This Coach Outlet tote is perfect for heading back to the office in style, and it’s on sale

This Coach Outlet tote is perfect for heading back to the office in style, and it's on sale

The Coach Outlet City tote is great for re-entering the office.

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Many people may be confused about what to wear to work when more workplaces are being opened.

If you are looking for a new bag for work, Coach OutletThis is where we go to for everyday style at affordable prices. They are well-known for their stylish leather goods, many of them suitable for any office environment.

One handbag is the perfect choice for any style, whether you are professional or laid-back.

City Tote. Image via Coach Outlet.

City Tote Image via Coach Outlet.

$175 $350 at Coach Outlet

The City Tote offers all the essentials you need in an office bag. It has a spacious interior that can hold your phone, laptop, lunch, water bottle and wallet. This bag is easy to carry over your shoulder thanks to its long straps.

The exterior of this bag is coated with Coach’s signature canvas. It is resistant to stains, scratches, and everyday wear and tear.

You can purchase it in four neutral colours. All of them are trimmed with leather accents or metallic hardware.

What people are saying

The City Tote has been a popular choice among Coach Outlet customers and has been awarded a 4.2 star rating from hundreds of customer reviews. This tote is great for work and can also be used to travel.

“This tote is so beautiful, it is the perfect size as an office bag. The colours are stunning and there are multiple wallet choices that will match! I love it,”One reviewer shared.

“For an everyday bag, it is big, but if you like a big bag, this is perfect,”Another shopper agreed. “I use it as an everyday bag, but it would be good for traveling, work or as a baby bag as well.”

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City Tote In Signature Canvas. Image via Coach Outlet.

Signature Canvas City Tote Image via Coach Outlet.

$175 $350 at Coach Outlet

Because of its spacious size, shoppers have found that there is plenty of storage space. This is important for busy days.

“I can not say enough good things about this bag,”One customer at Coach Outlet said so. “It holds my laptop and lunch bag, with room for more. Super durable and all the best compliments.”

This bag is a tote and has an open top. It does not have a zippered closure. If you are looking for a similar design with a slightly more secure style, you might consider the Gallery Tote In Signature Canvas,This one offers a similar look, but with a zip up.


It’s the perfect time to update your workwear wardrobe now that more people are returning to the office. This includes handbags. Coach Outlet shoppers agree that City Tote is the best choice for everyday use.

It features a spacious interior that can hold a purse organizer and all of your other essentials. This versatile tote is popular because it has an open top.

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