Men’s Style and Grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Look good & feel better

Men’s Style and Grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Look good & feel better

The lead look can be decoded

Best Choice

39" Slick wool wrap coat with exaggerated collar and tie belt

Adjustable button closure
Body welt pockets
Fully lined with logo lining
special size type: standard
weave type: Woven

Best Choice

Mackage Women's Trish Mid-Length Down Coat with Fur Hood

Long down coat with Asiatic raccoon and rabbit fur on hood with asymmetrical zipper

Zip-front coat featuring fur-lined convertible hood and fleece-lined hand pockets
Leather trim on back waistband

Best Choice

Keep you deliciously warm in the icy days of winter, in great style!

Full Length Mink Fur Coat with Shawl Collar & Bracelet Cuffs (Demi Buff, XS)
Fully lined with silk/polyester blend lining
Hook & eye snap front closures
Made in Greece

Hair: Medium length around, neatly combed, and styled in place.

Brows: Natural.

Face: Clear, smooth and clean skin

Lips: Thick, supple and fresh.

He is wearing: A striking, handcrafted, custom-made, mulberry silk bandhgala, with coordinated pants (By eleven Brothers). This set will make your stand out from the crowd and is my choice for you. ‘must have’For the festive and wedding season.

Look good


This kit includes a cleanser, oil, serum, and mask that are all natural and effective. It is ideal for creating a transformative skincare routine. (By Nourishmantra)

Step 1: Make a face mask. Apply a thin paste to the face and let it dry for between 10-12 minutes. It is best to wash it off to reveal a clean, tight, bright and healthy skin. If your skin feels dry, apply a moisturiser. This is normal and to be expected.

Frequency: Once a week.

Step 2: Use a face scrub. Moisten the skin, then gently rub all over – especially the forehead and nose (but avoiding the eyes) and then wash. You will be amazed to see your skin without blackheads, whiteheads and looking both buffed and polished.

Frequency: Twice weekly.

Step 3: Apply a toner or cleanser. Use a few drops of the toner on cotton and wipe. This will remove any dirt, oil, or surface oil and unclog your pores.

Frequency: Twice weekly.

Grooming tip: All three can be done together on the same day. Your skincare routine may be done in AM or PM. I believe that most grooming routines should be completed before bedtime to allow your skin enough time to heal.


Step 1: Try a different style! To avoid the rush at the salon, cut your hair ahead of time. Trim your beard. Clean, well-groomed hair is back and will be around for a while. Oiling your scalp once a week is a good idea.

This shampoo, conditioner, and oil with nourishing date seed oil are great for strengthening your hair and adding shine to it. (By Crazy Owl)

Step 2: In addition to regularly using a shampoo and conditioner, apply a serum overnight to your hair and scalp. Select a serum that addresses your main hair concern: greying, dry, damaged, weathered, or undernourished hair.

This great hair care kit includes a conditioner, shampoo, massager, and serum that are all ginger-based to restore lifeless, dry hair. (By The Body Shop).

Step 3: Change to a traditional and organic scalp and hair care regime. Most ancient rituals and ingredients are effective, time-tested and non-reactive. However, it is important that you always test new products before using them or applying them directly.

The hair (and body care range of traditional and powerful oils and cleansers is a great way to pamper your hair and skin. The Tribe Concepts’ head-to toe care kit

Grooming tip: Pay more attention to the quality of your hair and less on its texture (straight, curly, curly, or curly) and density (thin or dense).


Step 1: Use a mild, gentle face wash or shower gel that cleans well.

This set of four bath and body products is energizing and includes a shampoo, body wash, face wash, and EDT. They work well and smell great. (By PHY)

Step 2 – Pamper yourself at your spa or poolside (before it gets too cold in winter). A good massage or a good dip can do wonders both for your mind as well as your body. For best results, follow an oil massage with a steam. Or leave the oil on for a few more hours to penetrate the skin. Always shower after a swim in order to remove chlorinated or chemically treated water.

Nothing better than a highly absorbent personal bathrobe which doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s at a public pool or spa. Wrapping Happiness offers a soft, personalized swimming robe with your name embossed on it.

Step 3: Choose your favorite fragrance. Winter woody, musk, and spice-based fragrances are good choices. Use generously, after every shower, and before you go out of the home.

These three long-lasting fragrances are suitable for a variety occasions, including day (wildblue), evening (golden sandy sands) or special occasions (shootingstar). (By Upsilon)

Grooming Tip – Prepare your body for winter. This is the time to prepare your skin for the cold and dry months ahead. To prevent your skin from feeling dry and looking dull, you should be extra careful about moisturizing and nourishing it.

