I’m a style guru & you’ve been hanging your clothes all wrong – the right way to keeping your threads in check

I’m a style guru & you’ve been hanging your clothes all wrong - the right way to keeping your threads in check

A FASHION fan has warned her social media followers that they’ve been hanging up the clothes in their wardrobe all wrong – and it’s time to change.

Fashion Mom, a TikTok user uses the handle @stylehardYou can find videos of fashion and style on. 


A fashion fan shared his opinion on how to hang your clothes up.Credit: Tiktok/@stylehard

One of her latest contributions to the social media platform was to tell her followers the right way to stack their closet and the things they’re doing that are damaging their clothes. 

Holding up a shirt on a hanger, Fashion Mom explained: “You need to stop hanging your shirts like this.

“If you notice when you’re wearing your shirts open there’s a puckering at the top, that’s because you’re not buttoning them correctly.

“You need to button them from the top. This is the only button that matters,” she added, as she pointed to the very top button once more.”

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She continued: “This is what’s absolutely going to keep your shirt’s shape and you’re never going to have that puckering.”

Fashion Mom turned her attention to jumpers, and how they should not be hung on a hook and placed in your closet. 

The influencer said: “If you’re hanging your sweaters like this, stop immediately. RIP to all the sweaters I’ve ruined from doing this.”

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The fashion fan explained. “When you hang your sweaters like this, it really drags the shoulders down.”

Instead, she suggested that they be folded up and placed in a drawer. 

Fashion Mom concluded: “It’s really important to fold your sweaters, especially those delicate knits.

“Because folding them will maintain the shape and the quality of those beautiful sweaters.”

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Fashion Mom’s 883,400 followers were quick to agree with her and said they’d also ruined clothes in the past because of the way they had hung them.

One even wrote: “My dad owned a dry cleaners for 25 years and can confirm. Folding your sweaters over a hanger also works.”

Elsewhere, Fashion Mom said jumpers need to be folded up instead


Fashion Mom says that jumpers should be folded insteadCredit: Tiktok/@stylehard

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