MacArthurGlen’s Paris-Giverny Outlet Center Slated for April Opening – WWD

MacArthurGlen’s Paris-Giverny Outlet Center Slated for April Opening – WWD

PARIS – MacArthurGlen is ramping up for the opening of its latest luxury outlet mall outpost in France, and has scheduled the long-awaited launch its Paris-Giverny centre for April.

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To the west, it takes 45 minutes by car Paris, the new center will be located just outside of Giverny, the town best known for Claude Monet’s gardens. It will include 100 stores and more 215,200 sq feet of space. retail space. It marks the 27th centre for the group, and the fourth in France.

“It’s a big investment,”Susie McCabe is the co-chief executive, and said that the price tag was more than 200 millions euros.

Former Under Armour and Ralph Lauren model retailMcCabe, an executive, joined the company as deputy CEO in 2018, before becoming co-CEO with Joan Jove.

MacArthurGlen aims to target a mix of luxury brands and designer brands. The company claims that nearly 80 percent is now committed. However, it wouldn’t reveal any names that have signed up. Among the brands that are available at MacArthurGlen’s other locations are: Armani, Roberto Cavalli and Alberta Ferretti, Coach, Coach, and Under Armour.

It is all about creating the right brand mix and creating a destination that will attract and retain customers.

“Brands are also looking to make sure that while the tourism market is shifting, they want to know that we’ve got a game plan to tap into the 40 million people that travel to Paris and the surrounding environs,”She spoke. “This is a strong tourist location.”

Paris-Giverny expects to draw from the 627,000 visitors that visit Monet’s gardens every year, and is working with other nearby tourist destinations such as Versailles to create packages. The company has also rolled out an extensive global marketing plan to create buzz among tourists before they’ve even set foot on French soil. McCabe stated that the company has invested heavily to advertise in other markets in anticipation of the slow return Chinese tourists.

“We redirected and redeployed our efforts elsewhere,”She spoke to WWD before China reopened earlier in the month. “It’s a more segmented approach now than we had before.”

The American tourist surge in Europe has helped their other centers while visitors from non-European Union nations like Switzerland and Morocco have taken advantage the weak currency.

“We have seen real progress and strength out of some of these other markets,”She noted that India and South Korea had more visitors than 2019 figures.

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McCabe stated that like-for-like turnover is back at 2019 levels and that the average spend per visit has increased. “more purposeful” shopper. Over the summer, footfall in European centres continued to increase with Italy and the U.K. “quite vibrant.”Germany, she said, was the only exception.

“We’ve been very pleased with the French business and in total it’s really recovered quite strongly. Some of that is consumer confidence, it’s probably less off than other markets. It’s above the European average,”She spoke. “We’ve certainly seen continued momentum [going into 2023] despite the impact by both the conflict from a Ukraine-Russia perspective, as well as cost of living as well as the energy crisis.”

The discount nature of the outlets could be a benefit as inflation and other economic headwinds hit consumers’ wallets. McCabe indicated that internal research shows that approximately 80 percent of French customers shop at outlets. “are likely to shop outlets in the future based on some cost of living constraints.”Marketing team has taken action to combat inflation “dialed up”She also mentioned the discount messaging.

“We believe we are uniquely positioned to capture more of consumers’ spend, we have a very strong value messaging. We’ve got real flexibility in our marketing, and can really focus on on the everyday value,”She spoke. “I know that there’s a lot of, perhaps, negativity and pessimism, but what we’re seeing is a resilient consumer.”

A first attempt by other centers to create click-and-reserve programmes “wasn’t something that customers gravitated to and wasn’t something that was successful,”McCabe stated. The developer is currently developing new types of services to Paris-Giverny. “We are figuring out how do we leverage that to really show what’s in store, and recognize that from a turnover perspective.”

Paris-Giverny, with its living wall.

The development aims to balance indoor and outdoor environments through double-height façades, large windows, glass and wood elements.

Patrick Blanc, a pioneer in vertical gardening, has added a living wall to McCabe’s “living wall”. “wow effect,”McCabe claimed that the center occupies only 35 percent of the property’s 10 hectares. “lessen visual impact,”1,000 parking spaces are hidden underground. The center will have green roofing and use 60 percent the rainwater captured to maintain the gardens. It is also a nod toward sustainability. They’re also working with Join the Pipe foundation to build fountains for refillable bottles.

Although not as free-flowing and as easy to drink as water on tap, the property will have a Champagne bar. The center will feature 10 cafes and restaurants that focus on Normandy cuisine and French food. Brands will love the center’s upscale atmosphere.

“There’s definitely some interest from them around the quality of the offer, how much will be available, and if there’s something that speaks to the elevation. That’s where the the Champagne bar is important, we’re looking for the right balance between sit down, and coffee and cafes as well as really making sure that we’re bringing, and introducing things from the region,”McCabe said.

MacArthurGlen’s food and beverage play is on trend as shopping centers shift to excursion and entertainment centers around the globe. McCabe stated that F & B is a profitable focus.

“What the brands are finding is that the customer that comes and uses the food and beverage, they stay longer at the centers, and they spend more. That’s a way to make it more of a day out,”McCabe said. A playground using the color palette of the Impressionists – playing on the Monet theme – will be on site, as it “increases the dwell time of the parents,”She spoke.

“We’ve gone back and really looked at our investments, our budgets for the future [and] we are putting more back into the activations and experiences [including] music, art and health and well being,”She spoke.

Art is a key role in installations, which include sculptures. “Moonlight”Nic Fiddian Green “Penelope Waiting”Emile-Antoine Bourdelle A local gallery will curate rotating installation.

The center is equipped with flexible spaces that can easily be turned over to social media influencers. In addition, the company is currently working on securing local stars to become ambassadors. Live streaming is also an option.

“It’s not right for every brand, it’s not right for every center, but it is another interesting way to bring the center sort of outside of its walls and connect with largely a younger consumer,”She said. Influencers might be able to access limited edition items and collection drops early. “unlocked”For content. “The influencer piece is really great as far as building fashion credentials for us,”She spoke.

The center is turning over an expansive 21,500-square-foot space to local artisans, the Maison de Metiers d’Art, to showcase their works. Mathieu Lehanneur is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary designer. He was also a MacArthurGlen client. Seventy percent are Normandy-based artisans.

The Maison is a bit experimental as it’s the first time the company has worked with local artisans. “It’s a really exciting opportunity for us to be in a place where we’re bringing something special to the market that will help us draw a different type of customer,”She said. The company will also work with local schools in order to establish partnerships and programs to support young designer.

The focus on local flair aims to set it apart from La Vallée Village, Value Retail’s designer outlet 40 minutes outside of Paris to the east. It is easily accessible by commuter rail and has stores such as Balmain, Balenciaga and Loewe.

There’s room for both, said McCabe. “With the number of tourists that are coming through and the 13 to 14 million residents relative to Paris, it certainly is a large enough market to support multiple quality centers,”She spoke.

Aside from tourists, MacArthurGlen hopes to attract the Normandy region’s wealthier residents. “In the west of Paris ultimately the levels of disposable income are higher than the east – 20 to 25 percent,”She spoke.

“What we’ve actually found as we’ve entered into this post-COVID world is that we’ve been able to focus on the local catchments and that’s going to continue to pay dividends for us.”

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