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Pep Guardiola fashion style: Coats, hoodies & shoes and why Man City manager’s wife chooses what he wears

Pep Guardiola fashion style: Coats, hoodies & shoes and why Man City manager's wife chooses what he wears


Pep Guardiola has developed a unique fashion style. The Manchester City boss wears everything from cargo pants and cardigans to impress.

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The Catalan coach is a legend. He assembled the undisputed best team in the 21st century at Barcelona, before moving on to the Bundesliga and Premier League.

Tiki-Taka – inverted full-backs and no-striker systems. His influence on the game is immense. But what about his sartorial sensibilities.

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GOAL Here’s a look at how Man City manager dresses, and where you can find the best. ‘Pep look’ Pep prefers that his wife pick his clothes.

What is Pep Guardiola’s fashion style?

Pep Guardiola’s fashion style has evolved over the course of his nearly 14 years as a manager. He isn’t quite like Diego Simeone who is synonymous blacked out suits. He also doesn’t really like Arsene Winger’s iconic, knee-length jackets.

Pep is versatile in his clothing choices, especially since he moved to Bayern Munich and then to Man City.

Pep was an excellent host during his time in Barcelona. suit-and-tie man. These were his favorite outfits: blacks and greys. Every now and again he’d throw on the odd scarf, or when the sun was shining bright, you might’ve caught him styling a polo neck and jeans.

Pep Guardiola Manchester City


You could expect a smart, casual look from the two-time Champions League champion.

His arrival in Bayern Munich gave us the first glimpses of a new Guardiola. He was a full-time manager, but also a fashionista. These traits continued to evolve as he became Man City boss.

Pep Guardiola as we know it today seems to favor a more casual and sporting look. cardigans, jumpers, Baseball jackets, cargo trousers, Chinos, Trainers.

His favorite colours are grey, white, and dark green. He occasionally throws in shades of blue or dark green.

Pep Guardiola style jumpers & coats available at a variety of stores.

Pep Guardiola dress all-grey suit for a combined total of £155 ($240) from ASOS, where you’d also find several scarves such as the Jack and Jones woven fringed scarf for £18 ($28) to complete the outfit.

As a long term partner of Puma, you’ll often find Pep Guardiola rocking the brand’s merchandise, so head over to the official Puma website to find the timeless Puma Suede Classic trainers, retailing at £65 in the UK or $70 in the U.S..

Pep Guardiola Manchester City



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If you’re looking to pick out a ‘Pep style’ outfit for a sunny day, then who can forget his green cargo trousers in the Community Shield game in August 2019? You can find a similar pairThe established high street brand. H&M for £24.99 in the UK.

Lastly, Man City’s own clothing line has become a consistent part of Pep Guardiola’s wardrobe. The can be found here Man City x MDCR collaboration hoodie, also on the Puma website, for £46 in the UK.

Why does Pep Guardiola’s wife choose his clothes and not his?

Interview with Judith in March 2022 Sky SportsPep Guardiola revealed that his wife Cristina Serra picks his outfits.

When asked how he decides what to wear on the touchline, Pep smiled and replied: “My wife is so elegant, she helps me a lot”

Pep answered the question, “Does his wife pick all of his clothes?” “Absolutely, ever since I met her, before I was a disaster, now I’m elegant, thanks to her.”

Who is Pep Guardiola’s wife?

Pep Guardiola Cristina Serra 2018


Cristina Serra is Pep Guardiola’s wife. According to SportsMobGuardiola would enter a fashion shop named “Guariola” in 1989. ‘Sierra Claret’At just 18 years old, he met his future spouse.

Cristina was at the time working in Sierra-Claret, her family’s company. It was only natural that she would end her career in fashion.

Cristina grew up following in the footsteps of her parents and is now the owner of a successful fashion business in Barcelona.

Guardiola and Serra were married in Barcelona in 2014, two and a quarter decades after their first meeting. They were married in a small ceremony with close friends and their families.

Serra’s fashion knowledge means that it is not surprising that her husband is a striking figure on the touchline.

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