Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson don all black outfits at their Margalicious Margarita event in NYC

Best friends: Vanessa Hudgens, 33, and Ashley Benson, 32, both attended their Margalicious Margarita event in NYC on Sunday

Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens arrived in style to the Margalicious Margarita party in New York City on Sunday, their best friends. 

The High School Musical alum, 33 and the Pretty Little Liars star 32, coordinated their outfits at this special party.

They have been friends for many years and decided to team up with Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits in order to create their own margarita brand. 

Best friends: Vanessa Hudgens (33), and Ashley Benson (32), both attended the Margalicious Margarita event held in NYC on Sunday. 

Both stars wore chic ensembles to their event. Vanessa wore a strapless black crop top that highlighted her toned midriff. 

She added a long black ruched skirt to complete her look that fell towards her ankles. To complete her look, Princess Switch actress slipped on a pair black combat boots. 

Vanessa wore a black purse over her right shoulder that she carried with her to keep a few items in. 

Her dark brunette hair was styled into two long braids that fell behind her back. 

The Hallmark channel star added gold earrings to her look and a gold-chained necklace to complete the look.  

Beautiful: The actresses first crossed paths when they were teenagers, and have developed a close bond and friendship since then

Beautiful: The actresses first met when they were teenagers. Since then, they have maintained a close friendship and bond. 

Eye-catching: The two close friends turned heads in color-coordinating ensembles at their special event on Sunday

Eye-catching: The two friends turned heads at their special event on Sunday in matching color-coordinating outfits 

Ashley opted for a black all-black outfit to match her friend’s color scheme. 

She wore a black, one-shoulder mini dress that highlighted her toned legs. 

To complete her look, the talented actress slipped into black platform boots. The star held a small black clutch bag in her hands as she took photos with Vanessa. 

Her blonde hair was parted at the middle. This allowed her to let her hair fall in small waves and allow her hair to brush her shoulders. Ashley’s makeup featured a pop of color, with a touch more reddish pink eyeshadow and a nude lipstick. 

Vanessa chose a more aggressive look for her makeup. She used thick black eyeliner with a darker matte lipstick.  

Businesswomen: Both Vanessa and Ashley have partnered with Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits to create Margalicious Margaritas with their other close pal, actress Rosario Dawson

Businesswomen: Ashley and Vanessa have teamed up with Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits in Margalicious Margaritas. They are also close friends with actress Rosario Dawson. 

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Excited: The close friends appeared to be in high spirits as they celebrated an exciting career venture

Excited: Their close friends were exuberant as they celebrated an exciting career opportunity. 

Rosario, Ashely, Vanessa recently opened their doors to PeopleLearn more about their business venture and their long-lasting friendship. 

The former Disney channel star said, “These are women I love and admire.” “I knew that we would be a great team to work together and create something we are proud of and excited about. 

Ashley and Vanessa have been friends for many years and became close when they met in acting classes. 

Ashley stated to the entertainment magazine, “Vanessa & I have known one another since we were literally kids.” 

Rosario, well-known for her performances on projects such as The Mandalorian explains that the entertainment business brought the three of them together.  

Arriving in style: Vanessa arrived at the Sunday night event donning a fashionable ensemble

Vanessa arrived in style: Vanessa arrived to the Sunday night event in a stylish ensemble 

Trio: Rosario joined forces with Vanessa and Ashley to create a specialty margarita cocktail together; pictured earlier in September in Los Angeles

Trio: Rosario joined Vanessa and Ashley to create a special margarita cocktail. This was pictured in September in Los Angeles. 

“We are all similar in some ways. Vanessa stated that they are all driven, all go-getters, hard workers.

Margalicious Margarita is a topic that should be discussed. People,Ashley exclaimed, “We had so much fun making this, from perfecting its taste, to creating the looks for the cans, bottles, and all the other details.”

Rosario stated that she felt ‘blessed” to have been a part the project. She added, “And my offering was Margalicious, which was an homage to Isabella, whose middlename is Margalita. It’s a fun title for a great product. 

Bad Boys Life star, Michael Jackson, said that the margarita cocktail was inspired by the difficulty of finding a quality, consistent, premium, quality craft cocktail that can be stored in a can or bottle. This was something they were excited about. 

“With Thomas Ashbourne you can be sure you will get the same quality every time.” It’s something you can rely on. You can get the delicious margarita drink for around $44 for two 375ml containers, and around $60 for the canned version. 

Rosario was not present at the event, but Ashley and Vanessa seemed to have a lot of fun celebrating their milestone collaboration.  

Ready for the party: Vanessa shared a glimpse of her outfit on Instagram, writing the caption, 'Spice up your lifeeeee'

Ready to party: Vanessa shared a photo of her outfit on Instagram with the caption, “Spice up Your Lifeeeeeeeee” 

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