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Twitter says Pete Davidson’s date night outfit is ‘giving Tim Duncan vibes’


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SAN ANTONIO – NOV. 12 – Basketball player Tim Duncan, photographed in Houston, TX, on November 12, 1998. (Photo by Pam Francis/Getty Images).

Pam Francis/Getty Images

In the same sentence as Pete Davidson, Tim Duncan, Spurs great, is a Twitter trending topic. But the Hall of Famer is not the latest celebrity to get cut off by Kanye West — or Ye as he’s known these days — for associating with the SNL cast member. Twitter is highlighting Davidson’s fashion choices when it came to wooing Kim Kardashian.

On Sunday, February 13, the rumored couple were spotted in Brooklyn. Twitter users shared a photo showing the pair as Kardashian’s ex-husband and coparent of their four children. They were spouting social media rants against Davidson (whom he calls “Davidson”). “Skete.”Kardashian is wearing a tinsel-grey coat, while Davidson has a three-layered shirt: a white Tshirt, plaid button down, and corduroy jacket paired alongside baggy dark-wash Jeans that looked all too familiar for San Antonio Spurs fans. 

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As social media users buzzed about Ye’s aggressive behavior toward his ex-girlfriend and her rumored new boyfriend, multiple versions of the photo were shared. User @Yoshi_NY seems to have shared the most popular post. This is where the Twitter community, who are familiar with Duncan’s signature style, made the connection.  

Kim and Pete are enjoying a good time gallivanting around Brooklyn.😄 pic.twitter.com/b8WoQKISyF

— Josh (@Yoshi_NY) February 13, 2022



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The five-time NBA Champion’s baggy look always set him apart from the flashy fashion sported by the rest of the NBA, and continues to make him the butt of jokes.

“Giving Tim Duncan vibes,”The tweet of @Yoshi_NY, a Twitter user 

“Kanye got left for a man wearing the Tim Duncan JNCO collection lmaoooo,”Another tweet by @jtylerconway 

Davidson’s ensemble was also discussed by Michael Jordan, a Chicago Bulls legend, and Dirk Nowitzki, a Dallas Mavericks great. GOATS surround Davidson, who is at least 6-foot-3 inches tall. 

And let’s not forget MJ pic.twitter.com/e0GXOsxC2d

— Josh (@Yoshi_NY) February 14, 2022



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