Models needed for back-to-school fashion show at Aberdeen Mall – Kamloops News

Models needed for back-to-school fashion show at Aberdeen Mall - Kamloops News

Photo by Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

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Hudson’s Bay, Aberdeen Mall is seeking models to take part in a back-to school fashion show this weekend.

Hudson’s Bay in Kamloops’ Aberdeen Mall is on the hunt for models to help showcase back-to-school looks in an upcoming fashion show.

According to a Facebook postThe venue for the fashion show is Aberdeen Mall. It will take place at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27, in the Bay’s menswear section.

“Models will receive a discount on the outfit they wear during the show. If modelling isn’t your thing, be sure to stop by and watch the show,”The post was.

You can find more information about the show, and how to get involved. Aberdeen Mall’s website.


This map shows the location that was included in a severe storm watch Monday.

UPDATE: 5:50 p.m.

Environment Canada has now lifted its thunderstorm advisory, as the storm system has moved through the area.


A severe thunderstorm warning was issued for large areas south of Kamloops, and west of Okanagan Valley.

Environment Canada issued the warningJust before 5 p.m., a storm capable producing extremely strong wind gusts is being tracked through Nicola.

“The severe thunderstorm is located 25 km southeast of Aspen Grove, and is moving northwest at 10 km/h. Areas east of Highway 5A near Allison Creek, Mystery Lake, Summer Creek and Rampart Creek will be affected in the next hour,” Environment Canada said.

Merritt isn’t the only municipality in this warning area. However, it extends close to Kamloops in Canada’s north, to the Brenda Mines region in the east, and to Princeton in the South.

Photo by Contributed

BC Wildfire Service crews responded to a new fire northwest of Cache Creek.

According to the agency, Robertson Creek fire is burning 22 kilometres northwest from Cache Creek. The fire is located less than five kilometers from the Maria Creek fire. was classified as under controlLast week.

The area of the blaze is approximately 2 ha. a BCWS updateAccording to reports, it is currently burning out of control, producing smoke visible from Highway 99 and Highway 97 as well as other nearby communities.

“It is burning Rank 2 and 3, displaying an organized flame front with occasional candling in inaccessible terrain and dense timber,”The update was.

“Personnel will work to establish access to the fire with support from helicopters and air tankers.”


Photo: Kristen Holliday

On Wednesday, August 17, the wildfire at East Meadows Plateau north of Kamloops emitted smoke into the atmosphere. According to the BC Wildfire Service the blaze is currently being held.

The East Meadows Plateau wildfire, which produced plumes visible in Kamloops last Wednesday, is now being classified as being Held.

According to the BC Wildfire Service, a wildfire’s classification will change from out of control to being held once crews have determined the fire isn’t likely to spread past predetermined boundaries under the current conditions.

Shaelee Stewart, BCWS’s fire information officer, stated Monday morning that the blaze was still at 10 hectares. It was located around 20 km north of Kamloops.

“We have 17 people on it today, and there will also once again be a helicopter whenever they might need it on standby for support if necessary,”Stearns stated there were also two water tenders in the area.

Stearns stated that crews would be working on strengthening the fireproofing.

Lightning was believed to have ignited the East Meadows Plateau wildfire less than a week prior.

Photo: Castanet Staff

The City of Kamloops received a $1.5million grant. It promises that it will fund community security initiatives and outreach services for people experiencing homelessness.

Ty Helgason, the city’s social and community development supervisor, told Castanet Kamloops part of the funding will be used to hire approximately three additional Community Service Officers, who will work in tandem with outreach workers from ASK Wellness and Canadian Mental Health Association’s Kamloops Branch.

The cost of the pilot program for CSO Outreach and Response is estimated at approximately $468,000 council approved the grant application in the springThis website provides information and access for those who aren’t sheltered.

Helgason stated in press release that all programs that were funded by the $1.5million grant will be funded. “address urgent and immediate community needs related to homelessness in Kamloops.”

“It will allow us to continue to work collaboratively with local service providers to increase public safety and provide direct services, such as transportation, peer support and employment, to those experiencing homelessness,”Helgason stated that in a statement.

Sharps Recovery Peer Program is another initiative that will be funded. This program provides community security services and continues the shuttle to shelters.

According to city officials the funds will also serve to facilitate community meetings among social services agencies, Indigenous group representatives, representatives of neighbourhoods and business, government officials and other representatives from the city.

The city announced that a portion of the grant would go towards creating educational videos featuring homeless people or those currently living without shelter. This will reduce stigma.

Mayor Ken Christian stated that the funding will be used to address homelessness. “are designed to be able to wind down or transition to other funding sources over time.”

“They have been prioritized based on consultation with social and safety service providers, businesses, community representatives and frontline staff,”Christian said.

