The Top Business Degrees in Demand and their Potential Payoff

After years in the workforce paying your dues, you’ve been eyeing a promotion at your company. Although you know you have the experience and work ethic to make a difference, your resume doesn’t get you interviews because you didn’t earn your degree. You’ve thought about returning to school, but how do you know your tuition and time will pay off in the end?

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Let’s get down to business – literally. A college degree will help you to make the most of your potential earning potential, regardless of whether you are looking for the next step on your career path or laying the foundation for a new direction. Enrolling in one of the top in-demand on campus or BS in Business Administration can give you the flexibility and skills needed to succeed in the ever-changing business world.

Is a Business degree worth it in 2021?

A blue infographic piece with the text BLS projects employment in business and finance to grow 5% through 2029Findings from a Pew Research study show that employees who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher earn more than their counterparts with the same level of education from prior generations did at the same age. People with a high-school diploma or some college earn less than their historical counterparts. The conclusion is clear: A degree is an essential component in the modern job-seeker’s toolkit.

However, a degree alone does not guarantee that you will get a job, especially if there isn’t a lot of demand for the field you choose. However, employment in finance and business is expected to increase 5% through 2029. Business degrees are often attractive too. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for these fields was $72,250 in 2020.

Focusing on the top business degrees is a great way to fill the skill gaps employers are looking to fill. It will also make you more marketable among your peers.

What do Business majors do in college?

A business degree has many benefits. It offers both practical focus and academic challenge. There are also many opportunities after graduation. How do you choose the right program of study?

The business administration program is one of the most sought-after business degrees online. This broad business program will help you to develop leadership and managerial skills. It will also teach you the basics of accounting, marketing, and business law.

A business degree can lead to many opportunities. Within a bachelor’s in business administration program you can choose to center your studies in areas such as:

As a graduate, you will be prepared to interpret trends, apply ethics to your decision-making and manage change, among other skills employers seek and value.

What do Business majors focus on?

A Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration provides a foundation for critical thinking, problem solving, and analysis that hiring managers consider essential for workplace success.

Today’s employers are looking for candidates who have leadership and project management skills. The best employees are those who are comfortable using technology, understand data and can work in a team.

There are many business degree programs available online that can lead to a variety of business jobs. You can choose the option that best reflects your career goals in areas such as:

The communication, supervisory and management skills you will acquire in any of these programs will be translatable in the corporate, nonprofit and government sectors. You can also use the project management skills you have gained in each of the areas of focus in any other field after graduation.

If you’ve got a head for logistics and process control, a bachelor’s in business administration in project management might just be the right choice for you. This degree will provide the fundamentals of management, with a deep dive into the planning and decision-making critical to resolving the complex issues of today’s workplaces.

You will be able to understand the fundamentals of supply chain management. This degree will also give you the ability to identify the key trade-offs that are necessary to ensure smooth operations in any setting, whether it is a university, a nonprofit, or a manufacturing environment. The Six Sigma management method, which is a data-driven approach for eliminating defects and improving processes, is also available in this program. It has been widely praised for its effectiveness in any application.

If you’re looking to change careers, you can apply the skills you have learned while earning credits towards graduation. Your course of study will also help prepare you for the Project Management Institute’s (CAPM®) certification exam.

By The Numbers

A blue infographic piece with the text BLS projects employment of accountants and auditors will grow 4% through 2029It should perhaps be no surprise that one of the top business degrees in demand is a bachelor’s in accounting. Employers are looking for the analytical skills, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and critical thinking that you have developed in your accounting course. The demand for financial records preparation and review workers is increasing as the economy expands.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of accountants and auditors will grow 4% through 2029 – faster than the average for all occupations. But it isn’t just the bevy of anticipated openings that caused U.S. News & World Report to rank accountant as no. 24 on its Best Jobs List. There are many opportunities for great success, including a low unemployment rate, a good work-life balance, and the possibility of advancement into a leadership position.

The magazine ranked the 25 most desirable business jobs based upon median salary, employment prospects and work-life balance. The top jobs included:

Financial Manager
Medical & Health Services Manager

Based on the highest predicted median salary, the top positions included:

Financial Manager
Business Operations Manager
Medical and Health Services Manager

If you already know you want to pursue a career in accounting or are hoping to advance in your current organization, an online program that offers an accelerated degree track that provides a quicker path to receiving both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees might be appealing.

A bachelor’s program in forensic accounting or fraud examination will help you develop the skills needed to investigate and identify fraud, as well as expose you to common scams and schemes. It also provides a foundation in the legal aspects of fraud investigations.

The Bottom Line

An infographic piece with the text Top Business Degrees Include: 1. Healthcare Administration; 2. Human Resources Management; 3. Entrepreneurship; 4. Organizational Leadership; 5. Small Business ManagementOnline business school programs provide the flexibility for adult learners to continue their course of study in the time that’s right for them.

You can still make friends and have fun with your fellow students even if you are pursuing an online degree. You can learn from your classmates and benefit from their real-world experience. You may be online and sitting at your kitchen table, but you’re still part of a community.

It’s a great start to achieving your goals. If your school has career development teams, you can work with them on resume writing and mock interviews. You will also learn how to translate your newly acquired tangible skills into language that hiring managers love.

You can get jobs with a bachelor’s, but there are also many ways to earn your masters.

In today’s fast-paced working world, every company needs business experts who can help them handle improve efficiency and productivity, think critically and collaborate effectively. The expertise and skills you will gain with any of the top business degrees in demand will help catapult your resume to the top of any hiring manager’s list.

Jen O’Callaghan, a freelance editor and writer. Connect with Jen O’Callaghan on LinkedIn.

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