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Recalled baby formula, expired food, and moldy hotdogs: Dauphin County restaurant inspections June 10 | Restaurant Inspections

Recalled baby formula, expired food, and moldy hotdogs: Dauphin County restaurant inspections June 10 | Restaurant Inspections

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Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (866-366-3723) uses a risk-based inspection reporting system for restaurants and other food handlers.

Expired food, moldy hotdogs, Recalled formula being sold. Milk stored at the wrong temperature 

Harrisburg City

Best Western Plus, 1344 Eisenhower Blvd, Follow-Up, May 31, Pass. Refrigerated commercially processed food that is ready to eat, temperature control for safety food, and kept longer than 24 hours is not being marked with its date of opening. The original certificate of the certified food worker posted in violation of public view-repeat violation is not available to the food facility. 

McDonald’s2929 Paxton St. Complaint, May 31, Pass. Food workers observed in the kitchen not wearing proper hair restraints such as nets or beard covers. 

A and S Catering101 Market St., June 1, Pass. The temperature measuring device required to ensure the proper temperature of equipment cannot be found in or is not readily accessible. TEmp was held at 47 °F, in the cold unit, rather than 41°F or below as required. Non-food contact surfaces were not cleaned at a regular rate to prevent soil and dirt accumulation. Grease trap cleaning and a photo to be sent. Cardboard used under a 3-bay sink. Requirement to replace cutting boards. Grease must be properly disposed off. You should dispose of any old, unused soda machines that are stored in the area.

Mesa Authentic Mexican FoodPass. There are no violations. 

OD’s Fish HouseFollow-Up, June 2, Fail. Frozen food that has been frozen at room temperature for more than a few hours until it is no longer frozen to the touch. This is not proper slacking. Foods that have been frozen at room temperature were found to be thawing. Macaroni, a potentially hazardous food, in the open counter area, was not maintained at 41°F or below or at 135°F or above for over 4 hours, and requires discarding. A temperature measuring device to ensure proper temperature of equipment isn’t available or easily accessible. The food in the area is open and uncovered. Food should be stored directly on the floor, not 6 inches away from the floor, as needed. Observed food that was stored in a pan and is susceptible to splashing from the hand wash basin. Observed food that was stored in an unclean or wet area of the facility. Excessive dirt on cabinets. Three-bay sinks do not work. Non-food contact surfaces are not cleaned at a regular rate to prevent soil and dirt accumulation. The food facility does have a sink for hand washing. Hand washing sink next to the fryer. Possible contamination of food products. Post-fire events-chemicals were distributed-intensive cleaning warranted. The Person in Charge failed not to notify the Department of an immediate health hazard and stop operations. This inspection shows that the Person in Charge doesn’t have sufficient knowledge about food safety in this facility. There was no sign or poster in the area at the handwash sink to remind food workers to wash their hands. 

Ayesha Convenience Store2 N 15th St. Pass. Expired (5), Lettuce (1). Baby Formula (8). All past due date bread (3) cans with short dated expiration. Hot dogs packages (4) found in the deli area, slimy and squishy to the touch. Spoiled,  moldy, and are adulterated. The handwash sink in the prep area has a low flow of water. There is no sign or poster at the prep area’s handwash sink to remind employees to wash their hands. At the handwash basin in the bathroom, empty the paper towel dispenser. Bathroom hand wash sink can reach temperatures of 135 degrees. 

Rivas Deli and Coffee, 524 Maclay St, June 3, Pass. The women’s bathroom does not have a covered container for sanitary napkins. At the bathroom’s handwash sink, empty paper towel dispenser. 

Lower Paxton Township

Ross Dress for LessPass. There are no violations. 

Middle Paxton Township

The Manor at MountainviewPass., 2201 Fishing Creek Valley Rd. No violations 




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Penbrook Borough

Be-M-Mart, 2920 Herr St, June 2, Pass. The handwash sink in front of the prep area did not have soap. Cleaning agents/sanitizers are not available during business hours. To determine the correct concentration of sanitizer, food facilities do not have sanitizer testing strips. The original certificate for the certified food worker has not been posted to public view by the food facility.

Penbrook Grocery2526 Walnut Street, June 2, Pass. Various sizes and containers of white milk food were held at 55°F, in the cooler area, rather than 41°F or below as required. Corrected via voluntary disposal-repeat violations. As part of an ongoing recall of the company, 6 Similac Baby Formula containers were inspected for sale to consumers.

Susquehanna Township

Nittany Scoops, 2547 Brindle Drive, June 1, Pass. There are no violations. 

Quality Food Market3906 N 6th St. Pass. Walk-in freezer has expired food items that are stored on the floor. Observed many flying insects in the retail area. The inspector requested that the manager remove any hanging fly strips. Facility needs to be purchased “Insect Light Traps”Use glue boards to keep flying insects out of the retail area. There is an air gap at bottom threshold plate on the front door that could allow pests to enter the building. Numerous tree branches touching the roof with many limbs extending over it create pest access. An area on the southeast side is filled with debris and old equipment, making it a pest harborage.

Subway2257 Paxton Church Rd. June 1, Pass. The mop water and mop were still in their buckets from the previous day. Mop not rinsed and hung to air dry.

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