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Top 12 Fashion Trends that Traveled Back to the Future – The Milken Roar


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Picsart collage. From Left to right: Woman wearing a corset. Y2k magazine advertisement. 60s Fashion catalog flare pants. 70s corduroy catalog. 80s “Saved by the Bell”Promo, Rachel “Friends”Promo, 80s tights, and shoes promo, Y2k tie-shirt baggy pants magazine, 1995 “Clueless” promo, Y2k fashion catalog

Take a look! Shoulder pads A scrunchie! That woman’s clothes date all the way back to 1985!

“Wait a minute, Doc, are you telling me you built a time machine?”

Nope. But the way we dress today might make you think we’ve traveled to the 80s…or 90s..or 70s..or even the 1800s?!?! 

Since 2019, we’ve seen several trends in the fashion industry that have crawled back up from past decades and centuries. Many of these trends are already in fashion. “current”Trends date back to the 2000s, 1990s, 80s and 70s, as well as the 60s and even the 1800s.!

From left to right: Barbara Bach wearing patterned green flare legged pants in the late 60s, Unknown male model wearing white flare leg pants in magazine strip, Women’s high waist bootcut flare leg yoga pants with pockets by Vasmok, SHEIN split hem tartan flare leg pants. Made on Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

1. Flare-Leg Pants


Flare legs were the most popular type of pants during the 60s & 70s. They could be worn by both men and women in classic denim, colored fabric, leather, or hypnotizing patterns. Recently, flare-leg pantsThey have made a comeback. Flare-leg leggings, jeans, and sweatsCovid was able to offer comfortable and practical clothing at a time when they were on the rise.

From left to right: Baby Blue Ski Tee Y2k Alloy Apparel Mira Sorvino “Romy” in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion promo, BDG Urban Outfitters White lace V-neck baby tee, Portrait print crop top by Hoganda on Amazon. Made with Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest


2. Baby tees


After decades of wearing outrageous colors and extreme looks for three decades, the 90s fashion scene introduced simplicity. Baby tees made of soft cotton were very popular among young women and teens. They could be paired with a high waisted mini skirt. Bold words were popular in the 2000s (such the famous Britney Spears “DUMP HIM” teeBaby tees were often worn with low-waisted pants to match them. The popularity of simple or plain baby tees has meant that they have returned to teenage fashion in recent years. “essential”Like clothing stores Brandy Melville.

From Left to Right: Alloy Apparel 1999 Lanfubeisi Harajuku Grey Cargo Pants, AnotherChill Straight Legged Black Jeans. Made on Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

3. Baggy pants


The all-out 90s skater and grunge alternative look is one of the most prominent returning trends. This look was popular in the 90s and featured messy hair and ripped clothes. baggy pants. This look is now known as “skater”Or “alt”(short for alternative) Cargo pants and oversize jeans, such as Pacsun BDG (Urban Outfitters)These are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers.

From Left to right: “Pump it up.”Reebok advertisement for the White Windsor Smith Lupe Sneakers in the late 80s. Made with Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

4. Chunky Sneakers


“The bigger the better”The 80s saw a lot of this theme. Big shoulders, big hair, and big shoes were all popular trends in the 1980s. Designers and major shoe companies have been promoting chunky sneakers in recent years. FILASneakers are the most common chunky sneakers, especially for teenage girls. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner Ariana GrandeThis trend is catching on.

From left to right: Dr. Martens Vintage AirWair flier and Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Boot. Made with Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

5. Doc Martens


The classics were a popular choice throughout the 1990s. Doc Marten bootsThey were in high demand. “Docs”They were compatible with nearly every type of apparel. They were worn by people to school, work, and events in dresses, jeans, and even skirts. Though they’ve always been around, Doc Martens have once again peakedIn the latest fashion trends. Not only are there the classic black booties; but also new colors, designs and heights like white, shiny plastic shell, rose side stitching and platforms. 

From left to right: 1896 Woman wearing Stuhr’s  hand made fitted, embordered dress with large puffed sleeves, See through polka dot square neck puff elastic crop top by Rosewoo. Made on Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest


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6. Puffy Sleeves


Remember the puffy sleeves trend. Probably not since you weren’t alive. But that fashion was alive and well 200 years ago – and now it’s back! The “olden days,”Men wore puffy sleeves and matched vests with shirts. extremely unfortunate white wigs. Women wore long, puffy sleeves and unflattering puffy bottoms in long dresses. Puffy sleevesThe brand has returned with a refreshed and improved look. Colorful crop tops with sheer puffy sleeves, mainly for women, give new life to this mostly female-oriented collection. “ye olden” trend. 


