I’m a size XS and my friend’s a size XL – we tried on Zara outfits to show how they looked on our different bodies

I'm a size XS and my friend's a size XL - we tried on Zara outfits to show how they looked on our different bodies

Zara is not the first shop you think about when it comes size inclusivity.

Two women tried their best to prove that the high-street shop can accommodate all body types, and they wore a variety outfits from the shop.


Cynthia (right), and Hemali (left), tried on Zara clothes in sizes S and XL to show how they would look on different bodies.Credit: TikTok
The dress featured a lace-up back and looked chic on both women


The dress was chic on both women and featured a lace-up back.Credit: TikTok
They then tried on a hot pink crop top and blue flared trousers


The girls tried on a hot pink croptop and blue flared pants.Credit: TikTok
As well as this spaghetti strap minidress


This minidress also has a spaghetti strap.Credit: TikTok

Cynthia – who is a size XL – took to her TikTok page to post a video of herself and her XS-sized friend Hemali sharing their try-on haul.

They started with a mint-green minidress with a lace up back. Then they changed to a pink halterneck croptop and royal blue flared pants.

The hot pink top was replaced by a ruffled, red crop top. Finally, the entire look was swapped for a blue spaghetti strap minidress.

“We hadn’t seen brown girls do anything like this so had to do it ourselves!!”Cynthia captioned this video.

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The video received many compliments, and one person even wrote: “OMG, please make this a series!”

Cynthia and Hemali were back for another video in which they tried on H&M outfits.

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They started off with a green-and-white towelling croptop and matching runner briefs. After that, they changed into a cute long-sleeved mesh pink patterned dress.

Next came a neon green dress with sexy cutouts along the front, and a thigh high slit.

They ended their try-on with a baby pink minidress that was strapless.

“I love these videos, yall both look so good,”One person commented on this video.

And another: “Love this! You’re both so gorgeous.”

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“both of you are so so gorgeoussss omg,”A third comment was added.

“all the outfits look BOMB on both of you,”Someone else wrote.

They also tried on outfits from H&M, including this green towelling two-piece


They also tried on outfits by H&M, including this two-piece green woolen towelling.Credit: TikTok
This neon green dress looked fabulous on both women


The neon green dress looked amazing on both the women and the men.Credit: TikTok
As did this cute patterned pink mesh dress


This cute pink mesh dress was also adorableCredit: TikTok

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