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‘Today’ Show Fans Want Answers After Seeing Jenna Bush Hager’s Bold Fashion Choice

'Today' Show Fans Want Answers After Seeing Jenna Bush Hager's Bold Fashion Choice

With a bold pop of color, and a fierce strut Jenna Bush HagerFans of the Stop Today Show were stopped in their tracks.

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It all ended on March 9, when Jenna and Hoda Kotb were sharing the latest headlines with viewers on Today’s fourth hour. They were unaware that a fellow NBC star was watching. Savannah Guthrie started knocking on their door, and she didn’t come empty handed. Savannah had just learned how make skirt steak on her new cooking series, Starting from Scratch and wanted them to be the first ones to try it. After Savannah earned Jenna and Hoda’s approval, she handed them margaritas and revealed that her series was officially kicking off later that day.

Though Savannah’s newfound cooking skills got the cohosts all excited about future dishes, folks watching from home could only focus on one thing — Jenna’s yellow dress.

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As it turned out, Savannah was the one who made the garment, and Jenna asked to wear it during the show. “Thank you for letting me borrow your dress!” Jenna said. “I mean every day, every day,” Savannah replied.

Today fans immediately took to the Instagram comments sectionto find out where they can buy their own. “Jenna’s dress 😍who is the designer?”One person wrote. “Jenna looked stunning in the long yellow dress.. pure sunshine,”A different fan said it. “Oh my goodness that yellow dress 😍😍😍💛💛💛💛💛,”Another option was added. “Jenna is 🔥love the yellow dress,”A follower commented.

What’s more, in a different Instagram clip celebrating International Women’s Day, Jenna shows off her best runway walk and gives a better look at her outfit. For those still wondering if they can buy their own, Jenna’s/Savannah’s dress is from the Italian designer Giambattista Valli. The colorful item has a round neckline and long sleeves. It also features a straight hem.

Jenna paired the vibrant hue with simple black heels, and it quickly became a viral hit. Unfortunately, the dress is currently out of stock. You can find similar styles of yellow dresses here if you wish to recreate the look.

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