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Finish the fight in style with these Halo-themed diamond necklaces


You know those nights when you feel like your outfit is lacking something? Do you want, or need, jewelry to show off your love for Halo? Streetwear jeweler King Ice has the perfect piece of jewelry to complete this look.  

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The King Ice X Halo collaboration includes four necklaces. There’s a standing Master Chief with an Assault Rifle (that has nearly 1500 stones covered) at $120. There’s also a Master Chief helmet at $100 and an energy sword at $100. A needler is the cheaper option at $80. They are available in white or 14K gold. 

Each item is paired up with a 20″ 5mm Miami Cuban chain. I’m a fan of the white gold plasma sword necklace; I’d probably match it with these gold-trimmed aviators while wearing a flashy burgundy suit. Sorry, I’m basically telling you what I’d wear to the Game Awards if I were ever to get invited.  

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You don’t have to be a Halo player to enjoy King Ice’s Gamer jewelry. It features blinged-out Xbox iconography and the patron saint of gaming, along with King Ice himself. There’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect gift for the gamer in life. 

Although it is disappointing to see no PC gaming-specific necklaces, It would be a great idea for them to create a two-finger ring using WASD or arrow keys across their knuckles. I’d happily wear a Clippy diamond necklace every day of the week. King Ice, these ideas are available for free. 

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