How Will Smith Influenced An Iconic Fresh Prince Fashion Moment

How Will Smith Influenced An Iconic Fresh Prince Fashion Moment

Will Smith launched a clothing brand in 2019 to celebrate the iconic looks worn on. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”It allowed Smith’s fans to buy some of the hip-hop-themed clothing that was made possible by the show. Some show-lovers were still curious about Will’s school jacket, which he wore inside-out throughout his tenure. The actor had previously revealed his story to his fans. YouTubeFollowers said that Smith’s quirky style choice was a happy accident because no one told him he was wearing it in reverse. Smith may have thought it was a clever idea, but it could have been deliberate.

During a 2021 session of Q&A GQHe revealed that he had decided to wear the jacket inside-out, confirming that it was a personal choice. “mad creativity”Smith was on the show. Smith continued to explain that he wanted his jacket to be different and unique, but he didn’t anticipate fans to still be talking over it almost three decades later. “It’s weird that you do something that seems so little and 30 years later, it’s still around,”He added.

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Most Smith fans won’t be surprised by this revelation, however, as also improvised iconic moments while starring in other notable projects.

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