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Kentucky Derby Fashion. How to Dress, Hats, Outfits and More

Kentucky Derby Fashion. How to Dress, Hats, Outfits and More


Megan Dubois

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Last Updated on: February 7, 2022

The Kentucky Derby is America’s longest-running sporting event. This famous horse race was founded in 1872 by Meriwether Clark, the great-grandson of William Clark, who visited England’s Epsom Derby. He fell in love at the racing atmosphere with its vibrant clothes and bustling social scene. He wanted to bring this type of event back home to Kentucky. He organized the first Kentucky Derby in 1875.

the first Kentucky Derby took place on May 17 in 1875 at The Churchill Downs Racetrack

Since then, the race is held every year, even during major historical events, such as the Great Depression and the Second and Third World Wars, or the recent pandemic. The race was first a staple of southern culture. Its fame and appeal spread to the rest the United States and the world. Celebrities like Kanye West and Tom Brady are seen at Churchill Downs race track on the first Saturday in May.

There are many traditions associated with the derby. You might see some spectators with tears in their eyes. “My Old Kentucky Home” plays. Or, you may enjoy the traditional mint julep, which is the traditional drink of this race. One of the most recognizable traditions of the Kentucky Derby, however, is the amazing fashion.

A Fashion Event is as Important as a Race

The Kentucky Derby is now a fashion event, as well as an important horse race. People all over the world tune in to the races to see what is being worn, which could inspire fashion for the next year. While pastels and flowing dresses are great for spring, bold suits and bold outfits are also part of the show. But nothing beats the incredible hats.

The Kentucky Derby is a great place for fashion inspiration, whether you’re going to the races or just love the look of the horses. Find out more about the rules and traditions of the Kentucky Derby, as well as the most popular Kentucky Derby trends for 2022.

The Kentucky Derby Style

The Kentucky Derby has been a part of fashion since its inception. Clark, the founder, was concerned that women wouldn’t like to go to the races in the late 1800s due to their association with gambling and drinking. His wife suggested to Clark that women use the races to dress up and have a picnic with their friends. The idea was a success. The Edwardian era was when bustles and corsets were the rage. During this period, hats were a sign of a woman’s social status. The better, the bigger. This has been a time-honored tradition among the races, and it is still observed today.

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Kentucky Derby Dress Code

The Kentucky Derby does not have a formal dress code. If you are in high-end areas like the Derby Room, Turf Club and Millionaires Row, there is no formal dress code.. These areas require business casual, or casual attire. This includes jackets and collared tops for men and dresses and pantsuits or pantsuits or bottoms for women. You can wear whatever clothing you want in the other areas of Churchill Downs. However, the race track reserves all rights to deny entry to anyone based on their clothing choices.Jeans, crop tops, tennis shoes and torn clothing are generally considered unacceptable. Dressing up is part and parcel of the race experience.

Kentucky Derby Outfits

It’s not an easy task to find the perfect Kentucky Derby outfit. It’s important to follow the traditions of the race and make sure that your outfit looks great on you. Thankfully, Kentucky weather in May is generally mild, ranging from 70 to 78°F, so you shouldn’t need much of a jacket. Rain is not unusual. Remember that races can be run rain or shine. You’ll need to plan accordingly.).

Looking for inspiration on what to wear to the 2022 Kentucky Derby These are some ideas to help you get started.

Kentucky Derby Outfits For Women

You can choose a dress, or a pantsuit, when it comes to Kentucky Derby outfits. You can choose pastel colors or floral themes if you aren’t sure what to wear. These are both great choices for race day as well as more traditional options for the event. But don’t think that these are the only options. The Kentucky Derby fashion is often experimental, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Bold colors, monochrome, or unusual dress designs are all welcome at the Kentucky Derby.

You should also ensure that you have a complete look. Look for accessories that coordinate with your outfit, such as jewelry, bags, shoes, and bags. Don’t forget to include the most important piece:–The hat. This will ensure that you have the complete view when you enter Churchill Downs.

Kentucky Derby Dresses

Most women choose to create their Kentucky Derby look with a dress. These are three options to consider when designing your next derby look:

  • Rockabilly is something you should embrace. Race day is a wonderful opportunity to wear a 1950s-style fit-and flare dress. Look out for bold, pastel colors and large floral prints. You’ll achieve a polished look by matching your shoes and hat with the flowers. Don’t forget your pin curls!

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  • Separates can be worn together. You don’t necessarily need to wear a dress. Look out for sweet lace, floral skirts, and tops that can be repurposed later in separate outfits. You can also opt for a well-cut women’s suit. These were very popular among the races during the rise of the feminist movement in the 1960s.

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  • Solids are acceptable. Most dresses at the Kentucky Derby are traditionally made of pastels or floral patterns. However, you can wear a beautiful dress in a solid colour. It’s a trend that has been growing in popularity in recent years. This is something to think about if you want your hat to be the center of attention.

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You are looking for more inspiration on what to wear. See the latest outfits worn recently by Shailene, Tori Kelly, Tina Knowles and actress Shailene.

