Mindy Kaling says writing ‘Legally Blonde 3’ has been ‘so scary’

Mindy Kaling says writing 'Legally Blonde 3' has been 'so scary'


Mindy Kaling may be the owner of her media empire, but even she can be intimidated.

In an interview with TODAY, she explained why she wrote the screenplay for the third movie. “Legally Blonde”Film has been stressful.

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Sally Field and Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon was the star of the original 2001 romantic comedy. Elle Woods, a California sorority girls, attempted to save her love life by following her boyfriend, Harvard Law School. She doesn’t love the guy (at least not the original boyfriend), but she does find a passion for law and is able to graduate at the top of her class and become a lawyer. Woods’ first trip to Washington, D.C. is shown in the second film. She works for a congresswoman, and tries for a bill that bans animal tests, in honor her dog Bruiser’s mom.

Coolidge (left) and Witherspoon appear as their characters Paulette Bonafonté and Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde.” Alamy Stock Photo

Kaling, who spoke to TODAY during an event sponsored in part by Zelle promote a summer cash giveaway, is currently working on the screenplay “Brooklyn 99” “Parks and Recreation” alum Dan Goor. She stated that they will submit a draft to Witherspoon in the summer.

“You know, it’s it’s one of those projects where it takes longer than other things because we just don’t want to mess it up,” She spoke. “The character is so beloved.”

Kaling stated that she has been with Witherspoon since in “places like Wellington, New Zealand, and have people come up to her quoting ‘Legally Blonde.'”

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“She’ll go to all over the world and it’s such an iconic character,” She spoke. “So I when I see that, of course it is so scary. It’s like her ‘Avengers’ character.”

“I just don’t want to mess it up.”

She said that she and Goor had been just “trying to honor the character” and are also working to make sure Jennifer Coolidge’s iconic character, Paulette Bonafonté, also has “an awesome part.”

“I think it’s an intimidating project for us to work on,” She laughed.

Kaling stated that the film will be about Witherspoon’s positive, pink-loving Woods of the present. She didn’t reveal any details beyond to say that we’ll be watching how the fashion merchandiser major turned lawyer turned out.

“We’re interested in seeing what Elle Woods was like now that she is 40,”She spoke. “Like, what is her life now?”

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