The Ten Best Atari Games of All-Time

The Ten Best Atari Games of All-Time

It’s National Video Game Day. I decided to celebrate it by reliving my childhood memories of Atari. I loved Atari. I still have two Atari consoles, and they both work!

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They were in storage when I finally got them out and I reflected on all the games that I used to play for hours. Have a look!

To celebrate National Video Game Day, and to honor the legend of Atari I decided to compile a list of my favorite Atari games. I’m calling it his list. The Ten Best Atari Games of All-TimeYes, this is subjective.

Take a look at my ten favorite books and see how many of them made it onto my list.  If you think I missed one of my favorites, please let me know!

Enjoy this joystick lane walk!

#10- KABOOM!

Brian and I used play Kaboom! constantly.  This was the game he had on his Atari before me. It was laughably simple in design, but Kaboom! It was nerve-wracking, but addictive.

#9- OINK!

Oink was a great game! It was a clever interpretation of the famous battle between the Three Little Pigs (Big Bad Wolf) and the Three Little Pigs (Big Little Pigs). This was a classic fairytale gone horribly sour. Your little pig was caught in the wolf’s wickedly bad breath and it was not going to be home again.


One of the most iconic Atari games. Space Invaders was one of many Atari games that took place in outer space. This game was available on my Atari 2600, as well as a handheld version.  Space Invaders is one of the most popular video games in the 1980s.

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This was the first Atari game that I purchased with my own money. My aunt paid me $7 for each time I mowed her yard.  It took four weeks for me to save up enough money to buy Spiderman. It was my first purchase.  It was purchased at the Osco drugs location in Towne Square Mall in Owensboro. It was terrible graphics, but it didn’t matter. I was able to play as Spiderman and fight the Green Goblin whenever I wanted.  This game was fun.


While Pac-Man is certainly the pioneer, we can all agree that Ms. Pac-Man was a far superior model and game. Ms. Pac-Man did everything Pac-Man couldn’t: the graphics, music, and challenge.  I loved this game.


For my money, THE best space-themed Atari game. My mom even enjoyed playing Cosmicark. Although it was very simple in design and execution the game tested your nerves, senses, and steadiness.


Jungle Hunt, which is very similar to another game I will mention in a second, was escapism at the best. It literally took you into the jungle to swing and swim with crocodiles.


I loved Donkey Kong, and could play it (and all its levels) for hours. This is the 80s classic.  A gigantic “kong”A damsel in distress, and a hero literally leaping for her rescue.


As if you were being told by your parents. “look both ways”Frogger took the learning curve to show you how to cross a road properly. If you didn’t look both way in this game, your frog might get run over by cars and eaten by alligators.


My all-time favorite Atari game- hands down, no competition.  An adventure filled with alligators and scorpions that took you deep into jungle to find treasure. Then, you would be thrust into a twisting tunnel underworld that seemed like the mouth full of madness.  If you can overcome the challenges, you will be rewarded with silver and gold bars!

What was your favorite Atari game?


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