Top Gifts to Buy Before They Sell Out 2022

Top Gifts to Buy Before They Sell Out 2022

Photo Illustration: The Strategist; Images: Retailers

Here at The Strategist, it’s become an annual tradition to talk to experts to uncover the hottest items of the holiday season, Before they sell out — think of it as a more deductive Contact us “Don’t Dillydally” series (and note that our predictions about what’s most likely to fly off shelves are usually right on the money). Last year, we asked trend forecastersFind out what was most sought after and what is the most desirable. “It”Items included highbrow and lowbrow collabs like Fendi x Skims, bubble clogsFrom Simon MillerBright balaclavas, as seen in lookbooksOf Marine Serre Miu Miu. We were moving away form staying in and towards going out, according to the general consensus.

And that’s even more true this year. 2022 will be a year of great vibes. “show up and show out,”Melissa Moylan is vice-president of womenswear Fashion SnoopsWith “dopamine dressing”As a theme, think over-the-top ensembles. And there’s definite nostalgia wrapped up in what’s popular — from ankle-baring UGGs to mocking (not monogrammed) L.L.Bean Boat and Totes. Jessica Richards, founder trend-forecasting firm JMR Trend + CreativeA new sense of normalcy has been created after so much pandemic disruption. “a deep desire to feel unique, to own things that feel personal and special.”(In other words, a fundamental candle isn’t going to cut it.) The gifts we heard about are meant to feel slightly more one-of-a-kind — so you’ll be able to avoid the dreaded “gifting the same thing as someone else” scenario. Read on for our panel of trend forecasters’ top gifts for 2022. These gifts are selling quickly so don’t procrastinate!

One of last year’s viral hits, Free People’s Hit the Slopes Fleece Jacket(which had a heavy presence on TikTokPippa Packable Puffer is another option for outerwear from the brand, as seen in ads and dupe video. Billed as Free People’s “first-ever performance puffer” and boasting quilted insulation to keep the wearer warm, it’s designed to fold into its own pocket and doubles as a travel pillow. But the “inherent feeling of security”Stay-at-Home Styles from the Past Two Years “is not something we’ll see a total departure from,” Moylan says. So, in this case, you won’t have to choose between form and function. Plus, this puffer is available in many more colors (such passionfruit or highlighter) than the regular. Super Puff.

There’s a “pent-up desire for partying,”Sharon Graubard is the founder of the online fashion-forecasting website MintModa, explaining that it’s driving a lot of statement-making styles. Moylan says that after two years, where? “consumers didn’t make much differentiation in their wardrobe as far as what to wear from day to night,” times are a-changing as the pandemic evolves — and that’s probably best illustrated by the return of the going-out top. It’s an easy piece to incorporate, and can be thrown over cargos or peek out from under a jacket, Graubard says. Moylan laughs that tops with a hoodie are too bulky. bedazzled butterflies are probably better left to the Gen-Z crowd, she points to Cult Gaia’s best-selling Joey, with its a skin-baring back and ultrahigh neck, as a sexy style that will fetch the approval of the Y2K revivalists but is elevated enough for older generations too. You can also get it covered in feathers.)

Graubard says that eye-catching earrings are a great companion to the going out top. Richards adds that “in jewelry now, the most-sought-after silhouettes are outrageously oversized” “lean into the eccentric.” This pair are one of Graubard’s favorite examples. The upside-down callas lilies are long enough for consideration “shoulder dusters,”They also speak to a “renewed interest in pearls”(More to come).

Fuchsia is experiencing a major revival because of Valentino’s Pink PP collection(which followed closely on the heels of Maison Schiaparelli’s shocking pink). The luxury label’s line was a fixture of the red carpetAll through 2022 (as viewed on Anne Hathaway Lizzo), and helped kick-start the subsequent interest in all things Barbiecore (along with Greta Gerwig’s upcoming star-studded production). Moylan links this “major fuchsia moment”To the “dopamine dressing”As mentioned above, the shade is meant be happy (and has it’s own). “message of empowerment”). Moylan recommends the Zara sweater as a safe option with a price tag of under $50 “The color alone gives ‘main character’ energy,”She said.

