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P.E. Nation’s Claire Tregoning on her style evolution


What are the three most important items in your wardrobe? P.E Nation leggings, mid-rise, straight-leg jeans – I like Levi’s and Ksubi – and sneakers.

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Gumboots, such as these from Bottega Veneta, are on Claire’s radar for winter.

Any go-to jewellery? I wear a lot of rings – my engagement and wedding bands, a couple of Lucy Folk rings, some cute ones by Kirstin Ash and a Laura Miers ring that Pip [business partner Pip Edwards]I received this gift for my 40th Birthday.

Do you have a favorite outfit from your childhood?When I was seven years old, I was a huge fan of baggy Keppers jeans. I’d wear them with a white T-shirt and a checked Portmans shirt tied around my waist.

Your worst fashion faux pas?I was not a fan of the handkerchief era. I wore bandanas across my entire head. That would’ve been about 1995.

Can you remember your first fashion moment?When I was 24, I attended Australian Fashion Week for my first time. I was just starting my label, Maise, when I saw Heidi Middleton after the Sass and Bide show. I was a little star struck.

Gilda Ambrosio of Milan-based 
label The Attico is an inspiration 
to Claire.

Gilda Ambrosio, Milan-based
The Attico label is an inspiration
Credit:Getty Images

What’s at the top of your fashion wish list?There are so many options. I’m looking for a vintage gold fob chain necklace. I’m also after a new boot, but I don’t know what that is yet. I already have the Prada “Monolith”Combat boots from last season are still available, and everyone has the Bottega Veneta “Lug” boots.

Is there anything that you would never wear? No, I’ll never say never because as soon as I do, I end up wearing it. For example, florals were never going to be in my wardrobe. Until last year when I saw my friend in a floral Vampire’s Wife dress and I was like “hand it over”.


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Is there an upcoming fashion trend you like best?The gumboot. Bottega and Balenciaga make excellent gumboots.

What shoes do most often you wear? Sneakers. I have many. My current favourite brands are Asics, Nike, and no particular style or color.


What do you use to sleep?A T-shirt and unisex.

Who’s your favourite fashion icon?Gilda Ambrosio is the best! [Italian fashion label]The Attico. She’s sexy and she does that tomboy vibe so well.

What do you wear to work every day? It’s very repetitive – leggings, sneakers, a tee and a sweatshirt. I wear 80 to 90 per cent P.E Nation, especially now that we’re doing more fashion items like tailored trousers, blazers, and tops that you can mix with the active stuff.

What’s your favourite look for an off-duty, casual Sunday? I’ll be barefoot, wearing swimmers, P.E Nation shorts and a Double Rainbouu shirt to the beach.

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