TikTok is bringing back the ’00s digital camera

TikTok is bringing back the '00s digital camera

This Halloween, enjoy the festive spirit of Wordle-inspired costumes and general mayhem, but one thing stood out to my attention: Temujin was carrying a point and shoot digital camera, the same kind that ruled the 2000s before smartphones. He explained that he was using the camera of his mother, but he now has it for himself. We all sat on the planes of appreciation as we turned to the silver Canon IXUS177 throughout the night. “That’s such a good idea,”The overwhelming consensus was reached.

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“All of my childhood memorabilia was taken on a digital and so they hold a real nostalgic principle to me,” TemujinI was told this by a fashion communications student. “Last year, I noticed the rise in people commemorating the digital camera across social media.”

The digital compact camera is experiencing a distinct revival. This is not just because of the Instagram-savvy celebrities like Bella Hadid, Charlie D’Amelio, Nicola Peltz Beckham, Emily RatajkowskiThese people are interacting with this nostalgic device. Like many obsessions these days TikTok is largely responsible for the revitalization of the digicam.

There are hundreds of videos and millions of views on the subject of digital camera. The term “digital cameras” is defined on the app. “digital camera trend”137.3 million views “vintage digital camera”Currently, it has 177.3 millions views “cheap digital camera”It has been viewed more than 26.5 million times. The hashtag #digitalcameraThere are 128.1 millions and counting.


TikTok is reviving 2014 Tumblr-era aesthetic

The videos under the subject show the use of these cameras, and demonstrate the aesthetic value of this trend. TikTok user @haileyhuynhhA video of her pink Canon Powershot SD1200 was posted. The caption was added. “i need to start taking more pictures on this omg”. Lifestyle influencer @mia.dsonA video of the images she took with an old Sony Digital Camera was shared by the account. The account @digicamgirl_This site is dedicated to “old digicams”There are many vintage camera finds posted at. one videoThe user wrote: “this trend tho!”.

Credit: TikTok / @ericamanzoli.

Others follow “this is your sign to buy a cheap digital camera” videos, like user @ericamanzoliShe captioned her post by. “Digital>>”A digital album of vacation photos was shared by TikTokkers, complete with orange timestamps to unlock memories of another age in technology. Some videos can be used to help TikTokkers locate such cameras. It appears that there are very few devices priced above $20 on eBay. This is likely why TikTok supports such cameras. “cheap”While it is simple and quick, Amazon offers more expensive options that aren’t preowned. These TikToks have an aesthetic similar to digital cameras, which are muted and grainy. They also feature nostalgia.

Digicams were somewhere in the spectrum of digital, analog, and smartphone. 2018 the compact digital camera garnered attention once againAccounts like @digicam.loveInstagram is shifting the focus to the camera. The fascination with film trumped the digicam’s use. Polaroid cameras — which both millennials and Gen-Z would agree have been dominant in the last few years.

The digicam is only the latest in a series of cameras. “old”A new generation is reviving interest in technology pieces fuelled by nostalgia. Gen-Z has been noted for bringing back wired earphones — dismissing the rise of AirPods — the Tamagotchi, flip phones. Technology is an ever-changing world that offers much to be nostalgic about. The trend-cycle is often too short and beloved products are frequently replaced, if not completely discontinued, with newer versions. Our desire to preserve and restore aesthetics and technology can be seen as natural.

They also convey a sense simplicity, as these cameras are intuitive and low-maintenance without endless options for filters or edit tools.

This time, it is no different. The digicam is an aspect of Y2K fashionMini skirts were a major part of the modern era. hot pinkrhinestones. They also invoke a sense of simplicity, as these cameras are intuitive and low maintenance without endless options for filters and edit tools. Photo dumpsAnd 0.5 selfiesThey serve a similar purpose: to make social media seem less curated and more faithful in the moment (ahem). BeReal). Digicams can be used to fulfill this need but they also allow users to upload their photos online. This is in addition to the ease of using a smartphone’s camera to instantly post. Gen-Z is increasingly seeking this type of media consumption, even though it is slower than what we are used to.

Ironically, TikTok is a social media platform. Digital cameras and TikTok are very different in their vibes. It is possible to argue that they are at odds. The Gen-Z mecca of dance videos and niche communitiesIt is a world apart from the metallic piece of tech that families take on vacation. The former is driving the resurgence and TikTok continues its efforts to platform sentimentalityIt can spark affection for the Past.

Digital cameras can help you achieve authenticity. The frame you see is what you get whether you’re on holiday or out on a night. TikTok could not.

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