MAJOR LEAGUE FOOTBALL INC Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (form 10-Q)

MAJOR LEAGUE FOOTBALL INC Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results
of Operations (form 10-Q)


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The following discussion contains forward looking statements. The following words are intended to be taken as a warning.
“anticipate,” “believe,” “expect,” “plan,” “intend,” “estimate,” “project,”
“will,” “could,” “may”Similar expressions are used to identify.
forward-looking statements. These statements reflect the current views of our Company
Future events and financial performance may be affected and there are risks
uncertainties. Uncertainties and risks.
If the assumptions were incorrect, the actual results could be materially different.
Negatively to those expected, believed, anticipated, planned, intended
It is possible to estimate, project, or indicate other information. Readers are not to place undue
These forward-looking statements should not be relied upon.

The following discussion should not be taken as a complete list.
In conjunction with the unaudited financial statements of our Company and the notes

Plan of Operation

The Company plans to create, develop, and manage a company. Major League Football
(“MLFB”) as a professional Spring/Summer football League with 4 initial
Franchises in cities that are largely overlooked by existing professionals
Sports leagues provide high-quality players and competition for fans.
NFL’s off-season. Major League Football, Inc. (the “Company,” “we,” “us”Or
“our”) plans to establish, develop, and operate Major League Football (“MLFB”)
A professional Spring football League, with 4 initial Franchises.
Cities are often overlooked by professional sports leagues.
Provide fans with high-quality players as well as competition in the NFL’s off-season.
Our plan, which was started in June 2022The initial teams would be
Located in Ohio, Virginia, Arkansas, Texas. Our spring play
Schedule avoids all competition from the NFL and colleges and these are initial
Cities share a passion for football and stadium venues.
Our fans will enjoy an exceptional viewing experience at a reasonable price because of its size
Rental cost to MLFB All potential venues have high-quality equipment
Multi-platform media transmission allows us to broadcast all of our games on multiple platforms
Multi-levels of technology today.

We began football training camp operations in June 2022Camp start
Datum of July 18, 2022It was located at Ladd-Peebles StadiumIn Mobile,
. The training camp included the initial four teams.
More than 260 potential coaches and players. Transport was included in the camp.
Certain football equipment from a TexasPurchase of new items and warehouse
equipment. However, the stadium lease negotiations were delayed significantly.
The Company was not able to get additional funding from a planned lender due to delays
Registration statement. The Company was funding operations at the training camp
Convertible promissory Notes and common stock are both sold
an existing Regulation A offer. The delay caused the Company to experience a
Significant cash flow problem with the payment for hotels and other training camp expenses
Operating expenses. The Company therefore closed the training camp. July
29, 2022
. The Company has a
Significant amount of outstanding accounts due at July 31, 2022You can find the
Company is committed to paying all amounts.

We have started planning for a full football season in spring 2023.
Start a training camp April 2023Enjoy games starting in May June 2023
A championship game was held in July 2023.

MLFB intends to be a conduit to develop players, coaches and officials.
We are scouts, coaches, and all other areas that the NFL requires today. We
NFL representatives will also be able to view our team practices.
You can view game footage, practice tapes, or talk with league coaches, officials, and other team officials.
staff. We believe this will help our league to be recognized and demonstrate.
Our economic model and the desire of spring football by the market.

Table of Contents

In March 2020, World Health OrganizationThe novel strain of
Coronavirus (COVID-19), which is a pandemic worldwide, is recommended containment.
There are many mitigation measures in place around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic continued.
To spread, various state and local governments have issued and extended
“shelter-in-place” orders. The pandemic caused severe
Disruptions in the global economy or financial markets could cause disruptions.
Cause widespread business continuity problems of unknown magnitude

The financial and operational impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are yet to be determined.
It is difficult to predict and impossible to predict the duration.
The economic disruption was severe. Government restrictions and stimulus were also necessary.
Social distancing and phased opening of economies are not considered to have an impact.
The impact this could have on the Company, its financial situation, and its results
operations. We believe that the coronavirus epidemic has not caused any problems.
This has a significant impact on our financial position and the results of operations
time, the potential economic impacts of the coronavirus epidemic,
The ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty in the global economy may exacerbate the situation.
Conflict between RussiaAnd UkraineIt is difficult to predict or assess the future. There are many factors that can affect the effectiveness of your predictive modeling.
We may have to adjust our plans due to developments beyond our control.
Operating plans. We cannot reasonably expect to be able to provide operating plans due to the nature of the situation.
Estimate the financial impact of the coronavirus epidemic on our financial situation
Future cash flows and results of operations

The report covers the period in which inflation increased and is expected to continue.
to maintain or increase at an elevated level in the near future.
Inflation affects us all by increasing the cost of our football operations
expenses that include professional fees. We do
We don’t believe inflation has had any material impact on our results of operation
During the three-month period ended July 31, 2022.

