FINAT Announces Label Competition 2022 Winners

FINAT announces Label Competition 2022 winners

The European label industry association FINAT has announced the 2022 FINAT-Label Competition winners. The awards ceremony was held on June 1 on the occasion of FINAT’s 64th annual conference, the European Label Forum, at the Grand Hotel Dino in Baveno, along the borders of Lago Maggiore (Italy).

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Best Choice

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Adjustable button closure
Body welt pockets
Fully lined with logo lining
special size type: standard
weave type: Woven

Best Choice

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Made in Greece

The competition is held annually and FINAT was able to rely upon the expertise and dedication of a dedicated team of judges. Tony White, of AWA Consulting, was the judging panel’s leader. Murat Sipahioglu (sales director at IMEKS Group) and Steve Wood (owner of Steve Wood Services) were his supporting cast. Samples of all the entries were distributed to the judges by FINAT’s Event & Publications Manager, Jakovina van Haeringen after collating the entries along with the respective technical information as they were received over many weeks. The labels were then sent to the judges in person for their critical initial assessments.

The competition attracted 205 entries, from 38 companies in 21 countries. A total of 73 Highly Recommended certificates were distributed in addition to the 7 Category winners and 34 Category winners. Austria led the way with 32 entries. Turkey was close behind with 26. Wines (46), Alcoholic Drinks (66) and Sets of Labels (22) led the way in terms of number of entries for each category. Cosmetics (17) was close behind. The number of entries printed with digital technology (108) continues its upward trend by more than 30% each year. The digital element is more prominent in the printing process, but also in the finishing, die cutting, and final use of the label.

The history behind the Best In Show label in the 2022 FINAT Label Competition is complex. It dates back to the Middle Ages. The label refers to an era of Kings and Knights as well as Royalty. “Kingdom of Cyprus”(a Crusader Kingdom), which was established in 1197, six years after the occupation by Richard the Lionheart. The Coat of Arms reproduction depicts three rampant Lions and a cross. It is reproduced in great detail, along with the “flourishes”The excellently printed label gives the shield and product name a royal look. The combination of high quality gold foiling and High-Build varnish against a smooth matt, sand coloured recycled newspaper resulted in Gerolemo. This label also won at the 42nd Annual Competition the Digital Group Award.

The winners of the Group are divided into the following main groups: A. Marketing/End Uses; B. Printing Processes and C. Non-Adhesive Applications. D. Innovation & Electronic Printing. E. Digital Printing.

Group A: Marketing/End uses
The jury could not separate two entries for the Marketing/End –Uses Group therefore joint winners were awarded. The first winner was Marzek Etiketten+Packaging GmbH, Austria for Côtes du Rhône. This is a bright, colourful label. The black line that runs around the images of the flowers is used to highlight them, and to separate them from the bright substrate. The label was printed digitally using a precise placed screen varnish in four colors. The silky appearance of this substrate gives it a classy touch and projects the images of each flower into high relief. Hot foiling is a great way to highlight the wine’s title. The main images of the flowers are clearly defined by the 67lpcm screen.

The second winner was Ҫiftsan Label & Packaging Company, Turkey for Alqaissi Grill Spices. This label is very complicated and busy. A metallised substrate gives the label a brighter appearance and gives the impression of gold foiling. The matt lamination contrasts well with the high gloss varnish that covers the image of the meat. Both the fine-line black type and the reversed-out white type are printed to a high standard. Digital printing is the basic process. This label is digital in its basic form. The more you look at it, the more details become apparent. How many people noticed the bright glossy image of the fork positioned above the meat board? Or the shiny green leaf? This label is high quality and well designed. It has lots of detail that will keep the observer’s attention.

Group B: Printing Processes
Kuresa, Peru won the Printing Processes Group for Body Spa Conditioner. This label is very simple and elegant. It was printed using letterpress and screen technology in six colors on a film substrate. The label has some fine typography, using opaque white screen paint. The label has a subtle green background that shows a branch from a pepper tree with red peppers. This is the plant from whom the product was made. The final result is enhanced by a 150lpi screen.

Group C: Non-adhesive Applications
The Non-Adhesive Applications Group was unable to distinguish two labels, so the judging panel presented us with two group winners. The first was IPE Industria Gráfica, Spain for Nightology Sachet. Flexography can be used to great effect on a matt metallic substrate. The black background is white with the reversed printing. This eliminates the need to foil the type and illustrations. The detail in a lion’s head makes it stand out from the background. Five colours are available, including a primer and two blacks in gold lacquer, PMS 7509, and an overall matte varnish. The lion’s head with all its fine detail appears majestically dominant and needs no further images to support it.

Stratus Packaging France for Champagne Christian Senez Evenementielle was named the second winner. A sleeve that reflects the quality of champagne and spells out quality from the first glance. One colour, black has been printed using flexo to a high standard. It is also enhanced with silver cold foiling. The signature and logo are finished with silk screen varnish. The black images are enhanced by high-shrink substrate High White PET 45. In this instance, less can be more! Images, including two silk screen varnishes, resist shrinkage during steaming.

