“Originality and innovation is the key factor distinguishing Whistling Woods International School of Fashion and Costume Design’s curriculum”, shared the HOD

“Originality and innovation is the key factor distinguishing Whistling Woods International School of Fashion and Costume Design’s curriculum”, shared the HOD - Jewellyn Alvares

Whistling Woods International has been a leader in film, communication, and creative arts for more than 16 years.

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The Institute’s array of disciplines have positively impacted numerous aspirants seeking creative pursuits, and its alumni are some of the most promising names in the Indian and global media and fashion industry. The Midday team recently caught up with Jewellyn Alvares, HOD, WWI School of Fashion and Costume Design to discuss the school’s unique curriculum and the sought after fashion graduation show, Aiyanna.

How has Aiyanna changed through the years?
The WWI School of Fashion & Costume Design began as a school that grew with its talent. It is more diverse because of the unique sensibilities that students bring to the table. Aiyanna 2022, which will showcase the most recent and best work from the class 2022, will be a feast of visual delights.


What can we expect this year from budding talent? What theme did they work on?
The overarching theme for this year is “The.” ‘Prometheans’Inspired by Prometheus, a Greek God who was innovative and creative, he created this design. Students at WWI School of Fashion & Costume Design are encouraged to push the limits in all areas of fashion, including pattern making, draping and design. Expect to see a mix between very natural, balanced sensibilities and designs that push the envelope through conceptualisation, application, and learning through material exploration, creative pattern making, and creative draping.


How is the programme curriculum designed? Salient features of the curriculum that help the students become industry-ready professionals
Originality and innovation are key to any industry category. This is one of the main driving forces behind the curriculum. Students are encouraged and encouraged to ask the questions ‘What’s new?’ when they embark on a project and strive to answer this question through their process and outcomes. It is important to keep their focus on the target market in order to arrive at the best pricing and positioning strategy. The WWI School of Fashion & Costume Design graduate has the tools to be successful in any industry they choose.


Lastly, why should an aspirant pursue formal education at WWI School of Fashion & Costume Design?
Fashion education is highly competitive, and in today’s time WWI School of Fashion & Costume Design strives to be an institute that offers a team of highly skilled faculty along with an atmosphere and vision of innovation, creativity and quality. Students are encouraged and supported to push their work. At the WWI Fashion & Clothing Design, there is no limit to what they can do in terms of design concepttion and execution.

For those who wish to study full-time, they can visit whistling woods international (2 years) courses offered by the institute, you must pass the upcoming entrance exam.| (4 Years) and MA in Costume Design | (2 Years) courses offered by the institute by undertaking the upcoming entrance examination. 



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