Home Fashion Styles Princess Diana and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s style comparison – pictures

Princess Diana and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s style comparison – pictures

Princess Diana and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's style comparison - pictures

Although they were quite different in age and manner, Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall and Princess Diana shared a similar sense of style. Image coach and personal stylist Melissa Lund spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about whether the royals ever took a leaf out of each other’s fashion handbooks.

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Melissa started: “Camilla did on occasion wear clothes similar to Diana’s but as she was at a different age and stage in life, attempting to wear exactly what Diana wore wouldn’t have been appropriate.”

The pair also had very different ideas about style.

“Diana was very much a fan of fashion and she underwent a remarkable and show-stopping change when she married Prince Charles, going from standard Sloane outfits to having a wardrobe of designer clothes, being styled by Vogue and loving every minute of it,” said Melissa.

Camilla, on the other hand, reportedly chose her own clothes for her photo shoot with Vogue.

Camilla “isn’t much of a clothes horse”Much of her wardrobe is made from it. “needs to be practical and comfortable”According to the expert,

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Moreover, Diana and Camilla had different body types and couldn’t always wear the same outfits.

Melissa explained: “Diana had an athletic figure with a straight body line and great shoulders, so dramatic cuts and geometric details really suited her.

“Camilla’s figure is softer and less athletic but is balanced top and bottom – she also has good legs.”

But while the royal rivals did not have the same figure or fashion sense, what they both had in common was that whatever they wore, it would be seen and scrutinised worldwide.



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As for colours, “Diana and Camilla often wore the exact same outfits”, which “It makes sense” as “Their colouring is very similar”.

“Both were honey-coloured blondes with blue eyes. This gives them a medium level of intensity to their individual colouring.

Melissa explained: “Personal colouring is the combination of your hair, skin and eye colour.

“Each person’s intensity is different. A brunette who has pale skin and blue or green eyes or dark brown brown eyes will have intense coloration, while someone with medium blonde hair and blue/grey eye will have a low or medium level.

“The intensity of your personal colouring determines the version of any given colour you can wear.”

Camilla and Diana, both with a “medium”Styled this expertly at intensity level

This means that they look “best”Available in medium navy, aqua and soft pink, cream, off-white or white, medium blue

Melissa continued: “The very bright colours or very dark colours are not a good option – unless required by protocol in which case adding a statement necklace will help to throw more light onto the face.”

This was “a trick used by both women”.

She concluded that both royals used clothing to emphasize their waists and left their beautiful legs. “on show”.

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