On September 7, 2022The Company announced that it had signed two Common Stock
Purchase Agreements up to $2,500,000Each or $5,000,000 combined. The
The Company’s ability to access funds from both agreements is dependent on
The Company files and obtains approval for a Form S-1 Registration Declaration
With the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). As previously announced
The Company continues to move forward with plans and actions to pay all incurred obligations
While preparing for a full spring football season in 2023. The key management
The Company’s team is still intact and dedicated to achieving this goal. Additionally,
The Company continues to discuss these agreements with other parties.
parties to possible funding. Common Stock Purchase Agreements
The approval of the Form S-1 registration statement is conditional.
It is dependent on the timeframe and process of what you are doing.
The SEC. This could mean that we might not be able achieve these capital-raising goals.
If the capital required is not available in the proposed funding, the objectives will be met.
The Company could delay or cancel the 2023 spring football season.
It will not happen.

Single Entity Structure

We plan to operate the league as a single entity, stand-alone.
Independent sports league. The design of Major
League Soccer
(MLS), where a single entity owns and operates all the sports leagues.
Its teams. This corporate structure has many compelling advantages.

    ·   Centralized contracting for 'players' services for controlled payrolls
Without violating antitrust law
    ·   Greater parity among teams
    ·   Focus on the bottom line
    ·   Controlled costs

Table of Contents

Management believes that this structure will promote efficiency.
Depoliticizing decisions regarding league policies and allowing them to be made
It will be done with consistency and in a timely way. You will achieve economies of scale
By centralizing contract negotiations, and handling business affairs in one place
League office to ensure that all teams are united in their efforts
decision-making. We expect teams to operate within this structure.
The league’s best interests are paramount

MLFB Market Opportunity

MLFB aims to create a brand that is fun, exciting, and affordable.
Interactive and interactive, but consumers also get real value for their money
sports dollars. MLFB will highlight the fans’ access team members and coaches.
League officials and other fans. The ticket pricing for MLFB will be a
Only a fraction of the established professional leagues, such as the NBA, MLB, NHL, etc.
NFL) will strive to provide its fans with unsurpassed value-added
Experience for their entertainment dollar.

We will not locate any teams due to the carefully planned study.
In any of the established NFL cities, and more importantly, in any Major League Baseball
Cities avoid in-season competition with established sports and thus can avoid direct competition
entity. By positioning teams to be in prime emerging and under-represented market
All 48 states in the contiguous 48 (including teams in well-respected)
Our research reveals which metropolitan areas are most football-friendly in the country.
It is possible to find exciting sports entities like Major League FootballWill be
All sports fans in the US see them as positive. Equal or greater
It is important to Major League FootballBoth are well-established and continue to be so
These exciting new markets will finally allow peripheral football fans to enjoy their favorite sport.
You have the chance to establish your own sports identity while at the same time.
While encouraging strong community pride,

Lastly, MLFB’s long-term vision is to keep a positive working environment.
Relationship with the NFL. Its ultimate purpose is to function independently.
Stand-alone entity that captures all sports content during offseason.
We believe that the economic model was flawed. However, the professional Alliance
American Football
League-wide average attendance was 15,000 fans for all teams
per game and television ratings comparable with the NBA. Similar statistics were reported by the XFL
Positive attendance during its five game season.

MLFB will use a comprehensive marketing strategy to communicate its message
This includes both traditional and new media channels. Marketing at MLFB
Plans are expected create multiple revenue streams and to engage sports fans
Over a variety of media. Specifically, MLFB aims to create a wide-reaching network.
Internet and mobile strategy that will be the backbone for its marketing
strategy. This will include the development of a mobile initiative where fans can
You can interact with the league’s players, coaches, and fans by using their website.
mobile phones while still taking advantage the player’s name recognition
It comes with fantasy football.

MLFB plans to also create an interactive website that features a social media component.
Podcasts, live video, networking, and many other features. This new media is also available
Strategy and cross promotions will be an important part the MLFB’s
marketing strategy. MLFB plans collaboration with businesses involved in video.
TV, print media, and the Internet are all used to promote its business. A lot of the
All necessary preparatory work for this new strategy has been completed
Previously announced external contractors BDB Entertainment Group Inc.,
Red Moon Marketing.

