New shopping center to bring Hobby Lobby, Ulta, more

New shopping center to bring Hobby Lobby, Ulta, more

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Beaufort shopping center brings Hobby Lobby, Ross and Ulta to the town

The ‘Beaufort Station’ will be located on 31 acres. Four tenants have been announced: Hobby Lobby (Ross Dress for Less), Ulta Beauty, Old Navy, and Ulta Beauty.

east Georgia and the lowcountry. This is W. J. C. L. 22, morning news. You can see us now. It’s a perfect storm that emergency departments are overcrowded. You can see it on W. J. C.L. 22. Morning news. Omar Khan wave warning experts state they are at new heights. New peaks are coming and a pandemic is on the horizon. Amazon, the online retailer, has filed a new lawsuit. The suit was filed by the parents of a victim who was killed in the company’s warehouse. Why they are claiming the company’s valued money over their employees’ lives. Where does voting rights reform go from there? ICSI Diaz in Washington continues to fight on Capitol Hill. There is also an aviation crisis warning for officials of major airlines about the potential dangers of the new five G technology. It’s now six o’clock on Tuesday morning. Here’s a live view from our Skyview 22 camera at the homewood suites along the beautiful savannah. As you can see we have a tugboat and things will be quite nice again. 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Both sides have discussed the possibility of changing the method Congress counts electoral votes in Washington. The senator’s mansion and cinema have a statement about democrats changing the senate rules for voting. The move could backfire later, if republicans regained power and passed their own election laws. Warnings of an omicron wave are now in place, with different parts of America being affected at different times. Britt Conway reports that the U.S. Surgeon General says that a national peak is unlikely for several weeks. Let me give you a snapshot of my shift. There were only 10 nurses left in the emergency department. We had several dozen patients who waited for hours and they just kept coming. It is very disheartening to have had to endure a surge after surge with these patients. It has gotten worse. Covid 19 is still being spread. Hospitals are struggling and omicron hits them with a 12 punch more patients, fewer staff. 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The 26-year old son of one of the victims was killed in December when a tornado struck the Edwardsville Illinois Amazon warehouse. Amazon is accused of failing to protect its workers, placing profit over safety during the holiday rush. Amazon spokesperson said that the company will fight the lawsuit and continue to support employees as well as the families of those who have lost loved ones. OSHA is investigating this collapse. All this is new. Major airlines are warning of a crisis due to new five-G technology. A BCS Alex for Shea spoke to one airline. Ceo says that the impact will be severe this morning. Major airlines warn of a potential catastrophic aviation crisis that could begin tomorrow, when AT and T and Verizon deploy. New five G. Wireless service. Officials from airlines fear that five G signals might interfere with the radar altimeter, which is an instrument that informs pilots how far they’re from the ground. It helps them land in poor vision. 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Beaufort shopping center brings Hobby Lobby, Ross and Ulta to the town

The 31-acre site of ‘Beaufort Station’ is home to four tenants: Hobby Lobby and Ross Dress for Less, Ulta beauty, Ulta Beauty, and Old Navy.

Above video: Your Tuesday headlines“The growth story in Beaufort, and the South Carolina Low Country in general, is just phenomenal,”Trey Morgan, President of Morgan. “We are thrilled to bring a top tier tenant line up to Beaufort, and we’re confident the community will be proud of the project when it’s completed.”Site work is expected in the first quarter 2022. The shopping center will be open to the public in fall 2023.

Above video: Your Tuesday headlines

Beaufort is getting a new shopping center that will bring major big-box retailers to the area.

The City of BeaufortThe Morgan CompaniesTuesday’s announcement stated that a 200,000 square-foot shopping center would soon be built at the corner Robert Smalls Parkway & Parris Island Gateway.


The ‘Beaufort Station’ will be located on 31 acres. Four tenants have been announced: Hobby Lobby (Ross Dress for Less), Ulta Beauty, Old Navy, and Ulta Beauty.

“The growth story in Beaufort, and the South Carolina Low Country in general, is just phenomenal,”Trey Morgan, President of Morgan. “We are thrilled to bring a top tier tenant line up to Beaufort, and we’re confident the community will be proud of the project when it’s completed.”

Site work is expected in the first quarter in 2022. The shopping mall is expected to open to the public in 2023.

Three outbuildings with restaurants are also planned.

More announcements about anchor tenants are expected in the near future.

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