There’s been a movement to make the traditional ugly Christmas sweaterNot Very so ugly, according to Michael Fisher, creative director of menswear at Fashion Snoops, and Jason Kress, men’s senior strategist at Fashion Snoops. It’s “obviously a perennial part of the holidays,”Fisher believes that sweaters should be made with a contrasting color. “little more high-fashion attitude,”Even when worn ironically. Kress specifically referred to the signature “argyle”sweater in hot pink by a London-based designer Stefan Cooke(A Central Saint Martins alumnus that features “cleverly placed cut-outs instead of an actual pattern,” as well as Acne Studios’ take on Fair IsleWith its logo in sunset hues

If you’re a regular Strategist reader, you might remember that we included Gigi Hadid’s knitwear label Guest in ResidenceIn a previous Don’t Dillydally. Hadid is the creative director at the company. It promises that its knits are of the highest quality. “future heirlooms.” Patricia Maeda, director of womenswear at Fashion Snoops, mentioned the brand as a chance at more affordable luxury — it’s a competitor to labels like Naadam and J.Crew, with colorful offerings like a ski-themed poloYou can even get a unisex button-down. This oversize hoodie comes in many colors “cherry” “lime.”

This isn’t so surprising considering the corsets bralettesspotted on the streets right now. But there’s still something subversive about seeing undergarments (literally) hanging out. This boxer is an example of this. pantFrom the noted sock-maker Comme Si. Maeda recommends putting on boxersAs seen with, shorts were very popular last summer. this versionFrom Hommegirls. (Even former Strategist author Chloe Anello has sported J.Crew’s around.) Boxers have gotten longer for the fall-winter seasons. These are described by Maeda as a “sartorial alternative to the pajama pant”A surprise gift that is more surprising than you might think. “season-appropriate flannel.”

“Hear us out” is how Moylan defended her suggestion of gifting undershirts, citing the rise of ribbed tanks this year that’s been attributed to Bottega Veneta Prada. The latter’s logoed $995 top even made it onto the Lyst Index, a quarterly report of the hottest products during the year, taking the third spot for Q3 behind Miu Miu ballerina flats and Birkenstock’s Boston clogs. Tanks (like these from The Hanes’ little boys’ section) aren’t “what we traditionally think of as a fashion item,” but somehow they’re “fresh and modern in the midst of Gen Z’s obsession with all things glimmering Y2K,” Moylan explains. Take a five-pack to add a Prada pin if you’re so inclined. Strategist writers are also available for your security. Dominique ParisoModel Paloma ElsesserMaggie Rogers,, and, are all well-known. fans.

Since the beginning of our reporting on the trendiest gifts, Kim Kardashian’s Skims has come up again and again — specifically for its loungewear. But this year, the brand’s DressesAccording to Maeda they are a hot item. Each of Skims’ launches is highly anticipated, and its viral Soft Lounge Dress(which is currently out of stock in many limited-edition colors has been rereleasedIn different versions, including this one long sleevesAnd another with a dramatic flair racerback. “They satisfy the urge to get out of ‘pandemic-dressing mode’”Maeda states that comfort is possible while remaining comfortable.

Three experts spoke out about the current UGG Renaissance: Ana Correa, footwear editor at and Accessories Editor at WGSN; Marian Park, a strategist and trend forecaster; and Lindsey Smecker CEO at ESP Trendlab. “UGG has been successfully creating ‘It’ factor footwear for a while now,”Park said that Park also added that the company’s Fluff Yeah slipperThe Ultra Mini has been a hit in recent years. The company’s Ultra Mini is another success story, with Kylie JennerThe (hard-to find) platformed edition, Bella Hadid seen snacking on a slice of pizzaWhile wearing them. “It’s almost as if the very sloppiness or undressiness of UGGs that we associate the brand with is trending itself,” Park explains. And you can’t count out the sentimentality of the style: The younger crowd is obsessed with “Juicy Couture–esque outfitting,”Park,The playful platform fits right in. You can also choose an un-platformed pair in any size, in hues such as emerald and carnation. Smecker also suggests Mou GlaciersFor a similar look,