Table of Contents

We will review their qualifications. We believe that the cumulative effect is worth it.
This work will assist it in achieving its early goals, which include the

    ·   Establish itself as a recognized professional football league
    ·   Build a base of teams and fans broad enough to sustain business over the
Critical first five year period
    ·   Generate enough revenue to expand its operations in years three through
    ·   Build successful teams located in regions where there are no existing MLB
    ·   Adopt a spring schedule to avoid competing with NFL, collegiate and prep
    ·   Provide year-round cash flow from multi-functioning revenue streams
    ·   Build a positive image for the league through year-round community
        relations campaigns

 Professional Sports Market

MLFB recognizes the NFL as the dominant professional sport league in The United States
. While the NFL’s success is respected, MLFB’s success is not.
The objective is to be seen as an independent, non-adversarial soccer team
league. MLFB believes that innovation is a key part of its business model.
Officials from the NFL will view this positively, which will result in a strong working relationship
The relationship between the two leagues. Meetings were held between MLFB staff and
We will meet with high-ranking NFL officials about our plans.

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MLFB aims to maximize ticket vendor technology, and improve its services.
Patrons will be able to use innovative ticketing methods that include:

    ·   Average ticket prices targeted at approximately 25% of the prices of NFL,
Tickets for NBA, NHL and MLB
    ·   Year-round cash flow from multiple revenue streams utilizing new
    ·   A highly developed marketing strategy that uses both traditional and new
Media to draw existing football fans and a completely new audience
Potential market for new fans
    ·   A more interactive website in professional sports using cutting edge
Technologies to maintain fan loyalty
    ·   Proven executive staff members with considerable practical experience in
Professional football
    ·   Player and coaching costs projected significantly less than those of the

Teams will initially operate in existing collegiate and municipal facilities
stadiums in the spring and early-summer seasons. Our business is our passion.
Long-range vision and model are home to many innovations that can be viewed as a.
NFL owners and officials will be able to cast a positive light on the league and help it become a success.
Potential for building a strong working relationship between our venture and you
We are positioned in a 100% non-adversarial situation to the NFL.


MLFB believes that today’s market requires a controlled deliverable to a specific audience.
Controlled advertising deliverables can be targeted to specific audiences by both controlled and viewing audience.
Targeted demographic audiences are also available. Other sports also attract audiences that are
Only a fraction of those numbers are used in producing the advertiser and sponsor
concerns. It is therefore important to retain the mass appeal required to attract such an
The audience is an overarching consideration that guides much of what we do.
What concerns the Company.

Table of Contents

Merchandising & Licensing Overview

Our co-branding strategy and licensing strategy are designed to increase the number of
Brand value for MLFB, and our partners. To ensure that the league is successful,
We have a strong licensing and co-branding company so we have created a 3-tier.
Approach that focuses on generating strong revenue streams to the league
Collaborations based on value that enhance the MLFB are initiated.

The program’s main benefits are:

    ·   Fans will find quality items at more favorable price points.
    ·   Teams will have higher profit on items and stop tying up money on
They have inventory that they can't sell.
    ·   More fans will be wearing and supporting the team and league branded

We will be launching private label products.
are fan favorites (hats and shirts, popular novelties and gifts, etc. All
Produced at the highest level and priced below traditional licensed sporting goods
merchandise programs. All merchandise, once approved by the league, will be preapproved
Tickets can be purchased and priced.

 Financial Condition

The Company had limited financial resources, as reflected in its unaudited financial statements.
The net loss was minus revenues $3,721,594The three months ended July 31,
. The Company also had net cash that was used for operating activities.
$1,951,422The three months ended July 31, 2022. At July 31, 2022The
The working capital deficit of the company is $6,743,605An accumulated deficit of
$35,803,996Stockholders’ deficit of $6,165,251It could have been a
material impact on the Company’s operations and financial condition.

Operation Results

Three months ending July 31, 2022Comparable to the three-month period ended July 31,

The three-month period ended July 31, 2022The Company also recorded $8,677This is
Revenue $7,365Cost of goods sold in relation to the sale of MLFB online
digital media merchandise. As a result, the Company was able to realize a gross profit of
$1,312related to the sale MLFB-on–line digital media merchandise
Similar amounts will be available in 2021.

Total operating expenses for three months ended July 31, 2022Were
$3,377,656Comparable to the total operating expenses for three months ended
July 31, 2021This is $415,210Or an increase in $2,962,446. The cost of living has increased
Between 2021 and 2022, it was mainly from a $2,261,389Increase in football camp
expense $846,068Compensation increases, $52,500Increase in write off
Prepaid investor relations fees and a $61,477Increase in professional fees
A $312,800Reduced general and administrative expenses The
The Company’s training camp resulted in an increase in the football camp cost.
Mobile AlabamaIn 2021, there will be no comparable amount. The increase in compensation
This is related to payroll for coaches and corporate employees with no comparable amount
2021. The reason for the increase in prepaid investor relations fees write-off was
The services were rendered and the expenses were incurred. The main reason for the increase in legal fees is
Related to a $30,850Legal expenses are rising and so is the cost of litigation. $20,357Increase in
Consulting expense. The major reason for the rise in legal costs was expenses
For the Company’s Regulation A, and the proposed S-1 offering with no comparable
In 2021, the amount will be approximately $1.5 billion. The major reason for the rise in consulting costs was
The Company’s training camp was held in expense. Mobile AlabamaWith no
comparable amount in 2021. The decrease in general- and administrative expenses
Was primarily related to $290,03120% of stock compensation expense in 2021
comparable amount in 2022. Stock compensation expense was made up of
$191,250For stock issued and $98,781For warrants issued to key experts.

