Love Island’s Jordan Hames reveals style transformation

Love Island’s Jordan Hames reveals style transformation

Jordan Hames’ new look is being compared to pop singer Harry Styles after a massive wardrobe make over.

The Love Island star has gone through a transformation.

After causing havoc in the Love Island villa, Jordan Hames became well-known.

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He was there to stir the pot with Anna Vakili & India Reynolds when he entered the hit reality series back in 2019.

Here’s everything you need to know concerning Jordan Hames.

Jordan Hames is who?

Jordan was born in Manchester on 6 March 1995.

Before becoming a reality TV star, he was a fashion model.

His online career began in 2012 when he joined Instagram.

Jordan has an estimated net worth of £3 million.

How long did Jordan Hames stay on Love Island for?

Jordan Hames was an Islander during the fifth season on Love Island.

He was admitted to the show on day 14, and was then dumped on day 52.

Jordan was married to Anna Vakili, whom he later became. ‘villa official’Their romance journey was not easy.

Anna’s head was turned during Casa Amor when she found a spark with professional basketball player Ovie Soko.

After confessing her feelings for the Manchester boy, she returned to Jordan a few days later.

Things got explosive when India Reynolds entered the picture as Jordan tried and failed to win India’s affection. He was called “India Reynolds”. “disrespectful”By the other islands.

After the incident Anna left Jordan, and her ex-lovers were dumped on the Island shortly afterwards.

What transformations has the former islander gone through?

Jordan was often seen wearing a lot of basics and sometimes being shirtless on the show.

Three years after his TV success, the 27-year old is still hard to recognize.

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His style evolution came to light when fan account @loveisland2022highlights posted a video showing Jordan from 2019 to current day on TikTok.

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The video was viewed more than 3.6 million times in three days.

The viral clip has been shared 14,000 time and has been liked by 305,000 people.

It shows Jordan in jeans and a white shirt, sweat suits, and plain tops before Love Island.

Then it jumps up to 2022, when he was seen wearing a cropped pink jumper and pastel orange flared trousers, as well as a neon green vest.

For a bright and bold look, the former model wears bold patterns and bright colors. He regularly shares his outfits on Instagram, where he boasts more than 775,000 followers.

His modeling career at Pause Agency may have inspired this new style.

He has worked with JD and Dr Martens, as well as Tom Ford.

What do his fans think about his transformation?

TikTok has received positive reviews from Jordanians about his new style.

Chantelle Wood wrote: “Yes, finally a man bringing style. Slaying Looks.”

Emmanuel Roderique said: “Loved him on the show and now he is just fantastic, gives me Noah Beck and Harry Styles fashion Vibe.”

Emily Campbell shared her thoughts: “He’s definitely expressing himself more with his clothes now but he always dressed amazing.”

Chris Weaver also added: “Style for days.”

User @iliketurtles said: “The glow up! His dress sense might not be to everyone’s taste but I think he looks great.”

Who is Jordan Hames’ girlfriend?

Millie Hannah is currently dating the reality TV star.

Millie is a model that has worked for Asos and Boohoo as well as Nastygal, Pretty Little Thing, and Nastygal.

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