Princess Diana’s style is still shaping fashion 25 years after her death

Princess Diana's style is still shaping fashion 25 years after her death


Written by Megan C. Hills, CNN

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Twenty-five year after her death, Princess Diana’s wardrobe continues to inspire. TikTok users meticulously recreate her workout outfits and fashion fans source cult pieces worn by the late monarch. Her style is still as influential as ever, inspiring magazine photoshoots and designer runway collections, as well as reissues of her beloved pieces.
Recent TV and movie shows include “Spencer,” “The Crown”The HBO Max documentary “The Princess”(HBO Max is owned and operated by Warner Bros., the parent company of CNN. Discovery) have revived interest in Diana, introducing the story and her life to both millennials (some of whom may not remember her) and Gen Zers (born after her death in 2017. With “The Crown”Amy Roberts, the costume designer, was particularly meticulous in her attention to detail. She even consulted with David and Elizabeth Emanuel who were the original designers of her iconic wedding dress.

Diana’s fashion moments are surprising

As with the Netflix series’ reinterpretation, however, which saw Emma Corrin engulfed by the gown’s 25-foot train, amid ominous musicThese are eerie snippets taken from British media’s coverage of Diana’s wedding. There is a fascination with iconic outfits such as the Christina Stambolian, which has been admired for decades. “revenge dress”While the blue velvet gown she wore in 1985 to the White House is still timeless, younger generations are taking her looks into consideration when they seek out specific aesthetics.

You’ll see a certain part of Diana’s wardrobe is becoming increasingly popular on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. These are the sporty, laidback outfits she wore while working out or at polo matches. The ultimate ensemble includes an oversized sweatshirt and cycle shorts, vintage earrings, sunglasses, chunky sneakers and sunglasses. This is a perfect combination of streetwear and athleisure.

In 1995, Princess Diana left the Chelsea Harbour Club in London wearing an outfit that was often copied by royal fans. Credit: Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

“My strongest impression of her style was bumping into her at the Harbour Club,”Amanda Wakeley, British designer, recalls her 2020 look in a 2020 British Vogue retrospectiveDiana’s style. “She was in her exercise kit and she’d thrown on one of my cashmere sweatshirts with the satin cuffs on it. To me that was such a perfect image of her.”
A well-respected 2019 fashion spreadHailey Bieber, Vogue Paris, paid tribute in logo-emblazoned caps. She also wore university sweaters, large pearl and big gold earrings. “All credit and inspo to the amazingly beautiful and iconically stylish Princess Diana who I’ve looked to for style inspiration for as long as I can remember,”Bieber shared his thoughts on Instagram, along with a selection images from the shoot. “Thank you for leaving behind such an iconic fashion and style legacy.”
On Instagram, popular figures like Stephanie Yeboah, Melissa Soldera Liv PhylandAmong others, they have also copied Diana’s style. “We love an outfit that promotes style as well as comfort,”Yeboah shared her thoughts with CNN about Diana’s workout wear. She noted that her fashion choices have changed to reflect her growing self-esteem.

“That growth in confidence being reflected by your wardrobe is something I resonate with immensely, being a plus size person and slowly seeing a change in my (own) wardrobe after getting the confidence boosts I needed,”Yeboah stated this in an e-mail

TikTok users like Taylor Hage share tutorials on how you can recreate certain outfits. Hage recently posted a video about a much-referenced outfitDiana wore this dress to the Guards Polo Club at Windsor in 1988.
Another of Princess Diana's outfits frequently copied on social media is this one -- a sweatshirt from the British Lung Foundation (an organization for which Diana was a patron), oversized blazer, and baseball cap, which she wore to a polo match in 1988.