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Geriatric-millennial clogs,”We called them “The Strong” when we made this list last year. They are still going strong.  But if there’s one style that tops them all in 2022, it’s the Birkenstock Bostons. An entire resale marketAmelia Ansink is senior strategist for accessories at Fashion Snoops, and she says that the Bostons have seen a surge in popularity. These accessories are at the height of popularity now, but Strategist senior author Liza Corsillo(Who happens to be a former) GQ(staffer) “previously, the low-profile slip-ons had mostly been seen on the type of menswear enthusiasts who listen to Throwing Fits and endlessly debate the nuances of Dickies versus Stan Ray painter pants.” You might think it’s all hype, but the Bostons also have the approval of the Cut’s senior fashion writer Emilia Petrarca: “I would wear them to bed if I could,”She writes. This “oiled leather” version is still in stock, or you could go for Corsillo’s preferred alternative, the Birkenstock TokiosAs seen on The Bear’s Carmy Sydney.

Anush Mirbegian, director of accessories at Fashion Snoops, has spied lots of voluptuousness happening in accessories at the moment — with recent runway showsShow more “an overtop amount”Exaggeration. That extends to shoes, where she’s taken particular notice of a trending collaboration between indie label Collina StradaBrands of shoes Melissa. These dramatic jelly sandals, which look almost as if they’re melting, are designed to be completely recyclable. Mirbegian describes them this way: “strange and strangely practical,”With a “comforting tubular volume.”

London-based fashion futurist Geraldine Wharry mentioned Virón and Camperlab(Part of Camper), as two footwear-makers were focused on “fashion circularity,”A great concept that is attracting more and more attention. Their designs are definitely on the edgier side, so they’re sure to please a hypebeast. Virón creates its wares in PortugalWharry explains. “one of the global hearts of footwear production and innovation.”She continues, ” “their boots, to me, are the sell-out item,”This is a particular example “unique, playful, practical”Pair called the Paradigm Lime. The chunky ChelseaFeatures a neon-green sole made from apple waste and recycled Rubber. (Wharry: Gaten Matarazzo of Stranger ThingsThe brand during an interview.) The. Tossu sneakerAnother of her picks? The kicks debuted in September — named after a Finnish slang word for “slipper” — and were made with a zero-waste approach in Spain. These can also be recycled after their good days are over.

In the bag-scape, Dior and Gucci have been left behind. L.L.Bean. Smecker and Correa name-checked the brand’s Boat and ToteAs the author of, which has evolved into a more witty than WASPY since its inception in 1944, New York TimesThe Cut both chronicledBack in August. Smecker thinks the publicity is — in part — because of the shift away from microbags (like Jacquemus). Correa also demonstrates the power of Instagram accounts @ironicboatandtote — run by 26-year-old New Yorker Gracie Wiener — which helped the bag earn the distinction of being a “hot girl”You can find item on social media. L.L.Bean even collaborated to Wiener on a limited-edition collectionThis item was quickly sold out (a robe pajama setThey are still in stock. Though you really can’t go wrong with a classic customized zip-topOr open-top, Correa echoes Richards’s earlier sentiments and says more irreverent options are “more in tune to someone’s personality and humor than just their name.”

Ballet flats are back — whether you want them to be or not. Ansink says the style was long overdue for a comeback, with Sandy Liang’s now practically sold-out Mary Janes and Miu Miu’s ballerinasIt is making the rounds on social networking. But Maison Margiela’s version “subverts the traditional aspects of the feminine shoe,”According to Ansink. The tabi-style shoes, which were created in Japan, are highly-talked about. TikTokDue to their contentious cloven hoof toe, they are a popular choice. And as a bonus, a number of the French fashion house’s Tabis are on sale at SSENSERight now

“If weird-colored socks aren’t at the top of lists, they should be,” Mirbegian says. She’s been tracking a greater interest in legwear lately, and a “strange-hued sock is something we expect to see more of.”Park recommends Comme Si for hosiery just like Mirbegian. “I’ve got my eye on luxury cashmere knee-high socks that I feel could work like a leg-warmer on top of everyday leggings,”She said. These are the most notable. There are many shades available beyond black and cream, including powder blue and rust. Park mentions that these shades are a great way to get your toes in balletcore, and they don’t require any special equipment. “being too on the nose.”

