The best couples Halloween costumes for 2022: 30 winning ideas

The best couples Halloween costumes for 2022: 30 winning ideas


While your childhood has been infused with a rotisserie of poppin’ Halloween costumes — from the fringed-out cowgirl to the super cool Power Ranger — it gets all the more fun when your partner is involved.

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There are hundreds of Halloween costumes for couples. Oct. 31 is your last chance to get the most outrageous, scary, and sexiest costumes.

To make your October the spookiest and spectacular it’s ever been (before you pick up some Target fall decor and Halloween home items), we rounded up the hottest list of the 30 best couples Halloween costumes for 2022. From Amazon to direct-to-consumer costume sites, you’re bound to find at least One of these options for you and your boo — pun totally intended.

Halloween Costumes

When the moon hits your eye — that’s Amore. And, when this couples Spaghetti & Meatballs Costume Set hit our eye, we were instantly hooked (after all, who doesn’t want to dress up as a box of your finest al dente and homemade Sunday sauce?)

You can also grab the Barilla Farfalle 10-Pound Pasta Bag ($55), which can be used as a prop. Actually After your Halloween party, make pasta.

1. Spaghetti & Meatballs Costume Set, $80

Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume
Halloween Costumes

When the moon hits your eye — that’s amore. And, when this couples Spaghetti & Meatballs Costume Set hit our eye, we were instantly hooked (after all, who doesn’t want to dress up as a box of your finest al dente and homemade Sunday sauce?)

As a prop, you can even snag the Barilla Farfalle 10-Pound Pasta Bag ($55) which you can actually use to make pasta after your Halloween party.

2. Loofah & Soap Costume Set, $40

Loofah and Soap Costume

Nice and clean, the Loofah & Soap Costume Set is one of our favorite looks if you and your partner want to creatively impress your group. With the full-piece set, you can even place exactly where the hairbrush, suds and duck stickers appear on the front of your costume (or, you can omit them entirely).

3. Squid Game Guard & Player 456 Costume, $45 to $47

Squid Game Guard & Player 456 Costume

We’re still crazed about “Squid Game” from last year (especially the viral doll alarm clock that completely sold out). Now, you and your partner can defeat the odds as the guard and player 456. Not only that, but you’ll receive plenty of compliments on this out-of-the-box idea.

4. Vintage Barbie & Ken Empty Boxes Only Costume Set, $100

Vintage Barbie & Ken Empty Boxes Only Costume

If there’s anything we can’t stop recommending, it’s this super cute, Instagram-worthy Vintage Barbie & Ken Empty Boxes Costume Set. Though you’re only grabbing the box, you can wear a one-piece swimsuit, a spunky polo shirt and a pair of shorts to complete this look.

5. Curious George Costume, $50 to $80

Curious George Costume
Amazon, Oriental Trading

We’ve been seeing this “Curious George” costume idea all of the internet, and for a good reason — it’s adorable, nostalgic and makes for a great couples costume. While the costumes are sold separately, they join together to make a knock-your-socks-off duo.

6. Fred & Wilma Flintsones Costume Set, $60

Fred & Wilma Flintsones Costume Set

This list would be incomplete without a mention of “The Flintstones.” Specifically, Fred and Wilma.

Whether you’re in you’re in your 20s or 80s, this duo is a classic. Plus, it pairs well with some Bone Hair Pins ($7) and White Beaded Necklace ($11).

7. Top Gun Flight Costume, $70 to $73

Top Gun Flight Costume

Top Gun” has been one of the best movies of the year, so it’s time to commemorate that with a rockin’ couples Halloween costume. With the men’s and women’s jumpsuits, you’ll look absolutely incredible this October. Oh, and it pairs well with a fresh pair of white sneakers.

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8. Deer & Hunter Costume, $15 to $49

Deer & Hunter Costume

Meet one of the couples Halloween costume ideas we dressed up as last year: the Deer & Hunter. The camouflage t-shirt and ensemble coupled with the ultra-flattering deer jumpsuit make this a picture-perfect look that’ll turn heads.

