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Pokémon BDSP: Cutest Outfits To Change Clothes

Pokémon BDSP: Cutest Outfits To Change Clothes

Replaying past games Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is the ability for players to customize their trainers with brand new outfits. Character customization has been a feature in the core series of games since Pokémon Sun & Moon first allowed players to change their trainer’s outfit. Different styles allow for an added layer of customization in a game series that has always been built around players being able to customize and build their teams.

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The long-awaited remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have added lots of new content, from massive changes to how the Underground areas of Sinnoh work, to the addition of new Pokémon absent from the original games. A major addition to the games has been the ability for players to customize their characters. At character creation, players now no longer just choose between playing as the boy or girl character – they get to choose from a variety of different hair colors and skin tones to allow for a more personalized experience. Upon reaching Veilstone City, home of the third Pokémon gym, players gain the option to purchase and change into new outfits at the Metronome Style Shop, which replaces the Game Corner from the original games. This is the only location where outfits can be purchased and swapped.


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Clothing customization affects all aspects of the character aesthetically. The outfit appears on the character in the overworld, in battles, in cutscenes, and even in the Grand Underground. Unlike previous games, which had the ability to mix and match different clothing items when creating an outfit, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl simplify character customization by making each outfit a single clothing set with no mixing and matching. As a result, players wishing to customize their trainers into the cutest possible outfits won’t be able to combine items from various clothing sets, and will need to pick the sets that are the absolute cutest to them.

Seasonal Outfits In Pokémon Shining Pearl & Brilliant Diamond

With winter fast approaching and spring not too long after, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players won’t need to look far to find outfits that match the feelings these seasons bring. The Winter Style set is warm and cozy, with turtleneck sweaters, woolly hats and coats. This set is a must-have during the wintry months, letting the characters match the real-world seasons, as well as any ice-type Pokémon in their team.

The Spring Style set will allow players to bring springtime into their games by incorporating the appropriate outfits and hats. The Spring Style set includes lighter jackets, lighter jackets, and shorts or skirts. It is a cute pick for spring, but also year-round.émon protagonists. Players may wish to hold off on the Spring Style for now though, if they wish to emulate the aesthetic of the winter months.

Completing the trio is the Summer Style, one of Pokémon BDSP’s outfits unlocked after defeating the Elite Four. This style features shorts, a bare head for men and a festive summer hat for women, and color schemes that fit perfectly for any beachgoing trainers and lovers of summer. These may be best saved for warmer months.

Styles of the BDSP based on fan-favorite pokémon

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee marked the first time players got to experience the franchise on Nintendo Switch, and saw them return to the Kanto region reminiscent of Pokémon Yellow. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl pay tribute to these games with outfits based on the titular Pokémon that were featured in them. The adorable Pikachu Hoodie style features both a comfortable-looking baggy jacket and a plain-looking hat. This is matched by the Eevee Jacket. This jacket features Eevee imagery and is black Letterman-style. The hats may even reference Eevee’s colors, with the men’s hat being brown for regular Eevee, and the women’s hat being grey for shiny Eevee Pokémon.

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The Gengar Jacket is a ghostly, gothic version of the Eevee Jacket. This outfit is largely the same as the Eevee Jacket in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes, but features Gengar imagery instead, as well as having a striking purple color for the jacket and black undershirts instead. The shade of purple is a great choice for trainers looking to personalize their wardrobe, regardless of whether they are a Gengar fan or not.


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Pokémon: BDSP Has Outfit Sets Perfect For Work and Play

PokéMany players enjoy mon breeding. It could be done for the purpose of breeding perfect Poks.émon for competitive battling, breeding for a shiny Pokémon, or simply breeding some extras to trade with friends, it’s a component of the game with plenty of uses. Pok is a very popular game.émon breeding may have also inspired the creation of the Overalls Style outfit in the game. It’s reminiscent of the Pok Trainer class.émon Breeder, these outfits in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl put the trainer into a pair of overalls and a white undershirt, with male characters getting access to a visor. This outfit is adorable and perfect for those who are passionate about breeding Pok.émon.

The Casual Style of clothing offers an adorably unique style, featuring a headband and athletic shirt for male characters. Female characters will be able to wear a baseball cap and a yellow coat over a sporty white gown. These styles, as the name implies, are casual, comfortable-looking outfits, perfect for the trainers as they traverse Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s vast Sinnoh region. These styles are great for adding color to the Sinnoh characters’ outfits.

The choice of favorite outfits is up to the player. While customization may not be for everyone, it is an option that many people enjoy. More options exist in the game, such as the neon-colored Cyber Style outfits, and the limited-time outfits that are a throwback to the unique outfits worn in Pokémon Platinum. Players can look cute or tough, depending on their personality. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining PearlYou have many options to personalize your trainers. You can keep the game’s look fresh by changing the outfits that trainers wear during the journey. Players have the option to swap outfits as soon as they reach Veilstone City.

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