Italian media outlet unleashes an attack on under fire

Italian media outlet unleashes an attack on under fire

Leonardo Bonucci’s time as the captain of Juventus has gotten off to the worst possible start.

He replaced Giorgio Chiellini as the club’s leader at the start of this season, and it has coincided with a poor run of form by the Bianconeri.

The Euro 2020 winner is still a key player for his country and club, but both have struggled in recent years.

He was attacked by the Juventus ultras days ago and accused of being a bad leader.

Media criticisms of the defender’s leadership are now more frequent.

Libero, an Italian media outlet, has been even more harsh. According to a post they wrote recently, Tuttomercatoweb:

“The least loved in Serie A, only Mancini remains.

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“Allegri put him on the bench in the most delicate moment and even the ultra Bianconeri unload him. The coach inexplicably continues to trust him regardless of performance, attitudes and everything just because he is the captain of Italy and the reference for the new course, or presumed to be so.”

Juve FC Says

Bonucci is not fortunate to lead Juve in such turbulent times. The defender will have the tough task of facing the criticism.

However, the team’s poor form is not solely down to him, considering most of his teammates have underperformed.

He would like to see things change quickly so that the team can win more matches.

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