The Strengthening Community Service Program, administered by Union of BC Municipalities for federal and provincial governments, made the $1.5 million grant possible.

Sydney Chisholm

Kamloops’ distillery owner anticipates an increase in sales due to local liquor makers continuing to picket BC Liquor Distribution Centres. This could cause some product shortages at liquor shops.

Since the strike by government workers started on Monday, B.C.’s Liquor Distribution Branch has imposed limitsSome types of alcohol can’t be sold in government-run outlets. These restrictions will continue for as long as there are pickets around BC Liquor Distribution Branch wholesalers at Delta, Richmond Kamloops, and Victoria.

Red Bridge Distilling’s co-owner Richard Bugera stated that the company is making more product in anticipation for sales picking up.

“We’ve already been warned that we can probably expect a rush in the next week or so,” Bugera told Castanet Kamloops.

“Right now, everybody is mostly stocked,”He said.

“But last Friday was the cutoff for new shipments.”

Imported liquor and major brands must be cleared through liquor distribution warehouses, but many local distillers and liquor producers can sell their product directly at restaurants or liquor shops.

Customers can also buy directly from the producers. That’s why Bugera said the current strike won’t affect Red Bridge product.

“We were a little bit surprised. But for ourselves, we weren’t overly worried because none of our product actually goes to the liquor warehouse,” Bugera said.

“We do our own direct distribution to all of our vendors and restaurants.”

According to the distillery owner he believes more people and businesses will turn to local producers for liquor.

“We actually had a restauranteur come to us at the farmers market, where they said that they were not going to be able to get some of their products they would normally get, and were happy that they could buy from us directly — put that on their shelves,” Bugera said.

He stated that he hopes people will continue to shop locally, even after the strike ends.

“We’re happy that more people may have had a chance to try our products where they normally would just buy what they normally buy,” Bugera explained.

“Especially when it comes to some of the bars and restaurants, and be a way for them to try our products.”

British Columbians have many options for purchasing local liquor products. There are more then 30 distillers, 180 licensed breweries, as well as 370 licensed wineries.

Bugera said B.C. may have it a little easier than other provinces that don’t allow direct distribution.

He said that last year, when supply chain problems were severed, he saw more people taking advantage local production.

Though local distillers aren’t able produce liquor at the same cost as bigger companies, Bugera is hoping people will see the value in a locally crafted product.

“Especially as a craft distiller, we have to do all of our own fermentation and distillation on site, as opposed to some of the larger manufacturers that will actually bring in a pre-made alcohol and then just flavour it, bottle it and send it out,”He said.

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Photo by City Of Kamloops

A rendering of a proposed eight-unit community of townhouses on Eighth Avenue and Nicola Street in downtown Kamloops.

Kamloops city council approved rezoning to allow for eight-unit townhouse development in downtown Kamloops.

The vote was held after a public hearing, which took place on August 16.

A spokesperson from BlackOak Developments — a local company contracted to help build the multi-family residential project on behalf of Kamloops-based 3 BBB Group — attended the public hearing, saying the housing developmentKamloops is experiencing a greater demand for larger rental properties.

“We feel that the three and four bedroom is a huge asset to not only the direct neighbourhood but the city as a whole, to give people that option of rental,”According to the spokesperson.

A report prepared by council stated that the three-storey, eight-unit rental townhouse development would cover two lots at 565 Eighth Avenue or 585 Eighth Avenue. These lots are located at Northeast Corner of Eighth Street & Nicola Street.

The development will consist in two fourplexes that will replace two single family houses.

According to the report pedestrian walkways lead from the front doors of the unit to Nicola Street and to the sidewalk.

Two garages will be available for parking at each unit’s ground floor. They can be accessed by a private lane off Eighth Avenue.

Council was informed by the developer that each garage will have an electric car charger and that the building’s design was intended to protect privacy for both direct neighbours as well as building residents.

Coun. Denis Walsh stated he wanted to “give kudos”Thank you to the developer who took into account feedback from neighbours during other public hearings.

“I think they’ve taken a lot of consideration in this plan in that neighbourhood that we’ve heard in previous public hearings, and they’ve addressed some of those issues. So I just thank them for the design,”Walsh stated.

One piece of correspondence addressed to the city expressed concerns about street parking availability as well as the architecture of the buildings.

During the public hearing, another resident asked if there were two-car garages for the units, given the building’s height.

Council voted 8 to 1 to approve the necessary zoning amendment to move forward with the project.

Coun. Mike O’Reilly was not present for the vote, having declared a conflict of interest as he lives near the site of the development.

Photo: Kristen Holliday

Looking east from Thompson Rivers University.

