Mira Mariah is a fashion illustrator turned tattoo artist that is on a mission to help girls feel more beautiful

Mira Mariah is a fashion illustrator turned tattoo artist that is on a mission to help girls feel more beautiful


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Mira Mariah (@girlknewyork) believes that everyone deserves to feel beautiful! That’s why Mira became a tattoo artist, magazine publisher, and “girl culture expert”Mira has made it her mission for women to feel glamorous and comfortable in their skin. Mira specializes on feminine tattoos inspired from fashionIllustrations and a magazine dedicated celebrating different types of art. beauty!

Mira was a keen artist and aesthetician from a young age. “I wanted my room to be gorgeous, I wanted to be gorgeous, I wanted to make gorgeous arts and crafts,”She tells In The Know. “I started drawing when I was really young. It was my favorite thing to do. When I graduated high school, I went to The Fashion Institute of Technology and spent some time in fashion.”

Mira discovered tattoo art while attending college. She was disappointed at the limited options for tattoo designs. “I wanted these tattoos that were so feminine and so girly and I wasn’t finding artists whose art was naturally what I was looking for,” Mira recalls.

After working as an illustratorMira worked in the fashion industry for many years before she decided to change careers and become a tattoo artist. Her goal was create feminine, girly tattoos. “I saw this void. I wanted these girly tattoos and didn’t know where to get them,”She explains. “I realized maybe that was my calling.”

Mira began to create her own designs after she had been trained by a tattoo artist. “My tattoos are recognizable by their continuous single line aesthetic, or the appearance that they kind of look like a fashion illustration, because I was a fashion illustrator for so long,”She explains. “A beauty treatment is anything that makes you feel more beautiful, so I definitely think a tattoo can fall into that.”

Mira believes so tattoosThey are more that body decorations. They allow women to have control over their bodies and their decisions. Tattoos, for Mira, represent freedom. “So many things happen to a woman’s body that they don’t necessarily make that decision for,” Mira explains. “Tattoos allow women to have agency and make a permanent decision about the way that their body is going to look and feel for the rest of their life, and I think that’s really empowering.”

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Mira is not only a tattoo artist, but she also publishes a beauty magazine called Knew York Rag. “Its purpose is to fill your mind with beauty and humor and inspiration and all my favorite things,”She explains. “Part of my inspiration for making the magazine was a little bit to make fun of the strict standards of beauty that the magazines I was reading were advertising. So in our magazine, there’s fake advertisements for a kind of beauty that might come from within.”

Mira’s goal is to show women that there are many different ways to feel beautiful. Mira believes that women can feel beautiful from the outside, and vice versa. “I really feel that it is my mission to find girls and help them feel more beautiful,”She says. “When we’re able to see ourselves in a more romantic and beautiful light, we can be more beautiful in our actions, in the way we speak to others, and we can be more welcoming to each other now that our heart is healed and happy.”

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