunch teenagers but to hide Tommy’s face as he robs banks during robbery. “The Job” mission. This is a GTA tradition.

Once “The Job”It is completeThe outfit can be found at your entrance The Malibu Club is located on the first island.. You must first complete the mission before you can do it. First purchase The club For a substantial $120,000

Frankie Outfit

Tommy in the Frankie outfit

This is one of the funniest jokes you’ll ever hear in gaming. Tommy wears a white tshirt that says, “I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”This was a nice reward in an era when achievements were not possible.

As we have already stated, you need to Complete Vice City until 100 percent completionThis outfit can be found at Vercetti Estate. It can be found inside Tommy’s office in the mansion, just like the street-wear.

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