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flares, bootleg styles return in 2021

flares, bootleg styles return in 2021

The perfect pair of jeans is one that falls below the knee. Flared and bootleg styles are gaining popularity, putting an end to recent revivals of acid washed, cropped clam diggers, and baggy boyfriends..

“People just love the fun of a flare,”Liz Roberts, chief executive at One Teaspoon, an Australian denim brand. “The skinny jean was serious. We saw the move from them a while ago. With a flare, you can be a bit more sophisticated, you look polished but not like you’re trying too hard. It’s still a pair of jeans.”

Flares, bootleg styles and blazers are making a comeback in street style. One Teaspoon was worn by Natalia Loaiza, Valerie Wetmore, and Natalia Loaiza.Credit:Louise Kennerley

The style was popularized by Celine and Gucci on international runways. It has been adopted in Australia by Zimmermann, By Johnny and is now being used to fashion food chains G-Star and Wrangler.

One Teaspoon, a favorite of model Chrissy Teigen, and actress Margot Robertbie, is gaining popularity locally. This style is also catching on with strong demand from US clients, especially in New York City, which is known for its obsession with trends.

“This is for that sexy customer. Our American customer is all over it. This is not your hippie drippy flare,”Roberts. “Think Studio 54 instead of Woodstock.”


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David Jones department store shoppers have moved away from the skinny jean and embrace the straight leg. They are now wearing flares with a pit stop at bootlegs. The ’90s-style bootleg was given the official blessing of Kate Moss, front row at London Fashion Week and is seen as the gateway denim drug to more flamboyant styles.

Jeans of the season: Valentino runway spring 2022; Street style at Paris Fashion Week; Zimmermann spring 2022.

Jeans of Season: Valentino runway spring 2022, Street style at Paris Fashion Week, Zimmermann spring 2022.Credit:Getty

“These are for the customers who are moving out of lockdown and want to make a statement. Many of them will get comfortable with a bootleg before moving on to the flare, which is already popular with the fashion forward customer,”Natasha Halket is the denim buyer at David Jones.

Halket recognizes that traditional denim washes will always be the foundation of the business. However Halket is now seeing a shift towards colors as part the optimistic spring mood.

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