From left: Young girl with hot pink turtleneck and purple scrunchie. Flashback from the 80s and 1990s on TODAY. Woman wearing white knit turtleneck and a gold toned scrunchie, SOCIETY19. Made on Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

7. Scrunchies


In the 80s big hair Big responsibilities came with it. Rubber hair ties and sloppy rubber hair ties weren’t going to cut it. The rise of the scrunchie. You could wear scrunchies on your wrist like a bracelet in a variety of colors, fabrics, or patterns. In the late 2010s, scrunchies were still in fashion. scrunchies have slid back into styleDespite the fact that there isn’t much puffy hair.

From left to right: Model in slim streak brown corduroy Jumpsuit 1973 by Wedges and Wide-leg Boutique, Model in Penny’s 1969 juniors’ corduroy, Patchwork Y2k Corduroy pants Harajuku Sweatpants wide-leg trousers by EBUYTIDE, Khaki corduroy 90s pants by Dainty Basics. Made with Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

8. Corduroy


CorduroyThis fabric is special because it has soft cords that run in parallel lines. Though it was invented in the 18th century, the 70s were corduroy’s time to shine. Corduroy was used in all types of clothing, from pants and jackets to skirts or hats. Corduroy bottoms with high waists are back in fashion. High waisted corduroy pants button skirtsYou can find it in a variety of pastel colors as well as the more traditional brown shades. 

From left to right: Princess Diana in white HELLO Magazine article exercise bike shorts, Princess Diana in bright orange HELLO magazine article exercise bike shorts, Sara Sampaio wearing hot pink high-rise bike pants, Hailey Bieber wearing black bike shorts with an oversized crewneck. Made with Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

9. Bike shorts


In the 80s Princess DianaBrightly colored bike shorts were popularized by Queen Victoria, who casually broke all royal expectations. Though I’ve never seen Megan Markle wear them, high waisted bike shorts are backYou can find it in every color or pattern you can imagine. Today, bike shortsThese can be worn for casual and workout purposes. They are often paired with an oversized hoodie, t-shirt, or a sleeveless t-shirt.

From left to right: Stacy Dash as Cher and Alicia Silverstone in 1995 Clueless promotional, Mariah Carey in 1990s wearing black-and-white plaid skirts from Glamour Magazine, pink plaid pleated tennis skirts from BlissGirl and a black plaid side zip skirt from Fashion Nova. Made with Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

10. Plaid Skirts


The classic chick-flick “Clueless”The plaid bomb was dropped on fashion industry in 1995 when it aired. With a little help from Rachel(Jennifer Anniston “Friends”), Cher(Alicia Sliverstone). Dionne(Stacy Dash), started a revolution in plaid. Plaid skirts and blazers were very popular in the mid-90s. Britney Spears introduced the plaid school girl look for a brief period in the early 2000s. “Hit Me Baby..”music video Recently, pastel and dark tones were used plaid skirts Both loose and tight, they have rediscovered their popularity. 

From left to right: Sara Harding, Nicola Roberts and Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud. Rainbow stovepipe jeans from unnamed Y2k catalogue, Holly black flared trousers by Dainty Basics. Low waisted HTT pants at Unif. Made on Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

11. Jeans with a low waist


In the early 2000s, young party-girl celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spearsto make bold and interesting fashion statements Full velvet outfitsThe bedazzled hats and tuxedos were nothing compared with the “rise”Low waisted pants are worn by everyone from 2000 to 2014. Although high rise has been the dominant trend in recent years, low waist is making its way back. The popularity of jeans with a low waist has risen over the past year.

From left to right: 1870s Victorian sisters on Etsy, Priymek’s collections Woman in corset and dress, Girl wearing white corset and green flannel by Fashion Saks, Girl wearing black corset top over white dress. Made on Canva. Images courtesy of Pinterest

12. Corsets


Corsets are the oldest recurrent trend that has been seen. They date back to the 16th century in Europe. These “old-timey” undergarmentsThey were originally designed to make female features conform to the beauty standards of the day, reducing waist size and pushing breasts higher. These clothes are somewhat restrictive now. come backIn a completely new and unique way. Corset topsRedesigned recently to be outerwear in all colors and styles, For a unique take on a vintage look, corsets from the past can be worn as tops.


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