I’m a fashion expert and you can always tell the type of mum at the school gate based on what they wear

I’m a fashion expert and you can always tell the type of mum at the school gate based on what they wear

The school gate is home to many personalities.

Parents know that the moms who wait for their children have cliques. It’s evident from what you wear.


The late mother is likely still wearing her pyjamasCredit: tiktok.com/@alexandra.croney
This posh version of the farmer's wife loves a boot


This woman is a posh version farmer’s wife and loves a bootCredit: tiktok.com/@alexandra.croney

Most of us are lucky enough to make it to school in time. If we do make it, chances of our hair being brushed are very low.

One TikTok user posted this video, which shows what you wear to pick-up and dropoff times. It’s amazing!

The wealthy housewife

The first outfit of the fashion professional was of a “rich house wife”, who according to the user can often be seen wearing high-end gym clothes, but all black.

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They will always have a designer bag around their neck and an oversized sunglass on the face, often to hide their judgmental stares.

Most importantly, even though the outfit of the rich housewife may be more casual, their hair and makeup are always flawless.

The corporate boss

It’s rare that this mum actually makes it to pick-up or drop-off, but you can be certain that when she does, she’s wearing her chicest power suit.

Although this mum may seem intimidating, don’t let her stilettos scare your eyes. She’s a fashion lover and she’s all smiles.

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The wife of the farmer

This type of mom can be seen in knee-high boots with a beige-coloured outfit.

The farmer’s life is similar to the wealthy housewife. She also loves a posh bag, but she will choose something less formal.

The one who is always late

The most relatable mother is usually the one who appears in her pyjamas and looks exhausted.

If she isn’t in her pyjamas, the least effort she’ll put into it will be in a pair if leggings and an old jacket.

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She won’t likely stay to chat with her parents and she wants to get home.

One user stated: “I’m the late one, but add sunglasses, I don’t want to talk to anyone!”

The rich house wife is probably on her way to yoga after drop-off


The wealthy housewife is likely to be on her way for yoga after dropping-offCredit: tiktok.com/@alexandra.croney
It's never too early for heels for this mum


It’s never too late to wear heels for this mumCredit: tiktok.com/@alexandra.croney

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