Style Spotlight: Dallas-based Fashion Influencer Lizzy Savetsky

Style Spotlight: Dallas-based Fashion Influencer Lizzy Savetsky

Fashion influencer Lizzy Savetsky never thought she’d move back to Texas. Fort Worth native, she moved to New York City many years ago to attend college and to reconnect with her Jewish identity. She developed her style and met Ira at 19 and got married at 23. They had three children. Ira, a surgeon in plastic surgery, was awarded a fellowship in Dallas in 2019. 

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“So my New York husband dragged me back to Texas,”Savetsky jokes. “And I ended up like really falling in love with [Texas] again.”

Savetsky said that she was able to come back and re-discover her love for bold colors, big bling, and her love of big bling. With fashion, people aren’t afraid to be seen in Texas, she says. “People just wear their hearts on their sleeves here.” 

And that fits perfectly with Savetsky’s style. She was always drawn to the glamour and glitz (her bat mitzvah theme included shoes), so she started her blog. Excessories Expert in 2012. She collects vintage pieces like Chanel jewelry and belts as well as statement pieces. 

“I look at my accessories almost as pieces of art that I collect,”She said. “And I just like to have fun.” 

Over the years, Savetsky has grown her following—she has close to 200,000 followers on Instagram—and her closet. Now she’s looking to declutter.

Savetsky has partnered up with Dora Maar, an online consignment luxury company. Named for French artist Henriette Theodora Markovitch, who was famously Pablo Picasso’s muse, the platform tells the story of vintage clothing through curated closets of tastemakers and influencers—called muses, natch—from across the fashion world. 

“The love and care and the personalization of these pieces is just so beautiful,” Savetsky says, “and inspires your creativity and really breathes new life into that.” 

Savetsky has been a curator of around 600 pieces since December 2021 (although not all pieces belonged to her, she notes). Dora Maar, launching closet drops periodically. Her final drop will launch Tuesday, January 25. We caught up with Savetsky to talk style, cleaning out her closet for Dora Maar, and how she’s used her platform to spread awareness of problems facing the Jewish community. 

Your career began as an influencer in accessories. What do they appeal to you?

I believe in feeling good. While I believe beauty is a result of the inside out, I also believe it could work the opposite way. And if I’m just throwing on a fabulous pair of sunglasses, and then going to the grocery store, I instantly feel like a badass. Like I’m ready to conquer the world, even if I’m just doing my mundane carpool run.

Can you describe your style, not just accessories?

I am impulsive and a bit impulsive. I’ll buy things that don’t necessarily seem practical to the average person. I love pieces that spark conversation, tell stories or take me back to a particular place in my life. For me, a crocodile trenchcoat is an heirloom that you can pass on to your children. 

What was the first time you realized you needed to clean out your closets.

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I definitely have too many clothes. During the pandemic, it definitely came to a head because, you know, we are all spending so much time at home and I was like, I have so much stuff. Like, literally it’s disgusting. I mean, shoes and bags are my currency. I have collected them over many years. And as much as I love them, you know, there are the pieces that I don’t wear as much. It made me a little too self-aware, seeing them all the time. And I’m like, I’m going nowhere, I have all this stuff that is beautiful that is not being loved or worn by me. And so that’s when I really shifted to start cleaning out.

How did you choose which pieces to sell on Dora Maar’s website?

When I look at my closet to figure out what I’m going to consign, if I second guess it, I’m cosigning it. Because I feel like it’s like dating. Like, if I have any question about it, it’s probably not the one for me anymore. I must believe that we belong together.

Did you have any pieces that were difficult or impossible to part with?

I have this Chanel belt. It was my first major purchase. That’s when I started making money. And it’s vintage. It’s spectacular. I’ve worn it so many places. But it comes a certain point where it’s like, I haven’t worn it in two years. I could wear it again. But I will be forcing it to just try to prove a point to myself that I don’t want to part ways with it. And, you know, I think it’s like, I have the memories forever. I have photos of me wearing it for all time. I don’t necessarily need the item.

Your platform is not only for clothes but also for Jewish education. Why was this important?

Judaism for me is very grounding. Just because it’s so much a huge part of my identity. It’s been a blessing to be able make a difference in the world. Social media can be a breeding ground for jealousy, and it can also be a place to show off. As someone who puts my life out there, I feel a lot of responsibility to be honest and to delve a little deeper. And, you know, I use fashion as a way to get people’s attention. 

How has your audience reacted to this shift?

My audience has been extremely open to this new shift. They are looking for real content. I think especially where we are in the world right now, it’s not enough to just be a beautiful girl with really expensive pieces and great fashion tastes. We want to see the whole person. We want vulnerability. I’ve been so grateful that the social media world has been shifting in that direction. You know, we had the Black Lives Matter movement, and there’s been just like a lot of rampant anti-Semitism in the past couple years, and people have taken to social media to stand up for themselves. 

This interview was lightly edited to increase clarity and length.


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