Villager’s outfits bring smiles to golf | In Today’s Daily Sun | The Villages Daily Sun

Villager’s outfits bring smiles to golf | In Today's Daily Sun | The Villages Daily Sun

The Big Grape. The Canary. The Bumblebee. His favorite, the Pepto-Bismol Man. They aren’t characters in a children’s book, they are nicknames given to Ron Renna by his golfing buddies when he wears his brightly colored outfits on their group outings.

On a cloudy day — or any day for that matter — Renna is known for brightening up golf courses around The Villages with his positive attitude and decorative attire. 

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“My whole motive of wearing these outfits is to make people happy and make them smile,”Renna, Village of Bridgeport at Miona Shores.

This story and many others can be found in Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Sun.

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