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Harry Styles’ ‘Love On Tour’ Outfits Are A Nod To ‘70s Style Icons

Harry Styles’ 'Love On Tour' Outfits Are A Nod To ‘70s Style Icons

Harry Styles has a proclivity for subverting gender norms and expressing his individualistic flair. His choice in clothing and accessories, therefore, often feels like a breath of fresh air. It’It was clear that the British crooner wanted his joyful and expressive aesthetic to be fully expressed for Love On Tour, the series concert series in honor of his 2019 album Fine Line. Dressed in Alessandro Michele’s maximalist Gucci creations (of course) and styled by Harry Lambert, Styles’ outfits while on tour have become a multi-part celebration of his signature flamboyance. The ensemble most emblematic of Styles’ expressive approach to fashion, however, was his red serotonin-inducing look, which he wore to kickstart the concerts.

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Styles wore a pair fuchsia pants with a glitter fringe vest for his Las Vegas debut show on Sept. 4. (It’s worth noting Styles wore his vest open, with his chest tattoos serving as additional touches of personality, almost as if his ink doubled as the outfit’s accessories). Styles chose a more subtle look for his shoes and wore a pair brown heeled boots that helped to ground the eclectic outfit.

Thanks to a few style elements — namely the wide-leg silhouette of Styles’ pants and an overall kitschy feel — his look tapped into a ‘70s vibe that’The pop star has made it a signature piece. Look to his collection of retro handbags, bell-bottom pants, and psychedelic prints for further proof he’s drawn to the groovy decade.

His retro aesthetic is often a tribute to the eccentric fashion and music icons who came before him, such as David Bowie or Elton John. Lambert shared the details in an Instagram post. He said that this concert look was created with Styles in Mind. It’s a one-of-a-kind, custom-made Gucci creation.

Styles’ tour style has been one energetic display after the next that confirms the singer is not only overjoyed to be back performing IRL, but to also be showing off his stage costumes. One Twitter user stated that Styles’ tour was more than just a series of concerts. He even compared it with “The Greatest Showmanship”. “a series of fashion conventions.” Another fan said Styles’ next-level style from his tour has fundamentally altered their morning routine; After waking up and before tackling other important to-dos, they turn to social media to check what Styles wore during his performance from the night before.


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The best aspect of Styles’ fashion from Love On Tour, however, is that you can replicate his unique aesthetic yourself. Scroll ahead to shop some trousers and a few glittery vests similar to Styles’.

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