Kamloops is likely to experience more summer heat. The weather system could bring clouds or showers to the week’s beginning.

Gregg Walters, meteorologist for Environment Canada, said daytime high temperatures will hover around the low 30’s this week, with overnight lows dipping between 16 C and 19 C.

“Typical summer weather, for the most part. The average high temperature is about five to seven degrees more than normal. It’s not unusual at this time of year to get a late bit of heat in the last part of August,” Walters said.

Environment Canada says that a weather system is expected through Kamloops at week’s beginning.

“We’re also seeing a fair bit of sun, there is some instability in the air,” Walters said.

Walters stated that Monday will have more clouds in the afternoon and showers Monday night.

Monday’s high temperature is expected to be 32 C during the day and 19 C at night.

“Monday night into Tuesday [there] might be a little bit more cloud coming in. Once again, sort of looking at it, a chance of showers or a risk of a thunderstorm as well. And then once we get into Wednesday and beyond, it looks to be fairly sunny,” Walters said.

Environment Canada reports Tuesday’s temperature will be 31 C.

Walters stated that sunny skies with warm temperatures are expected to continue Saturday and Sunday.

Photo by RCMP

Darcy Kristopher L’Hirondelle

After pleading guilty to charges stemming out of a sexual assault, a Kamloops man will spend more than 10 years in prison. “truly terrifying”2021 break-in at Lillooet. He cut the power to a residence and then broke in with a baseball bat.

Darcy Kristopher L’Hirondelle, 34, pleaded guilty in Kamloops provincial court on Thursday to three charges stemming from a string of offences last year.

Court heard that the burglary occurred on April 9, 2021 at a Lillooet home on Main Street.

Crown prosecutor Evan Goulet said the home’s occupant, a single woman in her 60s, was awoken at about 3 a.m. by her dog barking. She went to investigate, and discovered a dark figure in her home.

“At that point, she realized there was somebody in her house standing by the front door — a tall man dressed in black with a mask on,”Goulet said.

“He looked at her, he had a bat in his hands, and he said, ‘Where are your car keys?’”

Goulet claimed that the woman shouted at him to leave, and he fled by foot.

The woman realized that her house had no electricity or phone connection when she tried to call police. She had to go to a neighbour’s house to call 911.

“Not only did he break into this woman’s home, he cut the power, he had a mask on and he had a weapon,”Goulet said.

Goulet claims that the woman described the incident like this “truly terrifying”She said that she has had difficulty sleeping since then.

“She says the image of having a stranger standing inside her home, in the dark, with a bat is one that she will never forget,”He said.

Defence lawyer Courtney McLaughlin said drug addiction cost L’Hirondelle his construction job in 2019.

She claimed that he was in Lillooet helping two of his friends with a job last spring. When his friends were arrested, she said, L’Hirondelle found himself stranded and was trying desperately to get back to Kamloops.

“He does admit that being around this culture of substance use leads him to poor decision making,”She spoke.

Court heard L’Hirondelle was granted bail on the Lillooet charges following his arrest with a condition requiring he undergo treatment at Vision Quest. He ran from the staff and made it to the facility, where he later overdosed.

In addition to the break-in charge, L’Hirondelle also pleaded guilty to one count of possessing an identity document and one count of failure to report to a probation officer.

McLaughlin offered a sentence of imprisonment for Goulet, which was in the nine-to 12-month range. L’Hirondelle has been in custody since January.

Judge Roy Dickey of Kamloops Provincial Court called the circumstances for the break-in “concerning.”

“There was a significant impact to the victim, as one would expect, when you wake up to find a gentleman in the middle of the night inside your house armed with a bat,”He said.

Dickey sentenced L’Hirondelle to 10.5 months in prison, making it a time-served sentence with two-for-one credit for time served awaiting sentencing. The judge also placed L’Hirondelle on a year-long probation order with conditions requiring he stay away from the victim and attend counselling and treatment as directed by his probation officer.

L’Hirondelle was also ordered to submit a sample of his DNA to a national criminal database.

Photo: Castanet Staff

After arresting a man riding a stolen bicycle, the Kamloops police claim they have recovered property from a Dufferin burglary.

Mounties received a report from the 1300-block Prairie Rose Drive on Aug. 13. A suspect entered an unlocked car and used a keyfob to get into a garage.

According to police, several items were stolen including a bicycle, sunglasses, and a backpack. The suspect’s image was captured on video and sent to the other Mounties.

Last Sunday, police said that an officer located a suspect riding the stolen bicycle and arrested him.

According to RCMP, the suspect has been taken into custody with the expected charges after the investigation was over. The bike, sunglasses, fob and fob were returned by the owner.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged call Kamloops RCMP.

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