Move over Harry Styles – old rockers do fashion best

Move over Harry Styles – old rockers do fashion best

Harry Styles fans at Madison Square Garden this week might be forgiven for thinking they’d wandered into a Rolling Stones show. The Cheshire-born singer continued to pay tribute to Mick Jagger with his skin-tight lycra, sequins and skin-tight clothes. 

“He’s the coolest man on the planet,”Styles spoke of Jagger. Jagger later responded: “Harry just has a superficial resemblance to my younger self, which is fine – he can’t help that. But he doesn’t have a voice like mine or move on stage.”

Styles isn’t the only modern star emulating rockers of the past. A new breed – among them US actors Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler – might think their renegade attitude to style marks them out as anarchic and original, but their whippet-hipped posturing and gender-fluid flourishes have all been done before. 

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At least Chalamet showed some grace and acknowledged this at the Venice Film Festival. He posted a series of photos of Keith Richards on Instagram. 

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