Another of Princess Diana’s outfits is this one. She wore it to a 1988 polo match. Credit: Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

“We’ve all seen this Princess Diana look,” Hage tells her audienceBefore offering her interpretation of the phrase to her 1.6 million followers, she wore straight leg jeans, a neutral crewneck sweater, and a blazer”if you don’t have one, thrift one, borrow one from your Dad, borrow one from your brother, boyfriend, whatever,”She says, “it’s essential”Western boots and )
Others have gone further, with @simplesmurf, a TikTok user, setting up a self-proclaimed “TikTok” account. “Princess Diana Stan acc”Also, she has a fan page dedicated to her. The user also has a lot of vintage-inspired videos. a tranche of sweatersDiana has worn other separates and inspired others. They also share periodic updates about new finds from thrift stores and vintage clothes sellers as they expand their collection.
This nostalgia for the ’80s is fueled in part by shows like “Stranger Things”It is no surprise that Diana’s clothes have been rediscovered by luxury brands like Chanel. Fans of the era like @simplesmurf from TikTok, who refers at Princess Diana as “the blueprint,”Fashion history can be traced back to the princess’s dresses. “What an icon,”The user wrote in a recent posting.
Princess Diana pictured in 1994, dressed in a blazer, cream turtleneck and trousers. Social media users have aimed to recreate the effortless elegance of Princess Diana's outfits, citing looks such as these as inspiration for 'old money' fashion looks.

In 1994, Princess Diana was photographed in a blazer with cream turtleneck and trousers. Social media users attempted to recreate the effortless elegance of Princess Diana’s outfits. They cited looks like these as inspiration for ‘old-money’ fashion looks. Credit: Tom Wargacki/WireImage/Getty Images

TikTokers have also absorbed elements from Princess Diana’s wardrobe into what they refer to as the TikTokers. “Old Money”aesthetic — A tongue-in-cheek, aspirational style that blends vintage and preppy pieces to imitate the wardrobes of those who have been blessed with wealth and privilege. Perhaps the greatest example of this was Princess Diana. “Sloane Ranger”Sloane Square in London is a British term. It refers to the stereotypically upper-middle class women who usually live there. “Old Money”Pinterest boards and style inspiration videos

A powerful inspiration

It is also appealing to young people who are looking to assert their individuality, and pieces that demonstrate how Diana challenged the British Royal Family’s traditional mold during her divorce from Princes Charles.

Eloise Moran, a fashion researcher, spoke to CNN last January to explain the power of Diana’s. “revenge dress,”which she wore the day Prince Charles was admitted to adultery. “I think that was the line drawn where she was in control, and she was showing that to everybody,” Moran said. “You can truly make people afraid of you — or intimidated by you, or respect you, or whatever it is — through clothing.”

Another outfit that has been renewed Waves in recent years is a red knit sweater featuring a pattern made of white and black sheep that Diana wore to a 1980 polo match. Widely, this was taken to mean that she felt like an outsider. “black sheep”The sweater was relaunched in 2020 by Rowing Blazers, a clothing brand that approached the original designers, Warm & Wonderful.

This red knit sweater, originally created by Warm and Wonderful and worn by Princess Diana in 1980, was recently re-released by the brand in a collaboration with Rowing Blazers. It soon went viral, and promptly sold out.

The brand recently re-released this red knit sweater in collaboration with Rowing Blazers. It quickly became a viral hit and was quickly sold out. Credit: Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

Jack L. Carson, Rowing Blazers’ creative Director at the time, was in charge of the project. told CNN That translated into sales “three months of sweaters in an hour and a half”After the item went viral online. The original sweater can be found in the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Since then, the pattern has been used on tea towels and suitcases as well as vests.

On the runway, Diana’s timeless fascination has been evident. For Off-White’s 2018 Spring-Summer 2018 collection, Virgil Abloh, a late fashion designer, cited Diana as his inspiration. Abloh’s renditions of some her most striking pieces were featured in the 2017 show, which was held to commemorate her 20th birthday. “off-duty”Looks, including references to specific outfits such as a denim jumpsuit, white cowboy boots, ’80s-styled polo shirts and her staple cycle shorts.

A patterned white top worn by Princess Diana in 1983, reimagined by Virgil Abloh as a look in Off-White's Spring-Summer 2018 collection.

A patterned white top worn in 1983 by Princess Diana. Virgil Abloh reimagined it as a look for Off-White’s 2018 Spring-Summer collection. Credit: Getty Images

“She was a strong individual that despite her position had her own personal taste,”Abloh sah British VogueIn a 2017 interview “and it came out through the clothes.”(Lyst, a fashion search platform, wrote in its annual trends report for the same year that Diana was still alive. “style choices influenced us all over again,”Reporting spikes in searches to her wardrobe staples.

“Her personal taste was very out of the way from what she was supposed to wear. It’s an inspiration,”He said.

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