What Eleven’s Fashion Evolution On Stranger Things Means For The Character

Millie Bobby Brown in season three of Stranger Things. She has medium-length hair and is looking up, wearing a shirt.

Millie Bobby Brown has wowed fans with her ever-evolving fashion senseThrough the years, her Stranger Things character remained. NetflixShe has worn many memorable outfits.

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Brown plays Eleven. Eleven is a young girl with telekinetic abilities and could be the key to solving the Hawkins mystery. Eleven may be the only one capable of stopping Vecna, but she is also on a quest for her own identity. As in any other coming of age story, Stranger Things’ 1980s nostalgia-imbued and flamboyant world fashion is a way for Eleven to express herself.


The show covers several years of teens’ lives, so exploring different fashion options becomes an integral part of their journey. While most characters’ styles are consistent throughout the four seasons of the show, Eleven seems to be still searching for her style. This may have been a deliberate choice by the show’s costume department to reflect the character’s unique growth and background.

Spoilers for each of the four seasons are available

Eleven Goes Pretty in Pink Season One of Stranger Things

Season one’s Eleven is just fleeing from Papa Brenner (Matthew Modine), when we meet her. The character is not a typical one, as she wears a hospital gown and a buzzcut.

Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), along with the rest, immediately realize that El is not a normal person and give El a makeover. As secret agents try to track her down and make sure she survives, Eleven is now in control.

Mike finds her the perfect outfit and she accepts it. Eleven considers herself to be conventionally pretty. On the surface — putting on a pink collar dress, a blue windbreaker, and a blonde wig — Eleven could be any popular girl in any school teen drama.

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Mike created a feminine image for the character and she agrees to take on the role. She doesn’t know better: she hasn’t yet discovered who or what she loves, and this uncertainty is evident in the way she presents her self to the world.

Season Two: Eleven has a Punk Moment

Eleven must once again go under the radar in season two of the sci fi show. The girl lives with Jim Hopper, the police chief (David Harbour), and often wears her father’s hand-me down clothes.

These are baggy, neutral-colored garments that don’t reveal much about Eleven. Although it may seem like another example where others have made decisions to limit this powerful character’s power, there is also a tenderness to this decision. Eleven is experiencing the benefits of having a family and, specifically, an adult who takes care of her and doesn’t want to take advantage, as well. Hopper’s clothes strengthen that bond and give Eleven a sense of belonging.

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The season is markedly different from the normcore aesthetic. Chapter seven, “The Lost Sister”, sees Eleven traveling to Chicago to look for her long-lost sister Kali. (Linnea Bernthelsen), another girl Brenner experimented on. has a similar tattoo to her. Joining her group, Brown’s character has the freedom to try on a bolder style, or b**ching, as Eleven puts it.

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Eleven, inspired by the new wave and punk movements, now has her hair slicked back and smoky eyed. She also wears darker colors to mimic Kali and her friends. This is Eleven’s first foray into fashion. However, it is only a phase. Eleven knows she would rather go back to her everyday clothes. She goes to Hawkins to prom in a polka dots, belted gown.

The Outfit Montage from Season Three Is A Joyous Fashion Moment – Eleven

Season three brings us to Eleven’s most significant moment of self-discovery. This is a result of her friendship with Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink).

The girls met up at the mall together to relieve El’s frustrations with Mike. Max encourages her try different styles and to choose what she loves, rather than conforming with others. This fashion montage is a coming of age segment in its purest form. It’s heartwarming to see El’s face light up as she attempts on different styles and having fun with Max after struggling to make friends with her female friends.

Eleven eventually opts for a black romper with a bright pattern. Eleven chooses a black romper with a flashy pattern, which is a departure from her punk phase.

Season Four Of Stranger Things – Eleven as a Mini Joyce

Eleven’s style has also been affected by one of the most tragic events on the show. Eleven’s bright style is now more neutral after Hopper’s passing.

It is significant that Eleven’s style doesn’t change in season four. Eleven has given up trying to fit in with Joyce Ryder (Winona Ryder), and now lives in California. She doesn’t care about what other girls are wearing at school so she keeps wearing clothes that reminds her of her dad. Although flannels are a common staple, she will often wear a muted pattern to spice things up.

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Unconsciously, she also emulates Joyce, who is now her legal guardian. El does this because she is inspired by Hopper’s clothes in season 2. Both women have the same hairstyle and wear casual clothes with similar styles: flannels and relaxed-fit jeans.

What to Expect From Eleven in Season Five

Season four ends with Eleven reunited and Hopper (Paul Reiser).

Eleven is now fully aware of her powers and how pivotal she is in the fight against Vecna, having broken free from the lab and had some closure with a dying Papa.

We don’t have much information about the fifth and final seasons at this stage. However, Eleven’s more confident demeanour would be a great inspiration for her fashion choices.

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