Best Choice

Limited Lifetime Nobis Warranty,Premium Canadian Origin White Duck Down for ultimate warmth

Sympatex membrane laminated
Seam seal construction
Windproof and waterproof (10,000mm) - Breathable (10,000mm) outer shell


Step 1: Choose a colour that’s different from your regular palette. Try bold or deep tones that you might not otherwise wear. Jewel tones such topaz, emerald and coral are great options. They can be both festive and dressy.

This festive kurta in cold jewel-tones is perfect for brightening any occasion. Fabindia – Blue viscose blended slim fit kurta

How to wear colour: Pastels can be worn with almost any skin tone. Warm colours are best for people with dusky complexions. Cold colours work well for pale skin tones.

Step 2: Get out that special outfit. Make sure it is clean and well ironed. I recommend traditional prints, motifs and embroidery as well as metallic embellishments. This could be worn on ethnic wear, or a shawl that keeps your body warm as the weather changes.

This elegant and regal fine wool scarf will make heads turn. It will also keep you warm. Pashtush ethnic full-size lohi shawl

How to drape a Shawl: There are two options. You can drape your shawl either over one shoulder or wrap it around both shoulders. The shawl should not be shorter than the knee. Shorter shawls though more versatile, can be worn as scarves and should therefore be draped – either over the shoulder or around the neck and head.

Step 3: Choose a silhouette that highlights your body and builds. You can choose from a slim, snug fit or a structured but relaxed fit depending on your personal preferences. You can experiment with cut sleeves jackets. They look sharp and are compatible with all body types.

This smart, structured jacket with metal buttons is perfect for casual or semi-formal settings. (Cut sleeve classic bundi jacket in denim by Arjun Khanna)

How to wear a cut sleeves jacket: They can be worn with jeans, trousers, or pants. You can wear a kurta, a sleeved shirt, or a top underneath the jacket. You can contrast the jacket’s color with the rest.

Style tip: Always dress according to the time of day and the occasion. This is especially important for festive seasons, when there may be variations between day- and evening engagements, casual or formal settings.


Step 1: Select one statement piece that will grab the attention or start a conversation. These could be buttons or socks. Your man bug must be lightweight, functional, and practical.

This multi-purpose, urban briefcase bag with multiple pockets and compartments is designed to maximize tech functionality. DailyObjects smart multipocket briefcase bag

Step 2: For men’s jewellery, less is always more. I prefer white metal to gold because it looks more sophisticated and suits most Indian skin tones. Dress your wrist or neck with a scarf.

Step 3: Match your footwear with your outfit. Traditional clothing requires coordinated shoes. Anything else will make you look strange and out of place. Wear black with dark colors and brown for pastels, creams and beige.

A smart pair of peshawari’s to dress your feet and complete your traditional look. Jaypore offers soft, high quality traditional leather footwear in black or brown.

Feel good

Style + Life

Step 1: Now is the time to dress up your home, work space, or both. Go buy that statement home décor piece: a decorative piece, vase, installation, or artwork.

This Leopard décor piece will look both powerful and masculine on your coffee or side table, ledge and mantlepiece. Pure Home + Living – Black leopard resin figurine

Step 2: Add an item to your home. This could be a carpet or quilt, a lamp, installation, or furniture. This should be placed in the best spot. It will be highlighted with the right lighting. You can also upgrade your serveware for the bar and dining table.

This rich and artistic coffeetable is made from a 100 year old Mahogany piece. The wood was then soaked and then resin coated. Cinnamon Homes Wood & Metal Coffee Table
Make a statement and entertain guests with eye-catching earthen serving ware. Thevasa’s stylish, handcrafted ivory white and pastel-blue stoneware dinner set is elegant.

Step 3: Last but certainly not least, find a sleek, functional gadget (a good sound system or tablet, high-tech TV, laptop / tablet and gaming console, vacuum cleaner or phone) that you have been lusting after and are looking to buy. You should prioritize functionality over brand names, and find what works for you and your lifestyle.

This space-saving, multi-device, tangle-free charging station is one station that allows you to charge your phone and earbuds as well as your smartwatch. Croma’s 3 in 1 wireless charging pad

Lifestyle Tip Always look for pieces and products that make a statement, add style to your space.

The author is a stylist, trainer, and image consultant.

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