Ocean County History The Oldest Home in Toms River

Ocean County History The Oldest Home in Toms River



We know school is closed for the summer, but we still wanted to share some Ocean County history with our students. This class is held in Toms River. It’s the oldest home of Toms River Township.



One of my favorite subjects in school was history. I love history, and New Jersey has plenty to offer. Ocean County is no exception. Ocean County has a rich history and we love to share it with you.




Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels



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44 East Water Street is the oldest home in Toms River. The Horner House is nearly 200 years old, to be exact it’s 198 years old. Horner House was built 1824. According to Downtown Toms River and their “Hidden History Trail

”After the British destroyed the village in 1782, it took years to rebuild and repopulate the area.  This two-story vernacular* Georgian Revival style house was originally built for Captain Stephen Gulick.  It is named after Joseph Horner who was a local merchant and bought the house. He also made several additions.  Sadly, Horner died before he could live here.”

This is a wonderful piece of history, right here in Toms River County Seat of Ocean. Take a look at this “Hidden History Trail”For more information on history in Toms River, visit Downtown Toms River. It is always fascinating to learn about American history in our communities.

The Horner House is the oldest home in Toms River.


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