9. Bob Ross Artist Costume Set, $92

Bob Ross Artist Costume Set

If you want a couples costume that’s LOL-funny, the Bob Ross Artist Costume Set is one we predict will be award-winning at this year’s costume contest. From the wig to the painter’s palette (and of course, the lovely costume of just the painting), this dress-up duo is pretty iconic.

10. Mario & Luigi Costume, $40 to $55

Mario & Luigi Costume

Sure, Mario and Luigi have been done before, but the star of the show is Mario riding on Yoshi (as a one-piece costume!) We couldn’t think of a more fabulous duo for your and your partner because, if we’re being honest, we love all things Nintendo.

For more options, you can pick up the Princess Peach Costume ($80) and Toad Costume ($27) if you have a larger group you’ll be with (or, just want to mix and match!)

11. Disney The Incredibles Costume T-Shirt, $11

Disney The Incredibles Costume T-Shirt

If you’re looking for an affordable Halloween couples costume idea (and love Disney), pick up two of “The Incredibles” Costume T-Shirts for $11 each. With the Black Eye Masks ($9) and Black Gloves ($3), you’re golden.

12. Sexy Nurse & Surgeon Costume, $18 to $79

Sexy Nurse & Surgeon Costume
Amazon, Yandy

Spice up your Halloween with something sexy — the Sexy Nurse & Surgeon Costume, that is. We have our eyes on this irresistible two-piece number, clad with ultra-hot red boots, and the matching surgeon scrubs to make an unforgettable Halloween date-night-out.

13. Wine & Cheese Costume Set, $45

Wine and Cheese Costume
Halloween Costumes

No doubt about it, we love our charcuterie boards and bottles of wine. Now, your favorite crowd-gathering appetizer is in full-on Halloween form. This one’s as unique as it gets, and we love the Dream Pairs Yellow Pumps ($29) are perfect to complete the cheese outfit.

14. Nightmare Clown & Creepy Doll Costume, $27 to $35

Nightmare Clown & Creepy Doll Costume

Seeking something scary? For a couples Halloween costume, the Nightmare Clown & Creepy Doll are two mismatched costumes with the same spooky aesthetic. From the clown’s mask to the doll’s oversized, gothic-inspired bow, we couldn’t imagine a better boo-so-lovely pair.

15. Scooby-Doo Velma & Daphne Costume, $35 to $45

Scooby-Doo Velma & Daphne Costume

Yes, we see “Scooby-Doo” looks far and wide each Halloween, but there’s no finer duo than Velma and Daphne. From the chic school-girl look to the stylish wigs, you’ll feel comfortable and fashion-forward this October with your partner. Oh, and Daphne’s costume comes in plus sizes in addition to its XS-XL roster.

16. Dalmatian & Firefighter Costume, $40 to $43

Dalmatian & Firefighter Costume

Another couples Halloween costume we approve of: the Dalmatian and Firefighter. First off, we can’t stop glossing over how cute the speckled leg-warmers are (along with the black ruffled skirt hem!). We also deem the men’s costume a handsome fit, making this an all-around epic duo.

17. Playboy Costume, $50 to $150

Playboy Costume

You asked, we delivered. Dress up like Playboy this Halloween with the classic red robe and pipe set (minimal effort required, much to your guy’s delight) and the oh-so-sexy bunny costume that can double as lingerie for Halloween after-hours. We love it (and it comes directly from Playboy!), and you will, too.

18. Sailor Costume, $33 to $40

Sailor Costume

Though Halloween’s far past summer, we’re keeping the nautical vibe alive. This couples Sailor Costume contains separate offerings, but they bring the “ahoy, matey!” alive when you’re posing for your Halloween party picture. Plus, it looks great with some Sailor Temporary Tattoos ($7).

19. Oreo Cookie Costume Set, $70

Oreo Cookie Costume Set
Halloween Costumes

You know what they say — the good stuff is in the middle. Well, with the Oreo Cookie Costume Set, the good stuff is all around (especially when your boo is added to the mix). It’s one that others won’t stop talking about, too.