It wasn’t so long ago that Vivienne Westwood’s chokerWas the jewelry du jour. Three trend forecasters say that unusually shaped pearls are a hot trend. Ansink states that they can make pieces feel more modern and unique. They are more attractive than the white spheres found in many family heirlooms. She likes this strand from New York–based label Beepy Bellaornamented with pink pearls. Mirbegian says that the style is versatile and can be adapted to suit different tastes. “upping the femme edge, or taking on a punk anarchist vibe with the addition of heavy-duty chains.” Graubard notes Mikimoto’s collaboration with Comme des GarçonsAs an example, see the “complete with spikes” version.

Or consider Gohar World’s recently restocked chicken-feet pearlsOn a silk cord, which Strategist contributor Allison Rodman had been eyeing. “These pearls’ closeness to the actual shape of chicken feet makes me wonder if there was some evolutionary joke played on both oysters and chickens in which chickens really got the short end of the stick,”Rodman writes.

Last year, there were approximately “face-firming self-care”With ancient lymph-drainagetechniques to get the most attention. This year, exfoliationis a focal point. Mallory Huron from Fashion Snoops, senior strategist in beauty and wellbeing, shared her thoughts about the Esker Body Plane Set (a beauty product approved by Golde cofounder). Trinity Mouzon Wofford, actress Halle Berry, and Strategist senior Editor Simone KitchensThe package includes an exfoliating tool and body oil as well as a reusable cloth. Huron explains that it draws inspiration from Greco-Roman rituals in which smooth scraping rocks were used to exfoliate and give a gentle massage.

A beauty advent calendar is sure to please when it comes to gifting a skin-care-obsessive — and every year there are many that sell out (or even cause a little controversy, if you remember a certain Chanel scandale). Our guide to the best beauty advent calendarsEmma Chiu, global director of Trend-Forecasting Company Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, called out Sephora’s advent calendars in particular as “always reliable, offering a full range of beauty products at an affordable price.”This one is however, particularly noteworthy. “This is the first after advent calendar I’ve seen, and I wonder if this might kick off a new trend,” Huron says. It includes two daily “surprises” (from charcoal wipes to watermelon eye masks) for the six days in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

[Editor’s note: This calendar constantly sells out, so act fast — you can also sign up to receive a notification when it’s back in stock.] 

Dyson’s hair-care tools are hard to get ahold of — Strategist beauty columnist Rio Viera-Newton dedicated an entire column in April to dupes for the famed Airwrap. “In a market overflowing with new gadgets and treatments, the Dyson Airwrap has stood out as the most coveted item in the hair-care space since its 2018 launch,”She writes. Unsurprisingly, it’s still a hot gift for 2022. It’s now available in a limited-edition colorway, called “Vinca-Blue-Rosé.”Huron claims that price, hype, exclusivity and exclusivity are the key to success. “‘go for broke’ addition to many holiday [wish] lists.” It’s the kind of tool that creates a “palpable envy”If you can find it, she says. And Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer is also available in that special blue-and-rose-gold finish.

Fitness: “it’s not enough to have a functional product; consumers want it to look good,”Park has observed a shift toward, says Park. “aesthetic athletic gear.”Remember how Bala Bangles were created? The breakout star of quarantine workouts. The brand has continued to grow since then. expanded its selection. And Park “guarantee[s] Bala’s at-home gym kit is at the top of the wish list for stylish at-home gym aficionados.” It’s a definite splurge — though you could just pick choose what equipment to buy separately.

Park also describes the Stakt mat — which is foldable and comes in pastels like “seafoam” and “rosewater” — as the “ultimate gift for every yogi you know.”

The next great American pastime might be pickleballOur sister site Intelligencer said that the sport is a favorite of many and that it has grown in popularity. Jaye Anna Mize, Vice-President of Home and Lifestyle at Fashion Snoops, says that the “country-club aesthetic feels way less stuffy in 2022.” If you’ve got a beginner pickleballer on your list, she recommends Recess’s paddlesEspecially the ones from its artist collaborations such as this one designed by Austin-based abstract painter Codie O’Connor. The “highly stylized paddles,”She says, “These are funkier than.” classic sporty ones.

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