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Indian Designers On Meaningful Fashion Trends You’ll Actually Wear In Spring-Summer 2022

Indian Designers On Meaningful Fashion Trends You'll Actually Wear In Spring-Summer 2022

During the pandemic, fashion went through a complete reboot. The fashion world saw a dramatic shift in the way it dressed during the pandemic. Generic style has been somewhere between comfortable clothing and rich silhouettes since then. Designers and brands have been offering us a mix of new age style, embracing the changing fashion landscape. Unexpected revivals, gender-fluid fashion and a refreshing outlook on body-positivity have all played a significant role in our post-pandemic fashion choices. We spoke to leading designers to gain more insight into spring and summer trends.

New arrives

Intricate embroidery and prints

Gritty glamour will be the face of spring/summer 2022. It will be a season that combines luxe styling with laid-back style. We have learned that comfort-driven clothing can also be infused with luxury, as we saw with the pandemic. “This season expects drama and glamour in the ultra-modern way. We are looking forward to big prints with intricate embroideries this spring and summer,” states designer Bhumika Sharma. Prints are hot for spring. “We will be seeing a lot of delicate and subtle prints with intricate embroideries with more pinks and mauves,”She continues.

Fashion is about accessibility. It allows people to express themselves better. We are at the moment when bright colours and styles that boost your confidence are the best way to keep up with the latest trends. “Embellished and embroidered shirts are here to stay and could make it big in spring and summer! For us summer is all about colour and beauty. Coloured embroidered shirts could rule all wardrobes,”Designer duo Pankaj & Nidhi.

Futuristic Functional Dressing

Multipurpose fashion is here and will not be going away. A functional and multipurpose wardrobe is better than nothing. Experts predict that relaxed silhouettes, and breezy lounge pieces, will be big this season. You can style the same functional piece multiple times, blurring the line between casual and occasion dressing.

“In the last two years, with the adaptability that the pandemic has brought in, silhouettes have also become more fluid. Silhouettes that let you be, work in or dance like a little cloud in your house. A silk cape with motifs inspired by the Nizams – it’s a multifaceted piece. It can be put on over a pair of jeans when there’s that urgent Zoom call or whisked away to a little weekend getaway, paired with a dress,”PriyankaModi, Co-Founder, Creative Director, AM/PM.


“We could see a lot of mix and match clothing,” says ace designer Ritu Kumar. Multipurpose fashion pieces could be a big hit this season. We could see a reduction in the number of wedding outfits from 6 to 2. “Functional and multipurpose dressing is the way ahead. For example, one piece is bought like a top and then you work it out with a pajama, pants or garara that you already have, creating a mix and match of your own style.”She continues.


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Minimalist, clean clothing:

The more, the better: Playful fashion does not have to be extravagant or over-the-top. “Modern, versatile silhouettes and Indian motifs work beautifully together. Fusion, I think, can also be clean, minimal. Think monochromes, the aesthetics and power they bring in quietly. It’s timeless,” says Priyanka Modi.


She adds: “Even pairing a clean-lined shirt with an asymmetrical dhoti. It is supremely transitional – perfect for a day at the gallery followed by an intimate dinner at home. Very effortless, easy and very spring summer.”

Ritu Kumar, Ace designer confirms the idea. “Particularly after the pandemic, people are wearing lounge clothes. Formal dressing has kind of taken a back seat.”

Prints from the Region

India’s rich fashion culture is characterized by its unique regional flair. This trend is making a comeback and will combine western silhouettes with traditional Indian prints. “This year is going to be more organic in terms of sourcing the prints. Like the Bagh prints from Madhya Pradesh, Bagru prints from Rajasthan; it is going to be that kind of character and colour. This is what people want to wear as well because people are at home a lot, working on their computers and this kind of dressing fits well into the character,” says eminent designer Ritu Kumar.

Free Fashion

Talks about unisex clothing and gender-fluid fashion show that styling isn’t about defining clothes according to their gender. The fashion industry has become more inclusive with global stars like Harry Styles and others. “We feel shirts are the perfect example of gender fluid fashion. This spring and summer we expect to see lots of printed shirts worn with skirts or as dresses,”Designer duo Pankaj & Nidhi.

Fashion is finally waking up and realizing that styling a silhouette doesn’t have to be limited to certain types of people. “Shirts can be rocked by women as well as men. We are looking forward to seeing shorts, skirts and shirts for both men and women. Our new collection has a lot of gender fluid shirts that can be worn or paired with anything,”They are more.

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