Table of Contents

Other income (expenses) for the three-month period ended July 31, 2022It was $345,250This is
Costs compared to $145,714The three-month period ended at the expense July 31, 2021
Increased costs $199,536. The cost of living will increase from 2021 to 2030
It was primarily from a $372,384Increase in interest expense and a $176,216
Increase in settlement income The main reason for the increase in interest expenses was
From $244,749amortization of debt issue cost and original issue discount
Convertible promissory Notes $90,820From a put premium liability on
Convertible unsecured promissory Note and $36,816Interest on other debts
The main reason for the increase in settlement income was $121,216Income from the
Settlement of outstanding judgments against the Company compared with a $55,000
Settlement expense in 2021 after the issuance a note payable.

Due to the above, we suffered a net loss in the amount of $3,721,594As compared to a net gain
Of $560,924The three months ended July 31, 2022, and 2021, respectively.

Liquidity and Capital Resources

Our Company has relied upon capital injections since its inception.
Equity transactions and the issuance debt to get liquidity. We had only
$4,851Cash at July 31, 2022. In this way, operating expenses are paid
Similar contributions will be required from either equity capital or debt capital.
borrowers or investors. There is no guarantee that we will be
These additional equity capital and additional borrowings were successfully raised
If we can, it will be at a cost that management believes is reasonable.
appropriate. For more discussion, please see Significant Events.

Activity of Condensed Cash Flow

The following table summarizes selected items in our condensed unaudited report.
Statements of Cash Flows for three months ended July 31, 2022, and 2021

For the End of the Three Months
                                             July 31, 2022         July 31, 2021

Operational activities require net cash $ (1,951,422 ) $ (110,483 )
Net cash is used for investing activities

                (76,268 )                  -
Net cash from financing activities 1,359360 95,000
Cash balance net decrease                        $       (668,330 )    $       (15,483 )

Net CashOperating Activities

Operating activities used net cash $1,951,422During the three-month period
Ended July 31, 2022Compared to $110,483Used during the three months ending
July 31, 2021Increase in cash use $1,840,939. After you have adjusted for
Items that are not cash-based $320,229In 2022 $395,384In 2021, adjusted Net
Cash used in operations would be $1,631,193In 2022, adjusted non-cash
Operation would provide the following: $284,901In 2021. These are non-cash transactions.
The previously mentioned Results of Operations analysis reveals that adjustments are possible.
The increase in net cash used for operating activities was primarily due to an
Increase in operating expenses for the Company between 2021 and 2022

Table of Contents

Net CashInvesting Activities

Net cash was used in investment activities $76,268During the three-month period ended
July 31, 2022, $0During the three-month period ended July 31, 2021Or an
Increase of $76,268. The $76,268During the three-month period ended July 31, 2022,
This was for the purchase and maintenance of football equipment.

Financing Activities Provide Net Cash

The net cash generated by financing activities was $1,359,360Net cash during the
Three months have elapsed July 31, 2022As compared to $95,000During the
Three months have elapsed July 31, 2021, or an augmentation of $1,264,360. The increase in
Net cash received between 2021 and 2022 was primarily from (1) $549,800Proceeds
(2). From the sale common stock in 2022, with no comparable amount of stock in 2021.
$468,760Convertible secured promissory note proceeds
(3) $202,000Convertible unsecured promissory notes – Proceeds
Notes as compared with $95,000In 2021, and (4) $148,800The proceeds of the
Issue of notes payable in 2022 and no comparable amount in 2020. This was
Repayment of $5,000For a note payable and a payment of $5,000
An unsecured convertible promissory Note with no comparable amount for 2021.

Off-Balance Sheets

At July 31, 2022We did not have any off balance sheet arrangements.
Believe have or are reasonably likely have a future or current effect on our
Financial condition, changes to financial condition, revenue, or expenses
Results of operations, liquidity capital expenditures or capital resource that are not covered by capital
are material to investors.

Critical Accounting Policies

The accounting policies of our Company are described in more detail in Note 1 of the Notes to
unaudited Condensed Financial Statements. As described in Note 1 of this document
Condensed Notes to Financial statements, unaudited.
Statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles The
United States
Management must make estimates and assumptions that impact.
The amounts reported in the financial statements.
These estimates are based upon our best knowledge of current circumstances.
Future events and actions that our Company may take, but actual results could differ
These estimates may differ from actual results.

© Edgar Online, source Glimpses

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