Video Shows Moment Gunman Opened Fire in Fashion Outlets of Chicago Shooting – NBC Chicago

Video Shows Moment Gunman Opened Fire in Fashion Outlets of Chicago Shooting – NBC Chicago

Cell phone video captured the moments of the shooting, in which one person was killed while the other was injured. This happened on Friday night at the Fashion Outlets Chicago.

CWB Chicago footage shows a group of people gathered near the food court in a hallway when an argument allegedly broke out. The footage was taken by CWB Chicago. A man wearing a dark-colored jacket pulled out a gun and pointed his weapon at the hallway.

Joel Valdez (20 years old) died from injuries sustained during the shooting. Rosemont authorities said that a teenage girl was also injured and was initially listed in critical condition at a local hospital. Rosemont authorities said that a third person was possibly shot and then fled the scene. However, it is not clear if this was the case Monday.

The Fashion Outlets of Chicago was chaotic Friday night when shots erupted and caused shoppers to panic and run for their lives. NBC 5’s Vi Nguyen reports.

Stringer Harris, an activist, was among the many people in the mall at that time and recorded a Facebook Live video of the attack unfolding in front of him.

“When the shots went off, people just started to run,” Harris said. “People started to scatter. I saw fathers pick up daughters out of their stroller and find a quicker exit to get out of. People dropped their clothes. It was a real chaotic scene.”

Harris, who has witnessed many tragedies in Chicago’s South Side, saw one of the most heartbreaking sights: an overturned stroller.

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“This stroller… was laid upside down, and you see this kid’s bottle laying right next to the stroller,”He recounted. “And it was at that moment to me it was like, wow, this was like one of those situations you see on the news all of the time.”

Rosemont Department of Public Safety tweeted Sunday that it was following “multiple leads”And that officers had spoken to witnesses about the shooting.

Saturday’s shooting at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago left one person dead, and at least one more injured. Police provided additional information. NBC 5’s Lexi Sutter reports.

Police continued to pursue the man who fired shots. He was described as a man aged in his mid-20s and wearing a face-mask. He reportedly fled the scene in a maroon 2008 Honda Civic with other unknown suspects.

Police interrogated the owner of Saturday’s vehicle and deemed him a suspect. “person of interest.”No other suspects have been identified in connection with the crime.

Rosemont Department of Public Safety asks anyone with information on the shooting to contact authorities at 847-823-1134.

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