Kentucky Derby Men’s Attire

Kentucky Derby fashion isn’t just for men. It’s quite the opposite! For decades, Kentucky Derby has seen men participate in the fashion parade. Men will show off their unique take on derby fashion by wearing pastel suits in surprising prints and displaying amazing accessories.

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  • Use a pop color. While a suit is always a good idea. However, you don’t have to choose a traditional gray or navy. A modern men’s suit in pastel pink is a great option. It’s stylish and elegant, but still exudes personality.

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  • You can express your personality by tying a tie. You can choose a traditional suit such as an ashy-blue slim fit suit if you’re not ready for a pink one. Then, take it up a level by choosing a tie that suits your needs. A cool bow tie is an alternative to the tie.

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  • Patterns are a powerful way to stand out. A suit is more than just a solid color. You can find men’s suits with fun patterns such as floral or paisley prints. These suits can be striking pieces so keep your accessories simple if you opt for this bold option. Opt for solid-colored shoes and hats in neutral colors.

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Kentucky Derby Hats

Your Kentucky Derby hat is the most important fashion decision. This is the place to be bold and show your style. Any hat is fine at the race. You can show off your fedoras, oversized sun hats, fascinators, and flat caps. It should be comfortable and securely fastened. It can be windy on raceday!

Last updated on June 29, 2022 11:57 am

Kentucky Derby Hats for Women

You want it to be small and elegant. Consider a fascinator. These gorgeous headpieces are smaller and more intricate than a standard hat. These headpieces are typically placed slightly to the sides and front of your head and feature tulle and feathers, ribbons, or other decorative elements. You will find them in many colors and styles so it won’t take long to find the right one for you.

FELIZHOUSE Pink Fascinator Hats Women Feather Cocktail Party Hats Bridal Headpieces Kentucky Derby Ascot Fascinator Headbands for Girls (Pink)

You can be bold and daring with a broad-brimmed, sunhat. This is a great choice if it’s going to be hot on race day. The brim will keep the sun from your face and out your eyes. You can also add a lot of fashion drama to the brim.

F FADVES 100% Organza Hats Kentucky Derby Large Wide Brim Flower Fedoras Polka Dot Wedding Hat Pink

Wide-brimmed hats should have layers of organza, large beautiful flowers, and feathers. You could even wear stuffed animals on your Kentucky Derby cap! You can bring back this trend if you feel particularly bold.

F FADVES Women Oganza Sun Hat Church Kentucky Derby Wide Brim Wedding Formal Fascinator Hat

Kentucky Derby Hats For Men

Men should also participate in the Kentucky Derby fun by picking out a hat. It has become very popular for men’s hats not to be as bold or large as their female counterparts. For inspiration, take a look at Johnny Weir’s Kentucky Derby hat selections.

It may be best to wear a traditional hat if you are wearing a bold or bright suit. For something that is both appropriate for Derby and great for the rest, choose a straw fedora featuring a classic ribbon detail.

CTM® Straw 2 Inch Brim Boater Hat with Navy Band, Medium, Natural

A straw boater, which is inspired by the southern fashions of yesteryear, is a great option. If you want to spice up a classic suit, hats with bold patterns can be a great option.

Gain Wool Fedora

Or, you can opt for a coordination fascinator and embrace unisex fashion.

BABEYOND Tea Party Fascinator Hat Veil Kentucky Derby Fascinator Headband Veil Pillbox Hat for Cocktail Black

Although the race took place in 2020 it was moved from its usual spot on the first weekend in May to a later date, September. The race was originally scheduled to be viewed by a small number of spectators. The race was abandoned after Covid-19’s case had been spiked in Louisville. The 2021 race organizers welcomed spectators back, but with a smaller attendance of just over 55,000 people.

Kentucky Derby fans have been missing out on their favorite fashion show for the past two years. It’s unlikely that there will be any restrictions this year so it’s reasonable for the crowd to exceed 150,000. This is why you can expect the 2022 Kentucky Derby fashion to be bolder than ever. Event fans have had years to plan their outfits, buy the most fashionable hats, and plan every detail. Pay attention to:

  • Fashion that is casual and breaks with business rules. Many offices have eliminated dress codes due to the pandemic. People are choosing comfort and less fuss over couture. You will see more casual fabrics and shoe options popping up in the Kentucky Derby.
  • There are hats that look better and bigger than ever. People have more time to choose the perfect Kentucky Derby hat. Look for hats with personal touches, such as larger sizes, different colors, or personalized touches to set them apart.
  • Bolder and brighter colors are the best. Pastel will remain a mainstay at this year’s Kentucky Derby. However, expect bolder and bolder fashion choices. This is in line the 2022 runway color choices. People are eager to let winter go and embrace warmer weather. This year’s color choices will reflect this enthusiasm.

Are you going to the Kentucky Derby? Are you going to the Kentucky Derby party? We hope you found this guide helpful in helping you decide what to wear to the most important sartorial event for spring.

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