Mario Golf: Super Rush – The 10 Best Outfits

Mario Golf: Super Rush - The 10 Best Outfits

The popular Nintendo Switch sports game Mario Golf: Super Rush gives players the option to choose from 16 different iconic characters in the Super Mario World, all of which come with their own unique outfits. Yoshi, Kong and Boo may not be able to wear stylish outfits on the course, but Toadette and Toadette are more than willing to put forth the effort to look good while on the green.

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Find out which Mario Golf Super Rush outfits stand out with colorful accessories like visors and cleats, clubs and gloves, jewelry, hats and belt buckles.



Luigi's outfit displayed on Mario Golf: Super Rush

Luigi is neck and neck with Mario for sartorial supremacy, but his brother Mario is slightly ahead for a few subtle reasons. First, notice how Luigi wears a high collar. This shows a level of confidence that borders upon arrogance. Mario is too humble to indulge in such shenanigans.

Luigi’s green outfit is a perfect match for the rolling green hills and grassy fairways on the course, making it feel like he is at home in this natural environment. Even more subtle, his hat brim is blue and matches his blue belt. His cleats match the green, white, and blue.


Bowser holds a golf club for Mario Golf: Super Rush

Bowser Jr. is right to be admired for his stylish golf outfit. But, his father goes beyond the call. Bowser is busier than most and wears a collared, black golf shirt, red and dark pants, and two spiky, metal bracelets on both his arms that give him a raw-hewn, death-metal look.

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Bowser’s outfit is dominated by the cool red and black color combination he uses with his fiery visor and two-toned pants. He also has a matching driving club. His shiny bracelets and his metal belt and cleats reflect his style and function, like a boss.

King Bob-omb

King Bob-omb's outfit displayed on Mario Golf: Super Rush

King Bob-omb, who is first seen in the series, makes a strong impression with his rutilant furniture. The King is adorned with a shiny gold crown with red rubies, giant matching golf spikes with funny curled tips, and a tiny, rutilant-gold crown.

King Bob-omb, despite his previous appearances, adds to the striking ensemble with a black-and-gold golf club that accentuates him royal look. All hail the King indeed!

Mayor Pauline

Pauline's outfit displayed on Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mayor Pauline, who is also playable in the series for the first-time, swaps her stunning ruby red gown for a professional version on the golf course. Mayor Pauline looks stunning in Mario Golf: Super Rush. She wears a red and yellow zip-up vest, with a high collar and matching throwback cap. She is both sophisticated and casual all at once.

Mayor Pauline looks professional and ready to take on even the most skilled golfers with her sleek black pants. Only thing that is slightly off is her purple belt. Other than that, these outfits are what make Super Rush the best Mario Golf game.


Toadette floats over the city on Mario Golf: Super Rush

Toadette’s adorable outfit is a long pigtail tied in large pink and white knots. It resembles her trademark mushroom insignia. Her beautiful pink and white dress complements her hair color perfectly, as does her pink driver and golf club.

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Toadette looks almost as stylish as her boyfriend, Toad. Toadette’s clunky brown shoes are a disappointment, especially since they don’t appear to have spikes to grip the grass.

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Princess Daisy

Daisy swings a club in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Princess Peach is narrowly beaten by Princess Daisy. This is primarily due to the bedazzled accentuation Princess Daisy adds in her striking golf outfit. Daisy is wearing a white miniskirt and yellow lining with turquoise jewels that bounce off of her yellow golf shirt. She also has turquoise flower earrings and a crown pendant.

The coordination doesn’t end there. Daisy wears a tan belt, which matches her unique knee high socks, glove, gloves, and earth-toned, golf spikes. This is a royal image that she knows she must uphold, and she does so with the highest style. Daisy even has a fleck or turquoise on her golf club to emphasize this point.


Waluigi's outfit displayed in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Waluigi looks like he just stepped out of a 1930s movie about a gangster. Waluigi’s most stylish outfit is a matching purple fedora paired with a red rose.

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Waluigi wears traditional, but curled-tipped, purple- and white golf spikes that match his glove and golf club. However, he is one of the most stylish players on the greens.


Wario's outfit displayed on Mario Golf: Super Rush

Wario’s extravagant purple and yellow checkered outfit in the game is the most ostentatious. Wario’s master plan is to distract rivals with his clothing. His egregiously mismatched, curly green shoes will do the trick.

Wario completes his bizarre and strange outfit with a color-coordinated cowboy cap and a black glove lining that bounces off his bushy eyebrows. Wario is as wild as they come. His eccentric style only adds to his wild personality. We hope Wario will wear this outfit in the Mario movie.


Toad's outfit displayed in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Toad is undoubtedly the most stylish male character in Mario Golf Super Rush. Toad is wearing a combination of the complete package, which also pays homage at Payne Stewart’s passing, in a two-toned button-up blue vest with a sharp red bowtie. He also has immaculate white pants. This is how golfers looked during its heyday.

Toad’s round mushroom head is cuter than ever. He wears a ill-fitting traditional golfer’s blue and yellow cap over his trademark round mushroom head. The yellow parts of his hat are matched with the yellow laces on his blue and white shoes, which also perfectly compliments his blue and white glove.


Rosalina's outfit displayed in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Rosalina, a Mario spinoff character, has a stunning aquamarine blouse, miniskirt and matching leggings. This outfit is complete thanks to her accessorized magic, which she uses to match her color-coded club. Her gold-star Wand matches her star-shaped pendant, earrings, gold crown, and star-shaped necklace. Rosalina’s natural eye color is identical to her shirt, shoes and glove.

Rosalina is the most disarming of all the players, with her wand being responsible for the special shot that turns golf balls in to star fragments on impact.

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