While you’re at it, pick up a three-pack of Oreos ($13) for another sweet snack to indulge in while trick-or-treating.

20. Deer in Headlights Costume Set, $65

Deer in Headlights Costume Set
Halloween Costumes

You’ve heard the saying, you look like a deer in headlights. It just so happens Halloween Costumes made a promiscuous (and incredibly humorous) spin on the popular catchphrase. With a road-ready dress and hysterical deer head accessory, you’ll be a contender in your Halloween party costume contest, for sure.

21. Party Toga Adult Costume, $25

Party Toga Adult Costume
Halloween Costume

Everyone loves a good toga moment. Pick up this unisex outfit for $25 a piece. Truthfully, we look for any excuse to wear cute Gladiator Sandals ($35) and whip out our golden eyeshadow palettes to add a shimmery touch to a bronze-goddess look.

22. Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Costume Set, $23, original price: $34

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Costume Set

For a simple Halloween couples costume, look no further than Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. With fun hats to match, you’ll feel comfortable and nostalgic with these kooky-printed shirts.

Oh, and to complete the look, check out our guides to the best jeans for men and women. We love the Mr. Potato Head Toy ($5) to use as a prop, too.

23. Rock Star & Groovy Hippies, $19 to $40

Rock Star & Groovy Hippies

This couples costume is groovy, man. Take it back to the late 60s and 70s with this aptly paired duo. From the men’s unmatched fringe outfit to the adorable women’s fringe vest and boots, this one is a look for the books.

24. Avocado & Toast Costume Set, $45

Avocado & Toast Costume Set
Halloween Costumes

Yes, avocado toast has basically turned into a meme. And, not just a meme — a Halloween couples costume, too.

Let your partner choose from our favorite source of healthy fats and the toast (which is toasted just right, in our opinion) for a humorous, unforgettable set everyone will continue to talk about years later.

25. S’Mores Snack Costume Set, $32

S'mores Costume Set

Speaking of food, there’s nothing more joyful than a night out toasting s’mores. Not only do you and your partner go together like s’mores, but now you’ll express that in this sweet and easy-to-toss-on Halloween costume. With some Amazon sneakers, you’ll be comfortable all day.

26. Grease Danny & Sandy Costume, $40 to $50

Grease Costume

It’s no surprise “Grease” is one of our all-time favorite movies (tell us about it, stud). To honor Olivia Newton John’s legacy, there isn’t a better year to sport her iconic look — red pumps ($37), men’s leather jacket and all.

27. Toy Story Jessie & Woody Costume, $30 to $36

Toy Story Jessie & Andy Costume

When we think of couples costumes, we think of Jessie and Woody — it’s as simple as that. Each costume is fully decked-out to ensure you’re maximizing Halloween to its fullest extent (plus, we love Jessie’s cow-printed pants).

28. Hot Dog & Bun Costume Set, $50

Hot Dog & Bun Costume Set
Halloween Costumes

Looking for the *hottest* Halloween costume we could mustard? Before we get too carried away with the puns, we 100% recommend this costume for a unique spin on Halloween. Oh, and to honor your favorite Boar’s Head.

29. Minnie & Mickey Mouse Costume, $26 to $35

Minnie & Mickey Mouse Costume
Spirit Halloween, Amazon

If you want to get all dolled up but your boo — well, not so much — the Minnie & Mickey Mouse Costume is your best bet. We adore the women’s costume (black tights, yellow pumps and all) and the men’s costume only requires a black T-shirt and the included ears and gloves. Plus, it’s super cute.

30. Chips & Salsa Costume Set, $40

Chips & Salsa Costume Set
Halloween Costumes

Add a savory twist to you and your partner’s Halloween look this year with the Chips & Salsa Costume Set. For less than $50, it’s important you know the salsa is *extra hot* and the tortilla just makes it look ten times better.

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