Group D: Innovation & Electronic Printing
The Innovation Group is always interesting to judge because we are constantly presented with new technology and other applications for label press output. Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG Germany was the winner of the Innovation and Electronic Printing Processes Group. It is vital that an RFID chip used to track or identify medication does not become damaged during its useful life. Robust RFID Labels feature a unique, innovative design. The label-integrated RFID chip is secured by the label’s special construction featuring protective printed elements. This protects the RFID chip from potential damage, such as mechanical impacts during manufacturing or handling. It also allows for increased production rates and continued functionality over the life-span of the drug product. Digitisation is a new trend in healthcare. One RFID chip can store a lot of information about a drug product, enabling interaction between patients and their doctors. It is important that the chip’s functionality and performance are not affected by any damage during its lifetime. The label must be strong.

Group E: Digital Printing
The winner in the Digital Printing Group was CABAS S.A., Greece for Gerolemo – Maratheftiko Sweet. This label was printed digitally in four colours with the addition of dedicated silk screen and gold foil areas revealing design details that will trigger the consumer’s emotive response in the description of the product. The substrate was chosen to add luxury to the final product and high value. This label’s substrate is made from recycled paper. It is responsible and high quality. This label tells a story, and aims for luxury and lasting impressions.

Multi-Color Corporation, Australia was awarded the Judges Award for Tilde Australian Raw Vodka. A technical complicated label which is best described by the converter’s own technical explanation. ”Two label substrates were used, a coated poly film on the underside printed in CMYK + Toyo Black up to Unit 4 on the press then a Contone Bianco top substrate which is separated and joined to the poly film bottom stock at unit 5. Two greys and Toyo Black are printed next. The final die-cut is done with a spot Matt varnish. Eventually five colours were used along with a 200 lpi screen.”

Group A Marketing/End Users

A1 Wines

Joint Winners
Etiketten CARINI GmbH Austria, Skript Pinot Noir Chilcheweg2020
Marzek Etiketten+Packaging GmbH, Austria for Côtes du Rhône
A2 Alcoholic Drinks

Joint Winners
Multi Color Corporation, Australia, for Tilde Australia Raw Vodka
Marzek Etiketten+Packaging GmbH, Austria for Kaiser Premium Vodka
Stratus Packaging, France for Apis Bière au Miel
A3 Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Etiketten CARINI GmbH, Austria for Papil Apéritif
A4 Food Products

Joint Winners
Ҫiftsan Label & Packaging Company, Turkey for Alqaissi Grill Spices
Cabas S.A. Greece for Papadimitriou Musard Limited Edition
A6 Household Goods

Ҫiftsan Label & Packaging Company, Turkey for Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Kitchen Soap Orange
A7 Industrial Use

Kimoha Entrepreneurs FZCO, UAE for Passeo – Cable Carry Handle with Hole
Use A8 Automotive

Navarra de Etiquetajes, Spain for CALAVERA Oro Liquido
A9 Cosmetics

Joint Winners
Ҫiftsan Label & Packaging Company, Turkey for Deep Secret Soleil Fine Fragrance Mist
Etiketten CARINI GmbH, Austria for DHYANA Yoga Spray
A10 Pharmaceutical

Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany for Light-Protection-Label
A11 Security

Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH, Austria for Tiger Label
A12 Booklets

Best Choice

Limited Lifetime Nobis Warranty,Premium Canadian Origin White Duck Down for ultimate warmth

Sympatex membrane laminated
Seam seal construction
Windproof and waterproof (10,000mm) - Breathable (10,000mm) outer shell

Austria, Etiketten CARINI GmbH
A14 Self-Promotional

STRATUS Packaging France, Huge Christmas
A15 sets of labels

Joint Winners
Marzek Etiketten+Packaging GmbH, Austria for A Nobis Grande Cuvée
Stratus Packaging, France for Gamme chocolat Maison Bouvard
Group B Printing Methods

B1 Flexography
Ҫiftsan Label & Packaging Company, Turkey for Deep Secret Déjà Vu Fine Fragrance Mist
B2 Rotary Letterpress

Ҫiftsan Label & Packaging Company, Turkey for Green World hand & Skin Disinfectant
B3 Screen Printing

Ҫiftsan Label & Packaging Company, Turkey for Deep Secret Taj Mahal Fine Fragrance Mist
B5 Combination Printing

Joint Winners

Kuresa, Peru for Body Spa Conditioner
MCC Label Paarl, South Africa for Tête de Lion
Group C Non adhesive applications

C1 Non-Adhesive Sleeves
Stratus Packaging, France for Champagne Christian Senez Evenementielle
C2 Flexible Packaging

Joint Winners
Ҫiftsan Label & Packaging Company, Turkey for Farmasi Blood Orange Hand & Body Lotion
IPE Industria Gráfica, Spain for Nightology Sachet
C3 Non-Adhesive Tags/Non Adhesives

Kimoha Entrepreneurs FZCO UAE, Global Village Entry Tickets
Group D Innovation & Electronic Printing

D1 Innovation

Joint Winners
IPE Industria Gráfica, Spain for Biological water controllable label & sleeve
Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG Germany, for Robust ID-Label
D2 Electronic Printing

Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG Germany, Heating Foil ADAS
Group E Digital

Group E 1 Digital Toner Technology

Joint Winners
CABAS S.A., Greece for Tsimbidi – Monemvasios Red Dry Wine
CABAS S.A., Greece for Gerolemo –Maratheftiko Sweet
Bristol Labels Limited, United Kingdom Saint Croix

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